CashHand (CHND)

CHND statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    4,039
Inactive:    3
Total:    4,042
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 132.30% / 276 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,998.3750

Last masternode reward: 2.1250 CHND for cMDz6CJNsqMWKqt2kNgoVQNcgbBjRu5yxg

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 306,993
21s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,411
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +6.8465 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 5s
Genesis block: Mar 05 2021 15:43:47

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70719
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
cHTfofHuEcLtQ6zovho82oqkFGgJ9Khy73ENABLED707199d 3h 26m 7s ago
cBYtorZKWpRq4oYBXdTeS13r1pGs1GSbySENABLED707199d 3h 27m 52s ago
c4kwZR8me1sS3wmFFCvKvZrKNy5hjkMAYAENABLED707199d 4h 21m 22s ago
c5xZxL19fCfkpxyomBb41HQ2guYv2i7C62ENABLED707199d 5h 22s ago
c6QaLerMPzkfoMYSAMwhGnYhRToSE7TcSzENABLED707199d 5h 51m 52s ago
cDFcBQhqmYfGrABdWwG2Ju72QUYhDdPf4LENABLED707199d 6h 12m 7s ago
cNDUDBFgPdG2Ef12GPbWeEfT3brgYvkMUrENABLED707199d 6h 39m 37s ago
cJSswfWxfaUsVBVBLKigMuCdDSHamTtFguENABLED707199d 6h 39m 52s ago
cMNbZ3busFuQjhngW8g5HG5QGAgrEZqDrWENABLED707199d 6h 51m 22s ago
cMPkNC1ZPkz1usXJcoFigCPKGNkH7xCYRLENABLED707199d 6h 52m 52s ago
c9YaTW4oo3gn5v7uVa1a85yWnKpLWBv4AMENABLED707199d 6h 55m 37s ago
c9aeb4szcmuk9fnQhx2JpfZCFWUhksD5tRENABLED707199d 7h 58m 22s ago
cABW8RMJRziFM76YXuWNmoN5e28kcy6vHsENABLED707199d 8h 17m 7s ago
cNnFd9uJBfqqYhzCZHvxyAnMT5Xq2XSwe5ENABLED707199d 8h 56m 7s ago
cHLRwgTVHXeaU7fDZSjmtmzkgkougfr8EnENABLED707199d 10h 26m 37s ago
cCngTubmtkfhrCan54hDnx3xa4eL5sHm7BENABLED707199d 11h 33m 7s ago
cKZvWzsUEaiLUiwuSYeGLzTyb6VLsdfhnwENABLED707199d 11h 52m 7s ago
c5VoLGkfne7gbtYWLc4dQbAbYjktMimb24ENABLED707199d 12h 42m 22s ago
c4qarx7aik8JFuwNvfxuGiTGZKcanDQsKsENABLED707199d 12h 47m 37s ago
c5vXwgQXziimqASa7WNqnP6yCrq3Nx4kACENABLED707199d 13h 14m 7s ago
cJJSf7PyUd88AEVbrnt5kUciA5qCDhjSLBENABLED707199d 14h 3m 7s ago
cLorR27rDmEu2SdDwpuFVPT3B3g8VGTfKrENABLED707199d 14h 6m 37s ago
cDmeKqXo5iXYuf4LZtL2oi5YPPtPdteTutENABLED707199d 14h 8m 37s ago
cGqGVV3KGLJnH4TsDfZWZihcPkfR36NU5PENABLED707199d 14h 16m 37s ago
c5suYb73krTDi4y4JYSMnLzBDhN9KPkDeJENABLED707199d 14h 17m 52s ago
cQA7m7xLpC6eKGxEBYSs9C9kDhjvA1i72fENABLED707199d 14h 44m 52s ago
cNqC5R8aa9pko7o6GSYDLpm6NjtCgNeJo3ENABLED707199d 15h 11m 7s ago
c9fYtDWjDKxbLWAVDBbw65qVgGVkEaBo9PENABLED707199d 15h 16m 52s ago
c9VedGpsCWJYENvdJ2m5HcxZ3tUAbUsrBcENABLED707199d 16h 4m 22s ago
c4XVACXwesUzGR6G3qNCifLEe3zA1sFLq4ENABLED707199d 16h 40m 22s ago
cAWQMoYQyQf96pTgNaXbwKZZgrXifjW93eENABLED707199d 17h 3m 52s ago
cKdut6PYmW9si5VZ5cdD5a798RNS616Rd1ENABLED707199d 17h 6m 7s ago
c2AKg2soZBooZQVmCaJGTy8beZDyo6wYMhENABLED707199d 17h 30m 52s ago
c3oC6EQESrxoxAHpgV7my7XYNCR32XGerNENABLED707199d 17h 37m 37s ago
c28PGvbW7jFEwXKSBsYDoLczV1x9B7JEK5ENABLED707199d 17h 44m 7s ago
cMosA8axSXvC4QQLFFznpSQb1dHjsuPJXiENABLED707199d 17h 44m 37s ago
cKHKXcF5eQ2UCYYS8TmR5VE6u1V6nWBXJtENABLED707199d 18h 15m 7s ago
cDkVnuqYbvexQTtaPvcKW89oLdTeqkDeJ4ENABLED707199d 18h 38m 22s ago
cF7iME2xR9DsA5LCnqwzQWiXgHXUKioF1ZENABLED707199d 18h 44m 37s ago
c5qeTkDW3aicXqekrFR4fquZAwNA4EXH97ENABLED707199d 18h 47m 7s ago
cEVuvY5gG7zfwvZXvvUE7mdKrgvvUG7xQbENABLED707199d 18h 53m 22s ago
cMFGiPtEGXajvtMKzhGD2NhPZHtzFdcxzPENABLED707199d 19h 23m 22s ago
cAjBd3AgHmP3YZrvq2V8GYPJsbJarjezw8ENABLED707199d 19h 32m 52s ago
c3ZYRVEEFSfEh99PUsixBWwk8ciS57jx3YENABLED707199d 19h 49m 7s ago
cGLs9AHszKLbrmS2xW4YEG4JcCTRMCHmXAENABLED707199d 20h 5m 52s ago
cNccBTapVWrxBENyNHQFFSWKanhL8nFeQJENABLED707199d 20h 41m 22s ago
cKA5gJYSwNLYDw1S6YTQjEZ51s17dLdqWSENABLED707199d 21h 12m 22s ago
cKCuakxpC94kopZ5gAtEPrvqWTAWDvncTMENABLED707199d 22h 4m 22s ago
cMZmPHdF6cczL4rKB2MrA81zkqrfCU9BmCENABLED707199d 22h 9m 37s ago
c2x8Aq3uj35FYYih7364KFzowJehKAksgZENABLED707199d 22h 22m 7s ago

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