APHolding (APH)

APH statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    82
Inactive:    0
Total:    82
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 258.86% / 141 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 43,616.0000

Last masternode reward: 32.0000 APH for GN7TQRx9Uz2zGMci7VhmofWfwDHibi99yM

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 586,435
1h 17m 9s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,363
24 Hrs block time: 1m 3s
24 Hrs block time variance: +10.4776 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 10s
Genesis block: Feb 18 2020 21:05:45

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000403
Protocol version:  70921
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 3 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
GN7TQRx9Uz2zGMci7VhmofWfwDHibi99yMENABLED7092118m 41s ago
GMKfxRgKRGs356FNSZbC35jhv6fKgm5xoCENABLED7092120m 37s ago
GMbpikvuJE1jqf97FCUzMB7Qp4fhpyxtvnENABLED7092121m 1s ago
GPmf536c82VYSTo8VWvFNajVh7nmmqtzEnENABLED7092122m 34s ago
GSFbSKfmZXtywCu67aTbmYcQCuH27tPJjoENABLED7092123m 34s ago
GKTNhkZ6BUhLYcM2ud2xvZBCCtAotXH8yeENABLED7092125m 5s ago
Ga3qhZ6MhBqjxJFGkfhPk3XdMw7KySRCD3ENABLED7092125m 59s ago
GT8dHFcYnP5XX6UckJ213R9apnCz2wUQBAENABLED7092126m 3s ago
GeiYNqCb22zDRzic9GepnePLWKGgcufAzaENABLED709211h 7m 29s ago
GVg8DjDScYaq33H5G5GhKV6SbA8NFJoPjbENABLED709211h 8m 50s ago
Ga2ANg42GPYDGHKsZRFfTbkrRo4FuLzjwfENABLED709211h 9m 41s ago
GVANk9vTaASBZDZxnjmCSmXkCp4Q2AKCG7ENABLED709211h 12m 11s ago
GN7a59wGU7FjfLC5qauEg5fmJA9qmVGzYvENABLED709211h 13m 59s ago
GZ4EGgcchkwCbwhVaLK6gqTk67ZSGoLX4eENABLED709211h 14m 36s ago
GSG48yxQqZbNwhkMihKXEonxRpmda8rk3kENABLED709211h 15m 9s ago
GSUrLQUC5B3Dkfy9NqNM1ywkQUYQDDNHVnENABLED709211h 17m 7s ago
GebkntDZ3ZxEAs8u6KQrWhe4FiHiK3HKxjENABLED709211h 22m 35s ago
GZ4oW9LZtvCMu2sfkZAEbcy8ndxXcXAJAcENABLED709211h 22m 58s ago
GKvnLqyWnVGNkaciS7wpoV2XjZSzTp8QowENABLED709211h 24m 36s ago
Gg7ysaJt6fY1rL5d1UviL7QQndL1h9HSdGENABLED709211h 25m 29s ago
GTKPj3d7EKtpnPk5ny9yMR3V7q1bYRiB2EENABLED709211h 26m 22s ago
GQDCbv5kAXY6Aw5RMB2rWryhJ85xCdnccHENABLED709211h 27m 4s ago
GcAMsYDoof1APwDLCvJYzFSc99VZFMXYxPENABLED709211h 27m 38s ago
GN4MmXzF9Uyge1dcFZvxk4N9Z62Q4WytNKENABLED709211h 27m 56s ago
GNBQuHCWGAbgH9K6yf87Fk72PcEbwtkJhaENABLED709211h 28m 40s ago
GRQ8vnmBk9mvQozCpnmo6kgeinzTzNmaRzENABLED709211h 30m 28s ago
GRJoWBt547uuxbaHWKrAx11Cy5A3Cg3tmrENABLED709211h 31m 27s ago
GMH9AarU7W2WPn2H7mthKuk6cCsNpjTGQnENABLED709211h 31m 44s ago
GMAvpEuqDMa2yJxK3ZobQVLmHo5ayWv9y3ENABLED709211h 32m 51s ago
GTXbCSvhavLdcy9a8tidyP32SqqtZgSBphENABLED709211h 34m 33s ago
GJbUV5zLhvsZNpLaYr8w5dccKvmjVYK4MPENABLED709211h 34m 55s ago
Gf2EQF9SC3fGnMQWUJYcXyU88WeYsJwGnMENABLED709211h 35m 36s ago
GZp4bSCpdiqsW8ZxyboU3KdbQeWXG1fPXcENABLED709211h 35m 44s ago
GVHZkUV9eUM5wmSMoUZ2Yp7MZiwtmbihqQENABLED709211h 37m 26s ago
GYvmhCorkXHsoNYhTfjckiMJT7mVpsysfeENABLED709211h 38m 3s ago
GHvU184TKwNcLCapdotQxhokUP249X2eq8ENABLED709211h 38m 59s ago
GedNyLTyDqFB3gtok3RodibGsu8ZHEoJC5ENABLED709211h 39m 18s ago
GfLytdtJRAAZQsMTFuTeP2LAmoJsUMNWFgENABLED709211h 39m 27s ago
GWwmMSkC1WMamddmxDAxcrDKeDooxnKwuCENABLED709211h 42m 26s ago
GS3L8QqSvjzyg5Wo3RQn5FNMswKgAcu9Z4ENABLED709211h 42m 31s ago
Gb1ZDbTcUEaqzD925VBFqexpi416J2tDd2ENABLED709211h 42m 57s ago
GN9uHtuYy3CQqe1u69g3nfNtXQvDjDQMorENABLED709211h 43m 26s ago
GKDkU88mBhvTpZNerRqzaQwvM63u4oZqndENABLED709211h 44m 5s ago
GMZnBmbNxanLeYoPJTfSvzPVtaphqwKpd3ENABLED709211h 49m 22s ago
GLhJgL2ae58D2SmK48u138qvVVUx66nYa7ENABLED709211h 50m 53s ago
GS1KdDT6tpagoPsvYD65bhZaTBTEEHqBizENABLED709211h 51m 36s ago
GXhmwHkYEz82AwXfwB4ddWLxFKkD6k5AKVENABLED709211h 52m 10s ago
GLjxAPnby1JQZSwmnbR4SwM6Zqjuxi7fi8ENABLED709211h 53m 22s ago
GWUH3cD5zbHxjexVECAgNxMVhXAMRcmrrqENABLED709211h 55m 7s ago
GTVpi3NDpugU6UWvGQiruGSM2NfvoTPKnCENABLED709211h 55m 11s ago

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