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CashHand (CHND)

CHND statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    4,021
Inactive:    6
Total:    4,027
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 133.26% / 274 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,006.8750

Last masternode reward: 2.1250 CHND for c2xXp6qy8bJYiyxSfgY2iCvHs7HbKCWzRP

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 302,478
35s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,415
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +7.2084 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 5s
Genesis block: Mar 05 2021 15:43:47

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70719
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
cLZewKJR4hK2bTi6EuDj8S3HmMDv9T1m5pENABLED707192h 3m 20s ago
cLyNdggq62tkdC3vETtJSeAxhbLTKgN8G1ENABLED707192h 3m 50s ago
cEfHUK3cowxbm13k4j65RE9VRwBnb1dpkSENABLED707192h 5m 5s ago
cHo32fTt5ZRy2MDWPnES7sADiNuow2XTFSENABLED707192h 5m 35s ago
cQP1BsKk7NHGUibGsh6skMu99uUQt3yksLENABLED707192h 6m 20s ago
cBC1wK6LNWAwPkE5dWYpsL9y8oEdRiv1R1ENABLED707192h 7m 50s ago
cD6WLoj2fgcB5nD5rw3Y4pJpV8o5CB6evXENABLED707192h 8m 5s ago
cFhNJzYjjgHnnL3i1wcHtom6nLaUgEcRLAENABLED707192h 8m 35s ago
c4cT4mFBGdiGWuiPQfsA1CC1QakTvapoMYENABLED707192h 9m 50s ago
c57ctWZcwvXG1t7BqFjzF8Z94pq8er9MVzENABLED707192h 10m 5s ago
c87adDEcj8pQGVxYLGy5eC6yMYxnot1me1ENABLED707192h 10m 20s ago
c8UeEpd9cervcDUaCX1hZVt5tDEK8HpR8GENABLED707192h 12m 20s ago
cAnbQzywRbQSet21MUfvG4P5WvEP6vpR66ENABLED707192h 13m 5s ago
cKHfXMec7kAxqyD9g7njkGVPah3npVLxCAENABLED707192h 14m 50s ago
c7Rk8iVZbphczLmE1nS3cAAna3EcA8fkoMENABLED707192h 16m 50s ago
cH5vuXLJXbsmG2RegmM6Uzb36vZ7d5K17dENABLED707192h 20m 35s ago
cHhcwhhm3RDpxbYKJL8pMNMZWEWUrJoy7eENABLED707192h 22m 35s ago
c8H4DAtoe1dNFr7MyyFSvgNKkBsaYwuBevENABLED707192h 23m 35s ago
cPMpUKEy4CMYjWUvJUXhQGwq6G1ojHCC3AENABLED707192h 24m 20s ago
cFS3w8AsPT1nEHJ9uuBKkd3ZPzWcZwg1WPENABLED707192h 27m 5s ago
cDMoKSTFdUErQyBcSDrEMw1MunNqNHotHmENABLED707192h 27m 20s ago
cAZQYLns3JeczzmKvYJDirRoBhVCoJbP99ENABLED707192h 27m 35s ago
cKqj27K1YCQLzUwrSgQxepGBPFVUXarrQoENABLED707192h 28m 20s ago
cE3v2yFVZ6RkzSx8JFfd8d6xFaQzGdKCYgENABLED707192h 31m 20s ago
c779BjzkpREbJ4idWxAB9ojh1xRsX8uqDnENABLED707192h 31m 50s ago
c8iusJruZtyuHUpQju78zdZHbkvjFXeDTaENABLED707192h 32m 20s ago
c3DTwCb7HHGKN85TDbYmUkUjRLv5QxxhnNENABLED707192h 33m 5s ago
cFxJnLJSenNUBL7TwMBc8Td2udQVBfS8J9ENABLED707192h 34m 35s ago
cLvJrPfU4fWpWjTm25b37y2pU8mbNpCMBSENABLED707192h 35m 20s ago
c4H5uAExbWBabsowCj37vigurX218eJQrHENABLED707192h 36m 35s ago
c3u3QDJavXhuM3Vsftrgt8L9jARz6dHWraENABLED707192h 37m 20s ago
cCq21eNLjUB19DEtvAgLb6X3Ct5t9XiNdsENABLED707192h 37m 50s ago
c3vJFJEHPRur8KbZZ5wUUPUchcsiQ8khveENABLED707192h 39m 20s ago
c63MtCK97CLouefQ7kHa49L2ukQ4U5MUu8ENABLED707192h 40m 20s ago
c2A791ddq6u6aRhcPvxnrAmBfaiSqArNBPENABLED707192h 41m 5s ago
c569hpz4j7axAJwcu3Cur5k5T4Lzxw1B6fENABLED707192h 41m 35s ago
c4LPrXyfqb3EAaTxDjdk6afcYuM1ELUWF4ENABLED707192h 42m 20s ago
cBEWL1CwyQuWxkqaggRaE29cqPVrW5wTgLENABLED707192h 44m 20s ago
c4nswj24GBw2vcyDAzTdAYqsbXXy3iHUFXENABLED707192h 45m 5s ago
cAi7YsDcoc8u1Hc9nNHRJiLdvnGTKQMbSUENABLED707192h 46m 35s ago
cQK91Mt9WrYTqn8e4KPdHHVE5FzCvPaN2vENABLED707192h 47m 20s ago
c1qveLfprskk4h3z1PUAzRQKSb2DCMWPCMENABLED707192h 48m 5s ago
c3wE7omtFA4djcrbizf2gdjbnNdJJ1J27NENABLED707192h 48m 35s ago
c9byAXafFCVF9GaWkzthrF5uXfakLgsB4gENABLED707192h 49m 20s ago
cN7EtC3k7W6FVnF5DftzpMwjyNKQptKREhENABLED707193h 11m 20s ago
cE7xFbEyaSNHkog21S4BUPz3wD92GqcLYCENABLED707193h 11m 50s ago
c8gfbbeWM2qR3bnYyit2UwBWQZYohxVU15ENABLED707193h 13m 5s ago
cGt5wg2UwVQjbwdinZdjpiXk8moCdTYFa7ENABLED707193h 15m 20s ago
cJxXoqZnzZCSBuDVkAkt9Mr8GsovWamKhVENABLED707193h 17m 20s ago
cFR9D5nmEW9CoshvuyYKVXHAC5ANcFEt5zENABLED707193h 21m 50s ago

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