Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    973
Inactive:    0
Total:    973
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Official ROI: 22.21% / 1643 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 59,381.5000

Last masternode reward: 450.0000 DIVI-COPPER for DJunRfEsHoEqZ6FRAQTf7arFFtUcNSJFa9

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,610,694
52s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,455
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.6549 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DRVb9ngYZFxBj4mfzBSXyRhngyWAh4pAtgENABLED709151d 6h 44s ago
DH8go2vt2aQRZuB9vTAib9B8bJZXoVyG8WENABLED709151d 6h 13m 20s ago
D6gMgU9bNFjnLNQExSfYT9EQsuebAJaBXzENABLED709151d 7h 10m 22s ago
D8QX1NmPAX3Z27BspzA7DBJGF8oMY9WUoDENABLED709151d 7h 14m 24s ago
D8PXb91VUjLWyhSuscBzg9dWgfjQhc5cmUENABLED709151d 7h 32m 23s ago
DRoDPWE179NREDiSX43QazzUdybecJr6CGENABLED709151d 8h 28m 38s ago
DSD6r532AzrUVBdCTRqrpzaUp16gcxZXbmENABLED709151d 8h 38m 16s ago
DRaFozhT6VEifpdBg77DawfGQeSN5WirvPENABLED709151d 8h 53m 2s ago
DGwBbFjdqDD26r2ti9PGsWPGbkDEr6CnJjENABLED709151d 9h 22m 55s ago
DBd5aBqsJaK6JFJT7w2PYgXWBR7xJpcL4GENABLED709151d 10h 44m 2s ago
D7CXRS39LygnbXWNeQALm56XLkbKffo6ibENABLED709151d 10h 54m 16s ago
DKez5CQtw8LJXVVCUP7DsiVug7HnqDhPaHENABLED709151d 10h 57m ago
D7z63ZbQgjtvoDJgRYpGt3GoKEvkVSzb3GENABLED709151d 11h 3m 51s ago
D6sXkK82ga8q1k4QTwdXC4YtqbWR5qCmmPENABLED709151d 11h 7m 31s ago
DP3ojQsuCXvkh4Y8LNyvhMzYqgJYjiQSMeENABLED709151d 11h 54m 47s ago
D7Azi8Hsi93WboKz27vebFyMEQx7FnbXo1ENABLED709151d 12h 13m 42s ago
D5W7oN2cAS62FqYUfY1D7dRUgxvAekqXF7ENABLED709151d 13h 7m 44s ago
DHKZSPQvw2kSBQ5GJHQB4u9ig5S5Jakd61ENABLED709151d 13h 14m 11s ago
DEhWpWuSSQDMwRpyD13DyxJTFp7Hcd2FxJENABLED709151d 13h 25m 16s ago
DLAPimUj66JGUxogsUs9dgTazFW5niA7FiENABLED709151d 14h 8m 59s ago
DEaC3fbvz5ojuPGZ1XhtaEK1FpUzVwJAq4ENABLED709151d 14h 19m 27s ago
DGSVrLgKZVPCWdNgVQfMKgRVwyrtMvfxjVENABLED709151d 14h 47m 55s ago
DSzGnTiz66QG8fzX4eY3pzbLLJ2vVm8afdENABLED709151d 15h 16m 27s ago
DSdeHUBo5ZoJmANzaidv5j684PExtrDBqYENABLED709151d 15h 17m 30s ago
D73R1Tv1W2GqgBUGvLjV7vF8LKyjQ6LqjjENABLED709151d 15h 23m 17s ago
D98REvVoWVDm1StEBb4tV7Lpg39gfjfHV9ENABLED709151d 15h 55m 23s ago
DLBZhN25GTgNFsk2jrWNG3dzr7LNFpKEpFENABLED709151d 15h 59m 34s ago
DULGkyHNhMWqGBu8byhpEQNKVTLWfFJrzFENABLED709151d 16h 25s ago
DAb9sZ74osbQR1aenZmce8HkuoP3QRyjNAENABLED709151d 16h 57m 21s ago
DJv4spSMk8hFMS9MvePN9mJjE9riYkTmUqENABLED709151d 17h 6m 35s ago
DRPPh66MveUwQgLfpLZVHtRpcnVV1grCugENABLED709151d 17h 7m 31s ago
DBPPdKGpejryq2BHxWZJ2ZXac8dCSqMvYaENABLED709151d 17h 52m 3s ago
DTg9CT5Azo3iJHSuPAsxCrsrNU4aoaqumWENABLED709151d 18h 19m 22s ago
DMMc19kn5W57h6kHNNKdF4UVxiDE3XWfT3ENABLED709151d 18h 46m 58s ago
DNxn6zYf9HXAgsy3FHXQhLwYMJvcuTcaTLENABLED709151d 18h 51m 15s ago
DSEZgTwiZEvXxhgrFUPBhMpg2b6f63CDEfENABLED709151d 20h 23m 45s ago
DCgv34BezeWH8foBxGnduvap7Kniqu3CQGENABLED709151d 20h 32m 38s ago
D5XKpRFUtzbz3noUBfHPz6muDLynAnKg8vENABLED709151d 21h 11m 23s ago
D6WMVqqfv1fk6Sxx2zQcLmzecj9ZsrAiKuENABLED709151d 21h 24m 1s ago
DCWWUBC91tHiZ3TsSQCYdpS1HghzKK2VHcENABLED709151d 21h 41m 10s ago
DBXhqjDmq5MRUt5uH6NpE7hqFFo5eKX81yENABLED709151d 22h 18m 8s ago
DPivxwUsjG4Pn4DvsNxR2xXeUFWM4k3MfgENABLED709151d 22h 32m 5s ago
D8N3xz4AwmBhDn3v9QayX4eyMMGhKYqhPRENABLED709151d 22h 47m 23s ago
DC4HbokEDJHcUUBGt47px7vW1JM4VKiWbvENABLED709151d 23h 48m 37s ago
DJfJFagWeSFsgRMMks4eETwGxd3xcVqPnLENABLED709151d 23h 53m 26s ago
DGZFtxRvbgLwzXZ155BTvF6qsa1Hc5PEfpENABLED709151d 23h 57m 7s ago
DGzVESe7w7VBLkmLVp4b7bDge3fBjacvLkENABLED709152d 54m 16s ago
D5wLcwNFHooJzKpLRHzVsGsuPC4y4ygXmfENABLED709152d 1h 17m 58s ago
DT9c2j2p4cZSM1niCdiHzHDRWLNfhub1HeENABLED709152d 2h 15m 54s ago
DLPTgx15PG1oJpg6wXw1rFAAnZUVxt1KK7ENABLED709152d 2h 20m 29s ago

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