Agenor (AGE)

AGE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    150
Inactive:    0
Total:    150
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 666.73% / 55 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 27,400.0000

Last masternode reward: 20.0000 AGE for ALDXNZvNExM2Vf3AAMsqi18s49Yp5kTWkW

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 255,199
1s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 685
24 Hrs block time: 2m 6s
24 Hrs block time variance: -34.8358 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 22s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2021 10:27:55

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70924
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 15 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
AKsLQqYq9wc6i8N9j6LrzzwWhjiao8Wgm6ENABLED7092435m 47s ago
ALDXNZvNExM2Vf3AAMsqi18s49Yp5kTWkWENABLED7092436m 2s ago
ATjyUqyormwxfdeN3e4Qj26X3uT8kUeJArENABLED7092437m 32s ago
AQzGxckN45P2VCYjQRJ3uqjv7MCotVPLgPENABLED7092437m 47s ago
ARxU9WuijuzeSwtwQNtL7caaLWYMdr4EC4ENABLED7092439m 2s ago
AQEXEJmXMoFdm5a9voeMVwUBvSF1XN5ufmENABLED7092440m 17s ago
AP93WvLQz3vtTa1PxkkFNPyoo514W67eY2ENABLED7092441m 32s ago
AXR9UJ8EQqFbK4dQt6yqMiPEMaunR3AMBgENABLED7092441m 32s ago
AVp8fhX5PnzjgeED69vkEvxGSk6YthNkb2ENABLED7092442m 47s ago
AaqZpfeeqsVEnMASgxhQ4U3XwHn5i8WqsGENABLED7092444m 47s ago
AR8twpsw3wkBWmX7fvLQREZzo7LoZVTPDVENABLED7092447m 17s ago
Ab5ALAQxRgEXNB3jyGDEYqhXEY1kNQXeyLENABLED7092447m 32s ago
AcSfQoyaQmGYUeNajdrJWChgZnEhWmQa4dENABLED7092448m 2s ago
AchLs5NC3LWge8HAUkjJ9omgYYt6VWvZzrENABLED7092449m 2s ago
AXEitmHBYDvrQRe918uGoaYXgyMd9z7vHCENABLED7092456m 32s ago
AKUo1FRrNRPRu1LsTDvp2Ym4WAaJ2cEEZtENABLED7092457m 17s ago
AdKojLpu8vCieoqJ3g3T5CQCUedwkDumcVENABLED709241h 2m 2s ago
AW7krCGa5vxe3mGJsiz5X62bMLT2m3GJExENABLED709241h 4m 2s ago
AUGMi2sbf66DXsiAozPJYgrJ3XA5KtV22sENABLED709241h 6m 47s ago
ASrXyAorVbaHKyemBfAohCXpfrvWkBQvQGENABLED709241h 7m 2s ago
Ae95mPiJJq2BiL5Nvu9gBj9GWL8wYWpUNdENABLED709241h 7m 32s ago
APJxemXgWg3NgxKk3oVfUeCJ5rcxX3SVFuENABLED709241h 9m 2s ago
AeNahf9B7bmLh7pVFa9norErpU4TEdhW5LENABLED709241h 11m 47s ago
AXvxXCp7iYwAp27ZJWXWVD8Jq5bSRWF352ENABLED709241h 12m 47s ago
AMKusjMdTczVXdWH6mz3yrDJ1vejerbEGJENABLED709241h 13m 17s ago
AWZyBVchcn4Z15Dv76o36VVyvfX74HNeSJENABLED709241h 14m 2s ago
AX96TEsXoEj2MTi661875Ukm9BtiwsXQ9qENABLED709241h 14m 32s ago
AQm9xLnws1yWsF98TsdWfeW4VngYCTgnUJENABLED709241h 15m 17s ago
AQ5vXhvcPqJFmJTfs92sejvtWvt6iXNc7rENABLED709241h 17m 47s ago
ATD7G2NHdU8WWywcZsUUcvZmNmsmdfe3aqENABLED709241h 19m 32s ago
AanXZBzLtY59R8nHSR6dKBqRJiZLsmB5GuENABLED709241h 21m 17s ago
Ad7re87XDgwz7JSNDgfHF6iJUFPtgarHZrENABLED709241h 22m 17s ago
AT2MvwcuXBdNqujDqDQ24Xvju6MHCNjErpENABLED709241h 24m 47s ago
AKMWcjBQ1iPZMo8vVV5SEZGtBsqsaRKRLgENABLED709241h 28m 2s ago
AZXKuuvjZ6TouYyzHLqhSzkbh8UhTVCPZcENABLED709241h 29m 47s ago
AbdSVMG7bLvBYo66YaSULhuuuWrCnyntaVENABLED709241h 41m 47s ago
AQnjMDw6jmuFEAsBHVoHYiUoLrJ4ur19x6ENABLED709241h 42m 32s ago
Ae8W13BXhoNmuhKoUrwBjKnc91P3HPHcewENABLED709241h 46m 47s ago
AL9mqiBep172dZnXcE8KE7CsWoYN65R7quENABLED709241h 52m 32s ago
AW3fo7RQueZuEvDNNG4NnrA3ZxSpCdbYJdENABLED709241h 55m 17s ago
AMiLTezMkq5WTgGHfJye6H1inVCjdYnNteENABLED709241h 59m 17s ago
AbTNqpH2Uvke71xvVJT3jNAtwxLyvcwwCsENABLED709242h 17s ago
Aap2RpAyTn2iXfBEaMUULCRCSyU3zKAvXxENABLED709242h 3m 2s ago
AYzJqqXszBDNxSxpPC7LU9hq84sTMJMtiBENABLED709242h 4m 32s ago
AZPKnkrVFbMHVjNjYoXfpRXqoBYukUVUXUENABLED709242h 6m 17s ago
AbUhERRTVMcVrbCtxG8M8WXY3MNs7AGfVzENABLED709242h 10m 47s ago
AKuxnHx2dAjdB3icdbcetwTJXAxdsiSqhUENABLED709242h 18m 17s ago
AcBdoBw5K9t9jMCQmDcsgiKU1ZsgqGu9WFENABLED709242h 19m 17s ago
AVNsmUvWZyMbHwZMLJ49ex4hr9MsdbGm86ENABLED709242h 21m 2s ago

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