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Masternode statistics

Active:    579
Inactive:    0
Total:    579
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Official ROI: 169.03% / 216 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,681.2500

Last masternode reward: 1.8750 AIAS for ALDJpunhYcs4nPYmVknTspp1GdcsC5DzFk

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,727,980
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,430
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.5585 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jun 30 2018 13:18:22

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020900
Protocol version:  70159
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 12 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
AZyeSSBvzmVM1ZX3UkdKUymnbZz4rUqyjaENABLED701591h 39m 33s ago
AGLkrbkpQ4GmoYbAMXg7ruT64wncdNqixpENABLED701591h 41m 33s ago
AREMZLq5P1qHgF3mebZ8xG6yiLnB3tsndNENABLED701591h 42m 59s ago
AWAk6oq6zgM9RimcwW2F4rsTggidMcNCc3ENABLED701591h 44m 13s ago
AUpqK71vS3ocniWQ17j6wY3k5CLCNH3qb3ENABLED701591h 44m 19s ago
AR47Lncthq1kLsAoCJuE5STNT1huxrwq55ENABLED701591h 44m 33s ago
Ae6TvDPsrz4sGULdZPFsJ8vxN3UtG2FomyENABLED701591h 45m 5s ago
AW6hG1b8GLxdJTN9ZrWM7bohUdXsNF59ewENABLED701591h 46m 22s ago
AMHnJemGZPUjeY8iSuAh2vpAMVUdxefxt5ENABLED701591h 48m 32s ago
Abb54YMX5VCA8dfLfY4GaJKUHeMEAAyRieENABLED701591h 49m 41s ago
ANLq2k6g4cktKutcUKjxV75nEdyvwhvGPXENABLED701591h 51m 10s ago
AS7RFPs6CpsPgznn3wHN7EtbxdcLJnNPEJENABLED701591h 51m 15s ago
Aafdpev5AiWythEyh74dw7r5udJQAUYdj2ENABLED701591h 52m 38s ago
AeCHgukfowV67Qae9yRd1JnicV7NoXH7W7ENABLED701591h 52m 47s ago
AbU9GN1kmW3KkeibNQQK5bSQ41KuiEtBxsENABLED701591h 58m 2s ago
AQ7kcdBWiWyEPttfBX3ZERUouqhsy5uxGLENABLED701591h 58m 21s ago
APGwqjCrCMh9MswwYBZ6W8kckYww13976qENABLED701591h 59m 48s ago
AeYC1XRVTqvHgPxbdxLgakEAvj67egQbAFENABLED701591h 59m 51s ago
AZAm2YYfYaYRmNu7t3zTnfoaCW8dAXy7UdENABLED701592h 1m 14s ago
AS6f3fY5NMBFiXAXM6vTujczKSCufs9c5vENABLED701592h 2m 31s ago
Abyk7ZexHM8wZHH72kbtDLxsm17ULxqLHQENABLED701592h 2m 47s ago
AVYmEUUXZi7fnEQy41qjrdxj2JywgcNA6qENABLED701592h 4m 6s ago
Aaf1rtuy9K9LQH17tTPmX5EEMgrub5TvdqENABLED701592h 8m 12s ago
Ac3crwL4wivdVjE7eEr6EEbrtSUJF2jMHGENABLED701592h 8m 36s ago
AXVGxU99gbR3hYmR9F4hA9yfBszYZy8WmfENABLED701592h 9m 32s ago
AG6Vu33WbFdq7t8C2Q8mknB99XpMNG7f7qENABLED701592h 10m 59s ago
AJ831BtXQ6ZHw4ovewtgMp8wb2CKNz3zeFENABLED701592h 11m 2s ago
AYQpY7mLhYciqWvaHms3hnojiwEbxwtj7VENABLED701592h 12m 41s ago
AQybQS99Riz748yMo3UMDwmq3289VrKzr3ENABLED701592h 13m 13s ago
Ab6KaYzdZgh8cY42DjiWuAgjY8AY5sLPtMENABLED701592h 13m 34s ago
AJ2yZeLz5hK3mYHAsB7ecVGKrmbDm4kTVxENABLED701592h 13m 54s ago
AGqu54HwyURrcYZbZ26LwJqXoAUBWG8mXAENABLED701592h 14m 44s ago
AVEFBjzLtByAXXAVTGhM64ixF32ndG6LwoENABLED701592h 15m 25s ago
AU9iYE6MhQsXCpJBgGuqf8fgiv1457meGCENABLED701592h 15m 33s ago
AcnM6wZMyHHAVDP1hbZZv6TYBJ74qehM4RENABLED701592h 16m 1s ago
AbfU1cUTC5rH8TiaHyGsJ5cqC3RQJA16sQENABLED701592h 16m 52s ago
ATt88Rinni2rT99MK9pwQeQjaRkwfriN1DENABLED701592h 17m 59s ago
AT8Kgp46v5irij8hUogwyemMEsuuP6KQJhENABLED701592h 18m 46s ago
AKhiA4TstH6q7yAARezkQpc9qfqBihNcVcENABLED701592h 19m 42s ago
AKXwof9ww9mQeoAdD2cr7oKJZ6zYACmKAgENABLED701592h 20m 33s ago
ALFbebcHWAVxAStNnqpUazXQw5eFZZnjnyENABLED701592h 21m 26s ago
AZ6hjaTyz2CpEGDpgnkqJL8w38pTwi37TaENABLED701592h 22m 11s ago
AcQCp9Vp2RXfpqQbALoMKUCCh9gLARUQbdENABLED701592h 22m 50s ago
AKjFGFZR57Gf2kQusEifMkNH4VtPErqRUwENABLED701592h 23m 33s ago
AHdhCGCnoda99nw7K1UzM6p4TRYbjhDQCmENABLED701502h 24m 44s ago
APK9UvTNyoPNCNitQLPn5H95y5oVvjaBKDENABLED701592h 24m 46s ago
AK7B3J1NKUwLqGEJ7NqjqzTFFKVdXkM9vZENABLED701592h 26m 27s ago
AcJAR3USU6FAbjKdenEr6ai5CYhADSscuiENABLED701592h 27m 46s ago
AJKskWcN5Nfr551C8X4ou7zjQ8JA9z7uDpENABLED701592h 46m 45s ago
ATz2bMyVwGjTBajfgPpU6rqtjpUp5hDzbdENABLED701592h 48m 43s ago

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