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Agenor (AGE)

AGE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    333
Inactive:    0
Total:    333
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 297.70% / 123 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 27,160.0000

Last masternode reward: 40.0000 AGE for Aa1bsBoRYt1uwko1hGXWQTKHbkVncUSCQD

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 228,849
10s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 679
24 Hrs block time: 2m 7s
24 Hrs block time variance: -40.7354 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 15s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2021 10:27:55

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70924
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
AVDcGJC8uU1GHpZRJRna28RFHQhNtoEtJ5ENABLED709244h 28m 55s ago
AdhReKsvvRAt6iaNQWmSMwtmYw4AUkXfeEENABLED709244h 29m 40s ago
AcmexRdW3xYvLiw9JGbDvnnJuXn96kYHzUENABLED709244h 30m 10s ago
AG3Ap32ZQrYZ21qRawfbBLh33nYaUBS29PENABLED709244h 31m 10s ago
AG4feev6NVe2akZXESNSRJrPYTzcKzJFAEENABLED709244h 31m 55s ago
Ad3Q42Qbd7Jo9Lvs2P9TJFbUSuuPFNmWo8ENABLED709244h 33m 25s ago
ALyg4vvDqsLWBZv7oeFTVr7kWHC5VYhA2gENABLED709244h 34m 25s ago
AcBQB8YmXYD1zxaSJHqK2D2JeRXK9GEexDENABLED709244h 34m 55s ago
AHFvHtDvBstBf45K9g26F9kBkfn1c8bPGmENABLED709244h 36m 10s ago
AectUgvA5jdz8WEjFGqXdf32cs6ZUjFRPAENABLED709244h 36m 25s ago
AaaRUCuAcsc544Q6oZRCv3rduA3BUTqdQJENABLED709244h 39m 10s ago
AUNzdH9e2bdYYZ6E42RRRq5bBy7ShJeDnXENABLED709244h 39m 55s ago
AciJETADJQNcbx9NHPPJqEpFDYBGvKy3YVENABLED709244h 43m 40s ago
AJcNpRVBXdoQg2BRYHU7FFUWP7GBDhohihENABLED709244h 45m 10s ago
AMirLLeDXrczhHiEm4JZVoGTgLhAVfroRNENABLED709244h 47m 10s ago
AX6D625ejFjmiwXEtZPnsQPtjeWriqa6oCENABLED709244h 49m 10s ago
ANUahEJrGW7hqb8eJR12DeVB1M5q4zEP8eENABLED709244h 50m 25s ago
AL2uYMQ5cqYCy2wEoXqRzdX9UuEqQ5W4jaENABLED709244h 50m 40s ago
AVfupokS7RGwDoXZkPvop5zvNsFe4jG2aCENABLED709244h 53m 40s ago
AMYP8jzATeEe9AjBRyPnFeUQ1BLjUbpmDeENABLED709244h 53m 55s ago
AQV89Y9QPzEPRx74FmrqLAoWmVbx8QQgSHENABLED709245h 4m 55s ago
Ad6vNVVn5iiDEEeZajChJjB2X2EVfP4H6zENABLED709245h 5m 10s ago
AW4tDdGeTaAd41ycqZ3uvKoxdJryX29DASENABLED709245h 5m 40s ago
APbSbq6uaRasDV6QN3LtxZLLT4fx24Ykd2ENABLED709245h 6m 40s ago
ALX1ViamSkY5iu2jMxRsaHVcpERmpLEwPtENABLED709245h 9m 55s ago
AasA7tvLZaiNSFDLDC9xXvyBWVcHD85JUcENABLED709245h 14m 40s ago
ANad8iaa2N4DaQKNr5V1SpXBzHPbaKejncENABLED709245h 15m 40s ago
AQYhNNCC2xKdDTfaGeYCu22BZDH8t81WLqENABLED709245h 18m 25s ago
Aardthssc4uaL2Jm47Ncq1TtWcMCL2eUraENABLED709245h 20m 25s ago
AHyrG4HjCZGH2p2okY5w1BMWuA3XHGnNUgENABLED709245h 35m 55s ago
AHLtGYBxXjpZs53DB7VpUyV2PH4R8mYPupENABLED709245h 36m 40s ago
ANcG3uwQEmisdh3Lm6YVLapWQQEvVC8vxbENABLED709245h 37m 40s ago
AJ9eBUs6ygKYc7nrFWrPLMHYLiG4Aat8DYENABLED709245h 38m 10s ago
Af3praRL8u7XYTjSCLxLZGs4JTutRYCR52ENABLED709245h 38m 40s ago
AdDZSgcojfwVXVCGocdDCDQf8bXtgnRMjRENABLED709245h 40m 25s ago
APp8MYRcqNc3QpxrFwJcEsjB5ug3hbxgDjENABLED709245h 41m 55s ago
AapwMBkNsLGVa8NccfFRVAVQvs8NZjBPGjENABLED709245h 49m 25s ago
AMRAs2D2KwT63Fmt3KiwYmSfDyvDsudN1tENABLED709245h 49m 40s ago
AXqhB1n6xVPuKudiMxTfizt64PU8v6T6moENABLED709245h 49m 40s ago
ARsM9X8VCzUQD1JEvnWNvzUPmU2BuuF6t3ENABLED709245h 50m 10s ago
AFriDXyzBPjMnA3MEvthh6iQimno7qZqNjENABLED709245h 50m 40s ago
ANEL9su6ZjoxUT9iepz9kELJiJy5iTRnd6ENABLED709245h 51m 10s ago
AaQRBga4FpbToZxwDYjKAehvqudzwWUkPaENABLED709245h 52m 10s ago
AZepKFdDGhYfjRparo9wiyiAJFC9YCciVWENABLED709245h 53m 55s ago
AbBZAPwmBm74GVto4bKZBsQMSvYtF9hdHCENABLED709245h 58m 10s ago
AaXR5uz9bXv1JAAm7WJ7k7DQE2vvdNubTJENABLED709245h 59m 10s ago
AdGjPqfJqufchqz9Tfw1YH3GjNxFsg3ZTwENABLED709245h 59m 55s ago
AM4ur9CjbyHKUNyeM5FhDfspqj3YSuzxXLENABLED709246h 1m 10s ago
AJAUoCJtXbrvw6RGQRMStC7dnkqDU2uatvENABLED709246h 2m 25s ago
Aaoaf3iQmmf3uJATtvFYyRG5gs7o7TBk7uENABLED709246h 4m 25s ago

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