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AIAS statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    554
Inactive:    0
Total:    554
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 173.19% / 211 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,628.7500

Last masternode reward: 1.8750 AIAS for AcosDXa2mmcyd2U9CQzQhEuX8B4MgVxPT1

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,683,819
6s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,402
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -1.4070 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jun 30 2018 13:18:22

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020900
Protocol version:  70159
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 12 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
AcosDXa2mmcyd2U9CQzQhEuX8B4MgVxPT1ENABLED7015957m 30s ago
AP4DHBf2Xk1E9KJW5anmk7s6Ug8Zo2ywu9ENABLED7015958m 4s ago
AdHNK7rn5w7r694BpFMzwnYTZEU1yRJcFwENABLED7015959m 51s ago
AZpXa54BSvUFRC2vBbvEK7fTQqDk4LQ4NJENABLED701591h 59s ago
AV5EVHE5jUYo9q5jWdhgf1u1Yprd8ndZMVENABLED701591h 1m 12s ago
ATUgnopj2972pNjdSEH8P9yEc6W64kQ3pMENABLED701591h 2m 7s ago
ARjkeMWgCHwn3fuKjw9iQmdeMgut1nZQiPENABLED701591h 3m 36s ago
AN5BVko1cwCe6rnqPH1pHTZQ4FZYD9wya8ENABLED701591h 4m 51s ago
AWMeenU8frsMRW17UKb8emFNHPacgfpkKsENABLED701591h 5m 11s ago
APB964VXqnLaamVxhb1grE7biHs1jVTqefENABLED701591h 6m 1s ago
AJBEAm2ttHGTCJaCzUz9j9MPVWWSjj7jRwENABLED701591h 6m 21s ago
Ae4AfgpCgGn16JNe7FvYPGF5EhkPrVvoL9ENABLED701591h 6m 48s ago
AZeGSg7sJGujuPe5MJUd5D4jX5QUAMCEe8ENABLED701591h 7m 46s ago
ALWX5L5RRSsDRW5NhtXdFWeGF4uG1e7uUKENABLED701591h 9m 25s ago
AZUUj9X1BUo6wBog125aFFWJDZRhko5G2AENABLED701591h 10m 10s ago
APepmURhhoiHBBhmzUgjueifz3XVWTmdaqENABLED701591h 10m 55s ago
AK3jmEx9YyTDxzNxCtrzWQhNX5G7cpRm1kENABLED701591h 14m 15s ago
ALV6WeMSK13nUrM3Q66ikEYtxdbqNZdE5wENABLED701591h 15m 25s ago
ARGrVAZNreRvkhWrb21hiu5SFTLYTto3fZENABLED701591h 15m 30s ago
AajykTUfMDZpDAWxpkPZbCb5496SJVjkBRENABLED701591h 18m 49s ago
AJ2MHAjPLRw6XqrJoLqdPygCitTuAEkTVzENABLED701591h 19m 24s ago
AU4Ve2Gkw8VA73q1MxMB64V4v11H92sTkYENABLED701591h 19m 32s ago
AJkEpQzi5UNbocZpFo2kUBsB39wbupBWUvENABLED701591h 20m 50s ago
Aby8ZqhWymgikF1fsYMgXs1n3fFr4SQp5gENABLED701591h 21m 38s ago
AMH8RLikwCGBBgLkDCNP58S8yNNX5XriZ1ENABLED701591h 22m 32s ago
AbqGV2AWkp4FdXRXVkpseMzTzW1SqsQZNbENABLED701591h 22m 57s ago
AZjzLrYw9Lb6JWBEkFmvf63hhiGY7XtMkrENABLED701591h 23m 29s ago
AGEDGjXRPWg2xMEaWgADpHwZcbmbumKqEdENABLED701591h 23m 56s ago
ASw6Ze8WV1DkcRW5DSpVur9BGNCstPnQsxENABLED701591h 24m 18s ago
AN7BVXMheqPK7aJnypML2J83ytctha8NDpENABLED701591h 25m 48s ago
AWXRAU4s1TXvomXbBXQVHD3USk9Jtir4yfENABLED701591h 27m 42s ago
AQnvauwanDoNThkzno6xRjt8vmusJgTpAvENABLED701591h 28m 58s ago
APcjx5Zt5fHoAt2dWiVQVuBnHLUkz7NpjEENABLED701591h 33m 21s ago
AYgYHHnpPQni1uwm1o25pmiy8yBgvYR6hjENABLED701591h 34m 39s ago
AbDEKvEoG46M9ZbYcaSNSWB6XwxAczbLWWENABLED701591h 35m 30s ago
AR88DPE1nw173htNd1k1hMBYyf1kvvJ7zLENABLED701591h 36m 46s ago
ANVpoNCcLRgarZkdm4faKyUy18PDSBNnJWENABLED701591h 37m 12s ago
AWGYxD8QGtbyH6uo2trcLVos4YxW2fq7rsENABLED701591h 37m 26s ago
AW21uDAxmUBBKiJHz84qSvxv9bvjkVo8xoENABLED701591h 40m 16s ago
AU7vRuzLWvor3UzJ94b7o3Fpx7Wx34gdK8ENABLED701591h 42m 7s ago
AKof8BaDq5DBwNFN42DAjFxD3C8hjyEaWCENABLED701591h 42m 28s ago
AQjQu1jsM1yYbdH7TCfsSx1KtrwZLrLWGUENABLED701591h 43m 40s ago
AZdQmfcsiLbqc7wQxHV8i4XApvc3K3ZjKnENABLED701591h 43m 49s ago
AGzrg9e56TDtyDhy5Bz61R26F4FXooZGNyENABLED701591h 45m 43s ago
AZA2sVNGWbi2bmWTbukV1Ckyxzk1GeueYSENABLED701591h 49m 41s ago
AS7FMhZMktUPbcRFAQUQf7yzfY67KhnffUENABLED701592h 10m 14s ago
AKucQ7d46MkxniAyuxbXdPWCvZdmBrZ77LENABLED701592h 12m 7s ago
ATbHa7AWV2JHF5FvzuuowuBv4iQZmh6jaQENABLED701592h 12m 40s ago
ATrFdbTmfeLBfo9YFKW2CzsSqfpYCkbdujENABLED701592h 13m 24s ago
AQfQDWnqudW7Xs6gAQtB1PtHL6zKCBASxJENABLED701592h 13m 46s ago

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