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Masternode statistics

Active:    597
Inactive:    0
Total:    597
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Official ROI: 161.77% / 226 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,668.1250

Last masternode reward: 1.8750 AIAS for AeM4LSxQfV3zLpeigCqiw2hXEBeTWRnJRc

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,719,540
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,423
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.0694 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jun 30 2018 13:18:22

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020900
Protocol version:  70159
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 11 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
AMu7xVvRCzYVDJD6EurrY6eG5V4W462ZpeENABLED701593h 3m 19s ago
Acg2YD8ppotLYYogZJBsLSvpHzvdfRkrK9ENABLED701593h 3m 44s ago
AR1j75UJyox1WC4boMeWmDTuuXKRihcrLGENABLED701593h 5m 53s ago
APbqHqenZmJYY16DF54dvprcNDrzTYqqbiENABLED701593h 6m 9s ago
AMCeZhh8vuLNatiyni7r3ZTdMEKeEX1txTENABLED701593h 8m 16s ago
ARCzApbr4g2pXDbYoyyjsQJYysaaGSnyKPENABLED701593h 8m 33s ago
AWCoHb4ab6NJy61QS9kiVUtwmY5yaGHa4mENABLED701593h 9m 10s ago
ANs7mkVVm4knvZvVcuwCwq9SJSLnePrgSRENABLED701593h 10m 12s ago
AevQJPHLQ9n2nK3YZk5VWdZRUvvPVc8BQwENABLED701593h 10m 14s ago
ATtmqqSJ9Wx9JCCKnu5eJEH7Lks286DEZ2ENABLED701593h 12m 16s ago
Aakr9yc4uuggiMYgJXYoXf5L2LaJW6fbRHENABLED701593h 15m 24s ago
APXTJgRc9Hr2YrQcfXap12XSCY3xKqFo4oENABLED701593h 18m 41s ago
APdMxR4RAAJVBe6jFipbRNtHSoZuuVkCgGENABLED701503h 21m 34s ago
ASeQ6o47BczczjgLxFo9jiYcCr4qMbrCGJENABLED701593h 24m 34s ago
AceVdwJdggHJiLwPf5DB6jT7SuhTPftQLqENABLED701593h 24m 45s ago
AKBz6dbhKzGry8kstnCNQEYZhSobsAsUNGENABLED701593h 25m 19s ago
AXF2ipf7N1uPxw6LUgHDJMsjrDF1bcSXivENABLED701593h 26m ago
AaGct9E6NJxKtGWySFRx4KTdoXwhRDttCgENABLED701593h 26m 18s ago
AUYrwYpCxScD4PFMnQpJRqnBwifyJqENudENABLED701593h 27m 25s ago
Acsa5TCbQRcZURAYg7oj8UCJzfckBL5m8pENABLED701593h 27m 27s ago
AVYmEUUXZi7fnEQy41qjrdxj2JywgcNA6qENABLED701593h 29m 11s ago
AHx6wZ4n46XAvi5JMbWdshgXyLQaVazDeLENABLED701593h 29m 58s ago
AQ6k6UjscoUA28ZJagggduf7qU3Lbw3QZRENABLED701593h 30m 7s ago
AUQ1ZomPh5ipQiWJru7sB9btRYUPDbtuTCENABLED701593h 30m 52s ago
APLdRCpetXhMFgi2h6XEu8ryDFsU6nfGV4ENABLED701593h 31m 3s ago
AWAk6oq6zgM9RimcwW2F4rsTggidMcNCc3ENABLED701593h 31m 36s ago
AL1wxRYc2aksHtUKVP79ZnQfchSeJMb7JoENABLED701593h 33m 57s ago
AR7mFCfTd6aQY11irBmJXbxM8d8ByEnT7CENABLED701593h 36m 27s ago
AJfxXDHnyVWDgfxd8dwjGsgmVF7T2Xq9zbENABLED701593h 36m 39s ago
APezDx42WQHZLG8dEe63mv2q5J3BJNipvNENABLED701593h 37m 14s ago
ASLtfNwn3WqVX7dtPsf9RAd35fBVkKuYckENABLED701593h 37m 31s ago
Ab6KaYzdZgh8cY42DjiWuAgjY8AY5sLPtMENABLED701593h 40m 30s ago
AJNku6SCD1hmvWRXN3qNv8uTi5d563wXUVENABLED701593h 40m 33s ago
AR9oorxgazyFr3fr2cCzuXehhPLXDQEwvtENABLED701593h 40m 43s ago
AdWyRDamf2ZdZRGPLseNj6AkrTpfUrmm2cENABLED701593h 40m 57s ago
ATNAztZxmSgV3fLt9PXYZyR4AENvfw1j8kENABLED701593h 42m 22s ago
Abv14qpCE3LWkfStb1z4mV2nmvNuaHsfXFENABLED701593h 42m 26s ago
ATwu7AUxGG4goEH9he1BMZnqWeKnZKsMUQENABLED701593h 42m 38s ago
AYo3MbJrphSmDxFyHoyXedrhpoTgS2f4tMENABLED701593h 43m 20s ago
AJ9GzQge4HNzzPN4cqE4zFe1KcSCy91QQpENABLED701593h 45m 54s ago
AJnYewH1G1jSnX3Z57EuJoL8FHBDRv9d7gENABLED701593h 46m 1s ago
AKJ4sSQtYcuz8PwrA6xGH97hEnpdBEgv4tENABLED701593h 47m 5s ago
AdDQaaJkQTnM1ia9HBiBeZ7z2GzZMBcH9FENABLED701593h 48m 31s ago
ASY6p8313PPULGy4JXmGaThEuAG5zfYn1UENABLED701594h 2m 1s ago
AVe5tFCPsNxuD8QP2QZZAzBsnejojpWMt9ENABLED701594h 9m 12s ago
AcQh9WSmwMHm2MKHMg8692puUEXxkB28cmENABLED701594h 10m 51s ago
AP4guKeGh5TLAaZm1vVoryNSLHc3aGRKtWENABLED701594h 11m 37s ago
ATuij2bkDRKbg5EfsnPAnKk9N7WrNX3RGLENABLED701594h 11m 51s ago
Ab5Zdr1E3rf3NESKe3XtxiaMqgeHujErCwENABLED701594h 17m 9s ago
AV7yoLDgDGCVR86yzBLFexCnwM3UjcG6z6ENABLED701594h 19m 33s ago

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