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CHND statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    4,023
Inactive:    2
Total:    4,025
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 132.60% / 275 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,994.1250

Last masternode reward: 2.1250 CHND for c6AgyvCDqefekXzjVaMcdxivFDzL7Qmkjz

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 304,485
2m 21s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,409
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +6.7697 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 5s
Genesis block: Mar 05 2021 15:43:47

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70719
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
c6AgyvCDqefekXzjVaMcdxivFDzL7QmkjzENABLED7071952m 37s ago
cFY8zv5kStECcyzshFurc16ehGt9v8gmwwENABLED7071955m 37s ago
c2aJsiBJFxyK4R36UZK5yb8WYqJmdYs4qmENABLED7071956m 7s ago
cHVvLDLV23qzjojFr7KykZL75ZwaVsejfnENABLED7071958m 22s ago
cNCbMtgnp73YmZA2c735XFNuRpbrduzX6dENABLED7071959m 7s ago
cPje9qd7bHaQcV13tSWTQar1z5hgWeamQGENABLED707191h 7s ago
cJW4bNQh2T82M96eqwjnVK1yteKov95pwRENABLED707191h 37s ago
cFctXGKxRirLASVDJJYWP5Z1r74GLVsX72ENABLED707191h 2m 7s ago
c1jt25s6Mvb82QPSRAwj3HM2dmCiCmMg8FENABLED707191h 3m 22s ago
cMQRVuicYXFFY6h9q3ePCf3UR3DFvJG64sENABLED707191h 5m 52s ago
c9aPhd5JjZRgNVWXkro12noS5YX1yrU54cENABLED707191h 7m 7s ago
cK1c82zXSHxz2po7N6hUc4guCJj5PfqVP5ENABLED707191h 7m 52s ago
cPbFHE8uZiWP8chN1RjMZCBYMstMwWfukGENABLED707191h 8m 7s ago
cAu8cqS2XHYcpzWZrygeRyKSHhBLubzvacENABLED707191h 8m 22s ago
cEbrS3QBt4jkvxjZWoBR5ySed23v92eENKENABLED707191h 9m 7s ago
cFYsMAexGQ4mJ53rbguiKFAubD6aLy91PeENABLED707191h 9m 37s ago
c2oeB24XWT5teMU5tn7MiRSBqsHY8bkVUeENABLED707191h 9m 52s ago
c8W8jHDAggRidp7Tr6Q474CMwuNsCvpyapENABLED707191h 10m 37s ago
cAogVQYcpp5g6wYSEGVd6ry43nu4T27W3xENABLED707191h 11m 37s ago
cDzQKsTDiwcwSgUfXeTBM7QaCrezStwKYbENABLED707191h 14m 7s ago
cBLSnH3HcrCdbTcpvwaeLrhXtVfcMsHavWENABLED707191h 15m 7s ago
c5mwGXLAGA6S9tE31emqJWwWF3bNTMRpQxENABLED707191h 16m 22s ago
cMkXY3jCf5Nc9jyWjKdJRwctLm4sVSBSnkENABLED707191h 18m 22s ago
c9dyQLVPQsR9SJysr5KvmvXkx2haX8hQhHENABLED707191h 18m 37s ago
c6iQ7zuuBwJDd4u7PsP1Vj1hMykAx2hYxSENABLED707191h 18m 52s ago
cCtQuitPXThFu9iJPgq4HR2KRBfLcuSDQkENABLED707191h 19m 52s ago
cHJTWjxDrztpPjFz2QzyZ6Q2UFi2DnPAS2ENABLED707191h 20m 37s ago
cJwNCiYHgYUkaUiFuoMjYQQJqBsxtuX2SQENABLED707191h 23m 7s ago
cDmo7EEUncq2rENqa384GoQGsKtFauU3paENABLED707191h 23m 52s ago
c4aNFXp7P2BHxYwisQyoL7ZPL2W58dS78pENABLED707191h 26m 7s ago
cH4PXGU8tEnXJsFkuorFbNJUd6peiWvwUVENABLED707191h 26m 37s ago
cGRjfnsD5C4vDSrFhTsyvvKSHCgrfrGepXENABLED707191h 27m 7s ago
cH7RSkvg8dSoa868VauJhosAzvikq179vWENABLED707191h 28m 7s ago
c2sQdei7CpBDdmL63nuHbZxxZgsLFHWib4ENABLED707191h 29m 7s ago
c2M262HZ7Yw9UDCbyAXkFiGdUQnii3UfipENABLED707191h 30m 7s ago
c9cqsLm4A59nGXpXdpiZsm4XveuXwMHJ3vENABLED707191h 30m 37s ago
cJqKr1ix11i7ULqy7jBKV8T6rX6theqWHWENABLED707191h 30m 52s ago
cCTtCXLa3nxgxWiV5WNdX3w7jCAMmUq22KENABLED707191h 32m 7s ago
cD4i5y9n7DT3Av4vxHyZFkVcyKUR3AkUmUENABLED707191h 33m 22s ago
cLBVaLGqaBba7LnJBsK2mjAzRE4qwZNHe8ENABLED707191h 34m 7s ago
c5FQM3sFYuWyLJaqWAySoCnH4hT6Kb6e7NENABLED707191h 34m 22s ago
cJ5QbuF6HAZm6Pf73tmLimyFA8y1eEHvwpENABLED707191h 34m 37s ago
cJuTftVWocGL6NSsBmzKkEQ2Yomh1Mif82ENABLED707191h 35m 22s ago
cM82B5UYFrpNDauj4o1wQxdspB8P6YaVtvENABLED707191h 36m 7s ago
c2gAcmKxv28s3i492L73MYznhGB2R8LV4GENABLED707191h 55m 7s ago
cJuyux3kuMtGj5wszwV9EDXeLSt1oqSEsQENABLED707192h 1m 22s ago
c47G3RH9gjBjANBtbp18STURYyaBr5Nqi9ENABLED707192h 3m 37s ago
c2AvqCpCdaDYhCP6YrNwhfNuJRihrjt9BcENABLED707192h 5m 7s ago
cLLofejbPpuWfnNeTkca8HnsJXyBkEpKGQENABLED707192h 5m 22s ago
cC17tfTfdKfgnkUEFsvsGoavm6cHoxjS9KENABLED707192h 6m 22s ago

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