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Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    970
Inactive:    0
Total:    970
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 25.25% / 1446 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 67,315.9058

Last masternode reward: 28,165.9058 DIVI-COPPER for DTXjNt1tfrTkAeHkfcheXejVoqH2dsfgLC

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,606,174
2m 1s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,450
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.3197 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DT62PWySyJF1aV5HYj6Drqgp4P9VAMoBD6ENABLED709152d 5h 20m 14s ago
DBkRCu6kwYy6qwSorV9vsGQVE2wSvRQj8aENABLED709152d 5h 54m 20s ago
DFb2xYi1G2xUh9zxM1KrBVYnZDhdzwLpz7ENABLED709152d 6h 7m 44s ago
DEETCa3uxcmpjcYMjRBTP5iCyAoGuQFsxyENABLED709152d 6h 8m 57s ago
DFC86eRa7EkyDymnyxT1GJPWD3bQ6cQLX1ENABLED709152d 7h 5m 52s ago
DLchwaSb7jUsrECWpWZ9o3fhdg5P4ccYvRENABLED709152d 7h 12m 16s ago
DTivCidUGiZAPU3btSXFeJejSrpJtQScypENABLED709152d 7h 39m 47s ago
D9AXpy5GXQneMRSJRXb4p4SZUa2mRw3Rz1ENABLED709152d 7h 48m 47s ago
DRsuBikSprNj1Mw9vacKYqzDRpwrqvA6ndENABLED709152d 8h 6m 59s ago
DMGjrEf76bVC3f9tve7vJ6L3guSZn5WCsTENABLED709152d 8h 11m 41s ago
D7eVA8FAf776AjLZpAeiwEoftUaPFXVEb1ENABLED709152d 9h 29m 2s ago
DTY9Fv93K6wkgV4Ytws2Cragvz29mnuKpzENABLED709152d 9h 52m 42s ago
DH9AButAwjfUPsdSfuQ1zJBWMKYkgHpjooENABLED709152d 10h 42m 8s ago
DQNLoEY6a9wgUH2x4ctsvyGQNimdVTHVmfENABLED709152d 10h 51m 6s ago
D8sFLJ6DuJEAxJw69ToAVA36MKLBq49V2aENABLED709152d 11h 6m 44s ago
DLQhdDfBNznSXyv4GRMtD3aA8ddUGzCw5aENABLED709152d 11h 39m 33s ago
DUMAQMNjMRVz9XubHkQpJPzHbLjSvnZz7YENABLED709152d 12h 3m 34s ago
D8mp8VqVZnQ9qgz1yPoDdqoHaGsxr88RfmENABLED709152d 12h 4m 42s ago
DGq5JUPAYt39WTSq5qQdb8EDqQg6HBdvsgENABLED709152d 12h 9m 36s ago
DCHZxEKj2NVPiFiLN1XhAvG1fb711Q7bxeENABLED709152d 12h 19m 14s ago
D5Cy9hYxacVALVdVVHYdFjt3Yk1vC8odXTENABLED709152d 12h 59m 20s ago
DD3Gcb9rd9RdE2ftFpMm6isgyFfdCT3Z3CENABLED709152d 12h 59m 35s ago
DC6baccmEJoNZWgKDGke7TyuHsK1knKQWmENABLED709152d 13h 39m 58s ago
DLKUCLpvWZbZofofYukHMyeBoCHpQq3QWTENABLED709152d 14h 26m 16s ago
DJNRt8QkQPFB38cjp4oAV6A3oBLWeEeEQZENABLED709152d 15h 15m 48s ago
DKq8SJ9jCP13VXUCg2Q6cmdq4fCQWXWbGWENABLED709152d 15h 16m 22s ago
DUHRYoXxr3TW2qWENvbrcjAdMjsscs8ncTENABLED709152d 15h 28m 44s ago
D9BZP2HVUhz3VRoL6fXWWehRPAE6k6SV4gENABLED709152d 15h 30m 37s ago
DUKPjyQ8QWzTMvNKHDSYeseCQLiaLk8DXiENABLED709152d 15h 56m 12s ago
DFn96YPoH2o23yinPnsEPgc6coy6z49JcZENABLED709152d 16h 57m 17s ago
DAhDRkZXZrUNV3mZHypZ5JVmVtcbmpmRpnENABLED709152d 17h 26m 25s ago
DQ47UpQZntfevZSCw5S8yeHYUbuK3sPYmKENABLED709152d 17h 39m 10s ago
DHdJYFWQqLMVpayZLvPB4GKRGko6pAL8LmENABLED709152d 17h 47m 21s ago
DDLcAUC22LPivJwLdKhcit55XjEiV1yVEhENABLED709152d 18h 3m 31s ago
DCztKAUBo82xgaRr2gNK5zEdMHJV9PdzR8ENABLED709152d 18h 4m 12s ago
DRSjLDV6dLp7UGf1HPLkVW5oawz9QPaLRqENABLED709152d 19h 24m 28s ago
D8NP6wax2fGPQHRnZARfLNzAWBJ8imGsASENABLED709152d 19h 46m 19s ago
DJvSpDgKs8NdadQuqBN1W8s8jC3LzUVUkhENABLED709152d 20h 5m 6s ago
DMiyyUm2BeVrUb4ZNm7EsUcgFsCH3XpLYdENABLED709152d 20h 26m 27s ago
DAdMtYPkvg2MgvstRAUTfC224Qq7oqpHmyENABLED709152d 21h 21m 29s ago
DNJFmwTkM9a5cAk2XGrJuvAZ5sgX8rwycCENABLED709152d 21h 32m 18s ago
DF1aE4p21DMoCwPRJUTrsp8e6t8nCg8MuPENABLED709152d 21h 36m 3s ago
DTeyivCvmZsW5ffGyVxPgwS1G9mExo41n9ENABLED709152d 22h 18m 28s ago
DSgGFRCVdjtdF4tN89HsGC2oSyfkZkUcvjENABLED709152d 22h 31m 58s ago
DQWK63aDwBihRCNTcLxhCV2PHGTRZP5kFvENABLED709152d 22h 52m 54s ago
DTtiqipzS6RmYmayWBQ67kfErgHcEm56yWENABLED709153d 1m 26s ago
DDgSUdAVjstuo9PYe4fJaaGoqWP4d8iVJ5ENABLED709153d 36m 32s ago
D881ULyHBxgrdCV6SN77w9eU5UbnYYk2ZgENABLED709153d 36m 34s ago
D8bhmzkwCt6HfTEGNDLRWrukzGJuFYy42fENABLED709153d 1h 50m 3s ago
D6SVcQXzofXp9WpwFE8saekKEdUYvuaEoAENABLED709153d 2h 1m 43s ago

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