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BitBlocks (BBK)

BBK statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    175
Inactive:    0
Total:    175
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 47.45% / 769 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 47,008.3500

Last masternode reward: 32.8500 BBK for BLcTbBN6DFiyF2U7UQzrjJi8AXYqm2fS4d

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,432,313
28s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,431
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.2840 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 30 2018 13:17:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1010100
Protocol version:  71001
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 9 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
BTL4ff4Y6bkWFZXFT7CkeEXsn6iJKzxFcCENABLED710012h 4m 5s ago
BLEh2pPEK6jsaUwxKBmMhav2G9UEpHsKeyENABLED710012h 4m 31s ago
BRBdBSFsw6Axfe8AgTxdf6asVNBMJo8PrrENABLED710012h 4m 58s ago
BHrB3N8HAVdfRd2biRyAuZDSr19vcoUkf6ENABLED710012h 5m 45s ago
B6yGTwCdJWLRoM5gNE8wzfwokeKaL6eECkENABLED710012h 7m 18s ago
BQ12wFimQctj2KAsXKUwRb4QukdmCKUze1ENABLED710012h 8m 19s ago
BG63bjEDrvCfpuG8TF1rBmEmLBFJadXd91ENABLED710012h 9m 9s ago
BG37aay51LJHxttohemHLSCuTj4hbgw4afENABLED710012h 9m 19s ago
BLn6VAFsGHCULoQsrAJyLzf2cZtq3bBzvUENABLED710012h 9m 57s ago
BG7sGZ1ykXdqeNYfsth6sconWRXkCbm7VjENABLED710012h 10m 51s ago
BDoneJ69u7KjJxGZfJ9ti4c3xQ8YAyF8ciENABLED710012h 13m 43s ago
BGNrzCc5BRdogd42q4WHCL5UrCAWHUcFsFENABLED710012h 13m 57s ago
BCWLJPA59v2tt6DPUREkCUoUw6gNdpERHiENABLED710012h 14m 33s ago
BBu1XSot5Nte4gKuX1UPGfZaZPH3EqUmHEENABLED710012h 16m 49s ago
BA9y7VUN2Lmij9qWNMfzZkbSj73jNH3g74ENABLED710012h 17m 56s ago
BAnxCoEwf6KQFTRqWqZpxKeV7CrxtaxYy6ENABLED710012h 18m 6s ago
BERbQdaFUw3gSPbAWgMEAJNgbjMkwBztrmENABLED710012h 18m 52s ago
BQPY3a7kBiXPCSEVAQUKSiV9iZ78NfT2xuENABLED710012h 19m 59s ago
B68X38seVB4nyAoNH8uRx5n5wH2jbLd27iENABLED710012h 22m 53s ago
BGX3jZDnM1rB51Q1AM8QmCDy6XpnAZrU4KENABLED710012h 23m 19s ago
B9BUfw81ezF3FzG4zmg22LCDj3M34wp2kPENABLED710012h 23m 41s ago
BAD5ydE7e5sdrqVDCoDBZDJqnEaBpNcANjENABLED710012h 24m 9s ago
BBJacnaxR7DBcup3yzo3XjBUBAPnHawfsaENABLED710012h 24m 14s ago
BSkAZgzgXzcx8AZBBe1jWva2EprFPfftbHENABLED710012h 25m 47s ago
BG8eQyiNCiS7hKpPTTJsRNLsmeDWctc1gwENABLED710012h 26m 38s ago
BHh3ed2koP4AoDZAJiPK8kQndUBRs1oEMEENABLED710012h 27m 26s ago
BCWHs5GnjGzhuwobhoa5SEcab5JDi6KEcoENABLED710012h 27m 29s ago
BBqLyMcYmGz7a3Tyvvn7mJ1rLVz9XkMvBHENABLED710012h 29m 46s ago
B67NF4AeikbXq5e64XvgTU2F5SeVcLWrBoENABLED710012h 29m 49s ago
B8mo9BU4y8ayfshFgo2krPJSfGE7RN89zoENABLED710012h 31m 18s ago
BH64yQX3WWu2wWrV56xpu2GHd5uy43cAD9ENABLED710012h 33m 16s ago
B71iNBuffKaFYBmFAucbKJvL2F43GfQj2FENABLED710012h 33m 37s ago
BBc7hNbe5TtpF2aQFbPKsaCBh3gSMZhjhHENABLED710012h 37m 6s ago
BJn7ZV87Pmd5vVb6XuHwtN7J28akvqpWVbENABLED710012h 37m 39s ago
BSyzwwyKn4FcAUufwpkAu49uKT1CGxwQv7ENABLED710012h 38m 10s ago
BSmvxwDY3dniifqRtiL8LUEWEMLC3QpR2zENABLED710012h 38m 48s ago
BAEjfvLnhc59gHkuSHGN4UdspzJqJjaJaZENABLED710012h 38m 55s ago
BNoSmBsWVNV7GKjmCsRcfRrDDRSAyWijB9ENABLED710012h 39m 15s ago
BDUCaoo7emiSaFoPRyMjazMPmp3Q2yNwnDENABLED710012h 40m 36s ago
B93vk7PgD6eBKwcc1MvzeosP3L55MGmkxdENABLED710012h 41m 15s ago
BNhW3TYf4ojvPf4qWzWCkEAwNkQ6osvnJBENABLED710012h 41m 26s ago
BShYEaZHgs61ezgMczron9e6rwEaZ8zxhxENABLED710012h 41m 38s ago
BDFWby8DvyCzxBw1FRpRsTFWfWgrezgpbdENABLED710012h 41m 46s ago
B87JPnePjZwHMWgEGxD8xykKcTT3cPsjxjENABLED710012h 42m 8s ago
BJSjV9CoLpuR2tyVfxm5NadmbMT4GWG7DAENABLED710012h 42m 52s ago
B8SCzgDU3qPQrbaocwUasmZTY7bjntNbAaENABLED710012h 46m 1s ago
BE5kkEJztTS5C1MNYCviMhtPpteUgmhrpwENABLED710012h 46m 37s ago
BKkFq1sF5p39sSv95c22h3wcRZxfUmUz3SENABLED710012h 46m 42s ago
B4r54h7ZdfMqwqe3sfVDcieSYuwpaRMDK4ENABLED710012h 49m 1s ago
BCTrwWBTtDXnejPpHhpwuku7YFaUMug7ARENABLED710012h 50m 39s ago

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