CashHand (CHND)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,465
Inactive:    1
Total:    1,466
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 297.85% / 123 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,408.9000

Last masternode reward: 1.7000 CHND for cJnfaCTuVBvqwmDwQEZeYhKFkK6XNWKp6S

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 428,695
40s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,417
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +5.3510 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 4s
Genesis block: Mar 05 2021 15:43:47

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70719
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
cJnfaCTuVBvqwmDwQEZeYhKFkK6XNWKp6SENABLED7071959m 56s ago
cKzBBrvpYvHbYK2E2sWwFBwq1SsprdK8TgENABLED707191h 1m 56s ago
cLoFm87Y5mipNbywogSTYBVLJ7fhgzAPLxENABLED707191h 2m 56s ago
cPCPtsNNpUUoxfvdj19sHg5EJUQx62MyDPENABLED707191h 4m 56s ago
c7vijrhpuzfBDwhHxkgBL8dzuvBBSiFdmsENABLED707191h 5m 11s ago
cAQEoCVbMg9GLfkhbjJD6bPE3n42N6qGuKENABLED707191h 7m 56s ago
c4WAAnmCXQUfYQDXzQDCsXg6JvCh7bNebHENABLED707191h 8m 41s ago
cCXPyyaBrqzvBH6kCAiuuDoTDvYkVqyHvLENABLED707191h 8m 56s ago
c1zCLbkW1gxCXRqRFdS6zKm9XYuEusX7VYENABLED707191h 9m 26s ago
c1YEFHXgo7Wwfed5nJ8npYWqoQ2bGmL1hsENABLED707191h 9m 41s ago
cFSyTGrWTGsnvqt9ARWesyEaNJk6R3Y6uYENABLED707191h 10m 26s ago
cHkQHs6zZdqpYBiCNnshGvJgfkRPdibXKSENABLED707191h 11m 11s ago
cL4fyzm9kJzBDYGPZ6KhMXhL3b713PJjJeENABLED707191h 11m 41s ago
cBH5MKHzcGhip98v1Y11LKbMk15AYKKvh9ENABLED707191h 12m 41s ago
cKtRkVoCnJWbXCiuiWGekr4vmbReLykuEaENABLED707191h 13m 26s ago
cD9bT77WwTmksP3QKf5rTgFkpxEP2oH2kyENABLED707191h 13m 56s ago
cGQsvvNuK6wPrPnVPZL72N2D7T5WeWLTDCENABLED707191h 14m 26s ago
c6AgyvCDqefekXzjVaMcdxivFDzL7QmkjzENABLED707191h 16m 41s ago
cJ5os9SRtJav9o7S7PEvctNrZqLUXFXT77ENABLED707191h 16m 56s ago
c6p2UBiMiojz7SvsYiGktfBXEXN9gKHkfpENABLED707191h 17m 41s ago
c9M8CPZCkeA1jd9FtkveMWBbiCDDPzc6qzENABLED707191h 18m 26s ago
cBN2HyytGk7aYbJ3CALcygigQZsAvoqJ6AENABLED707191h 21m 26s ago
c2hgCNw9q2X5tdQqAH9PfTqQVnrwtxoWB7ENABLED707191h 22m 26s ago
cPiwuGYvrmSuFaR2XXHAwiFcXUJBywiYk5ENABLED707191h 24m 41s ago
c2W9Z8coH1TxVqoi8ZxMUjT7uMDSzFWqsgENABLED707191h 24m 56s ago
cJovnkysh8bQmZSEEnwQvvaadiXZrzBbc9ENABLED707191h 25m 26s ago
c4KVFURjx8sY21KmPAjMNjPhfZYfFDV35KENABLED707191h 25m 41s ago
cMNVCVeG6pTPwUSas2oxLkqoZGLz85EzEVENABLED707191h 25m 56s ago
cHVZdWLgfJX7r9LumDPGuWFXDnujxmwXbpENABLED707191h 26m 11s ago
cHrJtVx4NPsoPHGyZUAspNES6iyaGAJRCHENABLED707191h 28m 41s ago
cDovuPm6k2hYAoVRg6rmcJFxwCGi17Z4pRENABLED707191h 30m 26s ago
cKFuvZBatVhBCt1y9RmMfKsU19VgXSt5HsENABLED707191h 32m 26s ago
cHxuGCD9FDixqNTXRGtPNSxpZt14B1EsSJENABLED707191h 33m 11s ago
c4n269AFYzgHMK5PK7RJTBXuFsH2H8Fnk8ENABLED707191h 34m 41s ago
c2ML9inu7xfjsMkkSAvBkTgifamCzLruqiENABLED707191h 35m 56s ago
c4CF6UoUL6btYksUtboRrdoPq5zKc78RJ5ENABLED707191h 36m 41s ago
cFZB7Qfr15JWLky2NsM48cQqLFVejJBWmxENABLED707191h 38m 56s ago
c4CHM3WAdZyY84JAQ3GWyrL7qZUVhiDQsbENABLED707191h 41m 41s ago
cCFe3r7jbZy5FX1b5nS8zD47cu7FffQr85ENABLED707191h 42m 26s ago
cKD6sNakDPckt7PTs5gnu6PVmq2QeokNdgENABLED707191h 42m 41s ago
c3DDKFrxHaocddFydFCHjz27GYZb8RywQxENABLED707191h 43m 11s ago
cD74HDaMEUgSvxz6mbBLJhTExcom8UCkRuENABLED707191h 45m 11s ago
cJq3SdEkGBXiw7xLC5toYfKSuxpRbk8ehZENABLED707191h 45m 56s ago
cJ1yPwJF7XEdKAb3NRBrpWBXPqhr1YPRdsENABLED707191h 47m 41s ago
cBW9rscR9mAmwmr1HrS9VimZ52xBseDgVPENABLED707191h 47m 56s ago
cPn7wjBG2TZ8Q3Gu2Z9yzQHRkWEDNhL8mpENABLED707191h 48m 26s ago
c8GWhYcmbaQgVbQNe8qd1PZpkUbnjocPttENABLED707191h 51m 26s ago
cJZH53AdFqENDF1ZW11AihmTCS3btChDcPENABLED707191h 59m 41s ago
c6cCzDr1DGjXThvrDYvw69aXDp6w46WvvLENABLED707192h 41s ago
cDmo7EEUncq2rENqa384GoQGsKtFauU3paENABLED707192h 4m 41s ago

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