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Altecoin (ALTC)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    226
Inactive:    1
Total:    227
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 114.37% / 319 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,525.0000

Last masternode reward: 2.0000 ALTC for ahmuLAkNqRe3heUX5ZZS3Hn2Byb6in1rpv

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 222,490
1m 54s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,410
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.0438 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Aug 21 2021 23:48:56

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1010000
Protocol version:  70919
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 14 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ahmuLAkNqRe3heUX5ZZS3Hn2Byb6in1rpvENABLED7091949m 24s ago
aTgmouspZDMcwgL1UDNVxjaCeP71ofqt6BENABLED7091949m 54s ago
aXEu4dCjQs7gc8uFySJJue5GfjDpw827dSENABLED7091950m 54s ago
amwbR645mx3wpvykZeGikWCEMDEYu6cf2BENABLED7091951m 9s ago
adwRmPc54nJNV1ALhWcgqmGMQ7p7mH96MAENABLED7091953m 24s ago
ajuT47SJmRPV88Me3qhUwmeTdN1tViYHxDENABLED7091953m 54s ago
abqZNQZT3WYrv1yupcBmzjKqDH3agx973MENABLED7091955m 9s ago
aRoh9x5ioBcmd7Cb8WiAnaKphdGgTXDNbLENABLED7091955m 39s ago
aRq3oSwgY9gVXUyEXjC11FQyM5L2ERL5HYENABLED7091955m 54s ago
afZNMY8Ekmy7R7GukUpdZf8Grz2nCKxBipENABLED7091956m 9s ago
aVoM224t3i38Ruc5fd2nhwWMXHs3CPEeBGENABLED7091957m 9s ago
ancHzBdvKb7puP2LdGW4F1sHYMWfjQSWALENABLED709191h 9s ago
aTAztyvoMxmjkshGz2x2McirsPPc43seQQENABLED709191h 2m 9s ago
acJmXJsnEGjSD85tLFtXpdkRLv9tDMyexQENABLED709191h 2m 54s ago
amSoLrbXphN3fdtmpVxAPuZXnYJQwyNmJVENABLED709191h 3m 9s ago
aVfs1j1ncLQMabdeJ7FStQD5idobizhQcQENABLED709191h 3m 39s ago
aUfhq4zrFNQVm3zg6BUZjZWALjaPdJeNTZENABLED709191h 5m 9s ago
aYRMNzRvuBvqxkmL4v8ajis23PnmDkcSu9ENABLED709191h 5m 24s ago
aU9eqSNLfApcq8fbiuQWYigA7e3badh7CAENABLED709191h 6m 24s ago
aUAxVtXSY33DahYhmjxnpmF4WmJ7MJPoXLENABLED709191h 8m 9s ago
amgsACmA8fSPi3uRqYkWqgZ1yk8Mon9ZdRENABLED709191h 9m 24s ago
acfS421zUQ5ZTYg5fioR41EMvqNLLte43xENABLED709191h 9m 54s ago
act4imtvM5T161YvUUW4hHTHW7JGeio7o6ENABLED709191h 10m 24s ago
aWMrMFJMUoqhgJQgakaLJQAcq5fvExDYHdENABLED709191h 11m 9s ago
ad5a4FLuL7iKa67h46TiV4QpdMag6w4pHsENABLED709191h 11m 54s ago
aUmeE6QBAtubLPgPhvX7NqBRgLKo2uNqsVENABLED709191h 15m 9s ago
aQjnJjGjnXCJfjduN2h9tHUCU3koEgjzVmENABLED709191h 15m 54s ago
aj8W8R66nRwzTjdUBo6GwqHFHRZayqGGcYENABLED709191h 16m 24s ago
aVW2fp9qwvxPpu1G9wEXKZB3SPN6ffcNdTENABLED709191h 16m 54s ago
an9Xs2AmVFEpqiqF4537iNgnVQBUNihhWQENABLED709191h 18m 39s ago
aTTdwrhLfXEBqfJCjCJ6g8UimmjGCkCiZoENABLED709191h 19m 24s ago
ajBCRmpjdaYPSKpwzvB2tRFaMzH9hJNWA4ENABLED709191h 19m 54s ago
aZsmsCdauodNdYNWFoH8FL5jSJn1SSZRdXENABLED709191h 21m 24s ago
aXP4TbMqhLKpYrPJqyvsrqTyydLcYgqE5LENABLED709191h 24m 24s ago
aU1AhEQ1r9coQyWfSA8My6MGo4ekyUBThJENABLED709191h 24m 39s ago
aQR67pLiXJpSv9fkbiyjGbENpsrPm64SrSENABLED709191h 25m 39s ago
aSs4Eyku2GaxAtmtQhJzJBeFfDnRqACcPoENABLED709191h 29m 39s ago
aYgrTQqGyjd9sxoaoLdezyDFfCcwqjSiCGENABLED709191h 30m 24s ago
aaSha7iW6gFppUNDnCTpLYfcTrYScv6urdENABLED709191h 30m 39s ago
aibLP2VgZEKHTdUkXFXSbDnsuV8wtNvSYzENABLED709191h 31m 9s ago
aaGHemBwwne3CFeRRfuExY6p9UQNT12HyEENABLED709191h 32m 24s ago
aZ2tZnghbpeoxNztg8Zzo696tNhzrvU1CoENABLED709191h 34m 24s ago
aVegXfbDsQQwhHVQLGTT4A3LiDJRF21F1FEXPIRED709191h 35m 24s ago
aVBVwd6zsitUuMehFi6ay5u7JXYs86yUifENABLED709191h 35m 54s ago
aTJdAmQsMmxXBM8zp1KA1H9YBSXoikwwyGENABLED709191h 37m 39s ago
aY54YFHpD39QVVA9yma1kiaY1yttgnb6auENABLED709191h 38m 39s ago
akd5JRyVRxHpXKT1gjRziopWCLWWom9WouENABLED709191h 38m 54s ago
aZrPa5FmNoBAXuKEE8LHwAPSEjw4MQd6kYENABLED709191h 55m 54s ago
afQoX3Ns9oCp2d3sgER7X3JGQJ8K9kmQfRENABLED709191h 58m 24s ago
anB3RmhBiiQP5q2iCYgxX1r4twPrQEZhazENABLED709192h 9s ago

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