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Bitcoin 2 (BTC2)

BTC2 statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    211
Inactive:    0
Total:    211
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 36.95% / 988 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 213.6000

Last masternode reward: 0.2000 BTC2 for 17Sg29JQ6gBYWrxtwFJzEyhMxnTPnVjRwK

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,062,917
14m 22s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,068
24 Hrs block time: 1m 20s
24 Hrs block time variance: -11.9955 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 11s
Genesis block: Feb 14 2018 15:10:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2020400
Protocol version:  70913
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 131 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
18T3UBsy7QfhMve1jFpA3HKugj5Q84PFJVENABLED709135h 21m 22s ago
13x93V6sY3NTmEuSEHfttqHMgsegK2q3E2ENABLED709135h 22m 22s ago
1CKmf2hDgz5eqQj8ETxJ9CAjJ2LP9S7uULENABLED709135h 23m 7s ago
12mhhafaiAY1pEYweuBAPRt9pNZVWLYZcSENABLED709135h 24m 7s ago
1JhJobLWKYVix8yeY1eUmCBFPibxCiAvGaENABLED709135h 24m 22s ago
14V9HCcTYYof6VYvH66iNckqeMWwofMqv5ENABLED709135h 25m 7s ago
155xbejf84mKYqKWvMpx1Kd6RjMisoYr3RENABLED709135h 25m 7s ago
15CsFFUTqiQaEqFoiLL7PHyVyV3YsewLWhENABLED709135h 25m 22s ago
12bBn5nsDyfH13bS1ewzpm4aYC2DLg7h76ENABLED709135h 26m 37s ago
12N3Mgn7gWuc84WdhfHYiEkfRpmcbTiFFZENABLED709135h 27m 37s ago
1EPkqK43qz7swvcG5uEdBnQCeBJR4k4J5ZENABLED709135h 30m 22s ago
15TnHqdQYBcfkbqT9nrrkBCo4qWG5FgCgRENABLED709135h 30m 37s ago
1Ao5q9pnUrhfXjgfUNqb5wwhsNT9k7uv6sENABLED709135h 30m 52s ago
13xYakXuNZr989LvgzA39XsBTrarEh9eEUENABLED709135h 30m 52s ago
1F4k1XVGH6bomxip2g9dWEXuFXTuZu6uzBENABLED709135h 32m 52s ago
1DmNiHAJ23t3PFwcjyAtCEXhCmQiXvwSh7ENABLED709135h 40m 7s ago
13oFmb63kWQqmoj2BnC5S61XXAD8SseaTdENABLED709135h 46m 52s ago
1MFtbUZZHz18AkoQ4W4gEjsx5jhSKQTtX8ENABLED709135h 47m 7s ago
12534KUB6LwHr46qR6JydtzbwHUa2hjQDTENABLED709135h 47m 52s ago
1MU9rE4geLVkN4hxLmUy3eFgaYPKAUNyqgENABLED709135h 49m 52s ago
1wPdcX4NUUyKW1JWSbVMjqQZLjoxp7b3zENABLED709135h 51m 7s ago
1DnY7zswMvHwoeYwSiNY6ymBXUSfWfGJneENABLED709135h 54m 7s ago
1GMCNw19Y8TGFAiYvdGkN3mzZD5Tq9gn6TENABLED709135h 54m 37s ago
1Fjda33Pb99gzYNnJ5Dmv3o6mxVBLEJoYdENABLED709135h 55m 37s ago
1PDaDdG6a7xgErShsBkxYzh21rg8YPpCGPENABLED709135h 55m 37s ago
12kLx3jWxy9Y5yTyKd1AgxsziLaqhxkJU6ENABLED709135h 58m 52s ago
1B8jmwiDQ9skatw5T46xkqi75J2jucpCnVENABLED709136h 7s ago
17baGoYDzReabSc9K2yiWpTUbD442R9tZPENABLED709136h 1m 7s ago
1UUZgpWnLgybPi84QjktAcPB7e9fZFngDENABLED709136h 1m 22s ago
1JthVvPCTaXDk1uKqwy76HGsbSTr5cxq4uENABLED709136h 5m 22s ago
152nhMb5t1TrL4STDQeBDSoaBgx1ng1zrDENABLED709136h 5m 22s ago
1FHkrQEg76i9Q5rBLDb2quSZXtnMRPa47zENABLED709136h 6m 7s ago
1Gj6p7643jT9J4VqwXD1UAB8ZiaUpaofCqENABLED709136h 6m 7s ago
1MfyxyjSi9yg93WsbwXh149sr2sc46NJXcENABLED709136h 6m 52s ago
15og4xUQoTy4oSgAirMyrXxXQZ3si1eGEiENABLED709136h 12m 7s ago
19SLL4j3bLNcUneVnhzgUSWPkKcWr9YQTdENABLED709136h 19m 22s ago
19T3RReCfMRXoSnt137uqqgYzbLfSLbFRUENABLED709136h 21m 37s ago
18ma7jLBuN1UQWMhDeLze9HDVxajk3rCsnENABLED709136h 22m 7s ago
1N37ayx23PvPYnowTGBQzp8WSgwqnprWkYENABLED709136h 22m 37s ago
19AoHzE18atp3Wxa5ne3JZM8ReURnCgkAwENABLED709136h 22m 37s ago
1CFgbD8QGAotUcDSrbDB4fzeMuE16zEetxENABLED709136h 22m 52s ago
1EpjMdTirHMBMeoSxh8Sm81CGZJtNC6Tn8ENABLED709136h 23m 7s ago
1NBY7pRGAWwr7G5WuURe435KofX1sAcewWENABLED709136h 23m 37s ago
1PNFY6zr2RhzmvdMWooL6QxUCTpas4sQHRENABLED709136h 24m 7s ago
1GhCLTkbJcPst4x7Lzy8CEQemjcX3yNjQ8ENABLED709136h 24m 22s ago
1AAuWCgfuENmAqMqHVwweCc9qcTHuQBqRcENABLED709136h 26m 52s ago
15Hpt31sXA4jpKZ28j2C1Gx526Dob4mmFJENABLED709136h 27m 52s ago
18uqPzvsrXwddeoZbZrWTMyhXHatEktQtvENABLED709136h 29m 22s ago
181zSaBKjC7HTH3iifEmtPYN6uoe3HYadENABLED709136h 29m 52s ago
1EaQ79kuW5iQzF7x7hnqDkJrdDZZD2vgbSENABLED709136h 31m 7s ago

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