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Bitcoin 2 (BTC2)

BTC2 statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    195
Inactive:    0
Total:    195
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 45.90% / 795 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 245.2000

Last masternode reward: 0.2000 BTC2 for 15GMuLgXiZiKdkrsFJoqBmz3w6kF1dx9vR

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 947,780
8m 22s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,226
24 Hrs block time: 1m 10s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.6021 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 10s
Genesis block: Feb 14 2018 15:10:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2020200
Protocol version:  70913
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 146 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
1BoPw1rsfTEAFD7VrttzGCwpzQfLCQtPKkENABLED709133h 23m 7s ago
1DmNiHAJ23t3PFwcjyAtCEXhCmQiXvwSh7ENABLED709133h 23m 7s ago
1DhfwKSB9tt5Pv7Dpv2nM7GcVnDooNj74qENABLED709133h 23m 37s ago
1GhCLTkbJcPst4x7Lzy8CEQemjcX3yNjQ8ENABLED709133h 23m 37s ago
1AAt398jRyf6QqUB8a8tG4fc5DhxhiFuRJENABLED709133h 23m 52s ago
1JZhBE5W5ta5cCcHjeHM6em9A3PNSc36UgENABLED709133h 24m 37s ago
144FSimQCLkQp3vpJzqpKr6PSC498MkS9tENABLED709133h 26m 22s ago
1DnY7zswMvHwoeYwSiNY6ymBXUSfWfGJneENABLED709133h 26m 37s ago
1NDk11bqxA3tsS3qWhHRHW5jggaM5aVuedENABLED709133h 26m 37s ago
1LmQQbP4Lq7JrF1YS6CRM162pA52e18EDZENABLED709133h 26m 52s ago
1Q1rXtvez1yDr3dH9Qw5w1Y3GzfJxEakPEENABLED709133h 26m 52s ago
16oYnXubzgvYecwidy4KZqsCPVDLYWYRc4ENABLED709133h 27m 22s ago
1QKCJV2mogQNL2c88YK579tU3gebj63aDXENABLED709133h 28m 7s ago
16z5G5Th1wS3t6FJYEk3LgoWFHsBw4wFnDENABLED709133h 30m 37s ago
1KWsVxsPhsSAbLGvXVvDVsviYN6DHHHhC2ENABLED709133h 32m 52s ago
1Acpko7N2NmZ8nCthLXtmy8spbYPDTrCTSENABLED709133h 34m 7s ago
1u7WqUmdie4oqvWBpJebxwggs1uoKB7UoENABLED709133h 34m 7s ago
1EaQ79kuW5iQzF7x7hnqDkJrdDZZD2vgbSENABLED709133h 38m 22s ago
1CEX2yzyrov82grvxyBZ162g28XTq9gqpiENABLED709133h 40m 37s ago
1QEw9tUGfs7LzezqVNFFPUL9eyKLg8iD9pENABLED709133h 40m 52s ago
1DpjgYa7ZhREKShwfgttjKGQB4xCQqh1WmENABLED709133h 41m 22s ago
1FHkrQEg76i9Q5rBLDb2quSZXtnMRPa47zENABLED709133h 42m 37s ago
1EZM4WR7AsDUJnpSymuPRgu1oDPVoMWryoENABLED709133h 43m 7s ago
1PGHoAVFgW5hHJ3bJZRRUiMvt52JVYvYNuENABLED709133h 43m 37s ago
1KuWuSP7e3MwQmGBroFdKgexVZ6qXQumaZENABLED709133h 43m 37s ago
14fBcp9TcBk9JUCdun8CH3hFQ1jJEDnubgENABLED709133h 43m 52s ago
1CqvmTcSB43jm9rNv62wDq1qyDAmanmT7aENABLED709133h 44m 52s ago
17bJC8PP8hhjU755L2sHgmaeez6hdizWfiENABLED709133h 47m 22s ago
1MiNy5Xukq3jwQ7txyCYS1xDKZjLQ8oenBENABLED709133h 48m 7s ago
1AhY7BFp8Q8yUQkGUytXsyx1E1N5WxKA9ZENABLED709133h 48m 37s ago
1Bj97daDRZRGyn1UzhVJugeMBJEwsyY4vmENABLED709133h 48m 37s ago
13kMijyfKLv5MA3Z9VoNj5dz5rjysajcdTENABLED709133h 52m 7s ago
1FtjoWBG7joxU85aLcQeDX4mFMwyJYga1xENABLED709133h 56m 7s ago
15og4xUQoTy4oSgAirMyrXxXQZ3si1eGEiENABLED709134h 2m 52s ago
16gpTaUA4GKSiyBRxoARWWBtenabVnKYpDENABLED709134h 3m 52s ago
1AyXqYHQ71pPXrkrggVUdujN2rUh8DysaRENABLED709134h 4m 22s ago
1C1KuB5X2Bu7b8Gbut3n2BJjfmTQMwvnXnENABLED709134h 4m 37s ago
1BHdVYq1vvBPk4XpKDvN2pURXg3vwK2F5kENABLED709134h 6m 52s ago
1GtCNQ2ELCSH67TsAFmsp142j4TDGbN5gRENABLED709134h 6m 52s ago
1MBnoyAtA5s1SPm9eD3yRSrwPKKrHHbpUCENABLED709134h 12m 7s ago
1HEY3Gc1fc7Nrk73WLNAFK2TXaLVGPEhqPENABLED709134h 12m 7s ago
1MFtbUZZHz18AkoQ4W4gEjsx5jhSKQTtX8ENABLED709134h 24m 37s ago
18owtohVmtLfHDtdzF8s5GdTGa25YuTZYyENABLED709135h 30m 37s ago
1Cmu4PKPYMQiHVwS6M1izQwmCBoWr3XqRPENABLED709136h 4m 52s ago
1EpjMdTirHMBMeoSxh8Sm81CGZJtNC6Tn8ENABLED709137h 19m 7s ago

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