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DOGEC statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,196
Inactive:    12
Total:    1,208
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 127.07% / 287 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 20,870.5250

Last masternode reward: 7.2000 DOGEC for DHnhMReEaQHRFhAdhyiKz2a66JqtC9n7VQ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 697,075
1m 6s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,408
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +31.4901 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 29s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5020200
Protocol version:  70920
Version:  5000000

Wallet is connected to 128 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D5Q3Ff6T2JRwrDFwdFbezC5tURtSVxmRd8ENABLED709205h 16m 6s ago
DR6Rhaac95aTcNnvkcJQoMGtjUiAAHNubxENABLED709205h 16m 51s ago
DM4PLy2jEEYWVNqfiKspZaoaWn16QMNDHkENABLED709205h 18m 6s ago
DGn29bNm982WEpyKnsnQM1ivhiTW8BTqXcENABLED709205h 18m 36s ago
DMN21dw6Lqijp7QdJybAgCm7xZG91pFnbfENABLED709205h 21m 6s ago
DNhCxjxyJDLjcK3rRWnqomQhvwBi5bfLZMENABLED709205h 24m 36s ago
DKi2JN6WkuTLfJL2S7gQwezA9AXMSWzjdrENABLED709205h 25m 21s ago
DQLUMMXV5Ett2UiEBQ6bqB1jd49ZEWaV3WENABLED709205h 26m 6s ago
DRpTXF9vV46XYipcNKUYczpHxAFdNMcsE6ENABLED709205h 26m 51s ago
DQmMhdZ5Be2so3v6wq6nnxHWTvtJKq8RgdENABLED709205h 28m 21s ago
DDbPhxMHmfuvDBxahrkKpPVGs7U5hYo99VENABLED709205h 30m 6s ago
DMuXQcc51YUXWGR52X9WzHihSBPNtdcrZ3ENABLED709205h 32m 51s ago
DCnBQSb61swfFk1Sgn9DPm26MbjqxKWsuiENABLED709205h 34m 21s ago
DL1AzwfWNVNykW4qrAMdzpfeUemxfL9DXPENABLED709205h 34m 36s ago
DMWZQzmnQdqM2QsGDHEpNhQAoFeZrUCyeyENABLED709205h 36m 6s ago
D9b7JqF37CKiZoTfdVSgRLTMcATpM44zVkENABLED709205h 36m 21s ago
DHPsDeGi73PkDTcPttPHvoHZthQbHNUsDhENABLED709205h 36m 51s ago
DQLLj7dRTFj9DVyUuPXnWNmGUxRSsWYaYgENABLED709205h 39m 51s ago
D6Yoxt5jPU9txLKAFXefvKLw21tAd3LG6qENABLED709205h 40m 6s ago
DGF1GEeJLe513wrHzx4XeWjQYUD5kT9o9NENABLED709205h 41m 51s ago
DHPpWsXJoQuxgBLgcJEngPPmkioFPcKAztENABLED709205h 42m 36s ago
DTffPwNJTCCioEjtSC5m4uMp73N5AYUf7UENABLED709205h 46m 36s ago
DDubAJWNMqLqZkL81E4zYkeq6xAz7qRvJcENABLED709205h 48m 21s ago
DMcnaa7vNPbSTLrjmePqbQEiszR7wRketZENABLED709205h 49m 6s ago
D8bNL64i6VEwTcfh2uikqjYtUhagi5sBNBEXPIRED709205h 49m 51s ago
DCaL1gkzr3aGgC49tUmfp6gZPM4Nt14bqNENABLED709205h 50m 6s ago
DMRC5fvk3JruDyAFkUuEJrNLg4RAdh32tfENABLED709205h 51m 51s ago
D981FtKjjpuXzCPcQk2x3PtdPQ8EWsANEeENABLED709205h 52m 51s ago
DJFHcYSLYdKyScY9y24p4ovHZZe36pFWhyENABLED709205h 53m 6s ago
DBtj8RKjbrNsaqeed8EXHDB4bGPMUooBMqENABLED709205h 55m 51s ago
DGoRD9qqX4pziocBCTy8Fuuv472hnBfD65ENABLED709205h 57m 51s ago
DG9Q2DkNjFuGPpAoTr4qv6SfgiFUwV2RCmENABLED709205h 58m 51s ago
DHM9xTzXMnDCeiGpmMmqrsNPMa1sJmvfaAENABLED709206h 21s ago
DPvhzaRVd2RNxF7eoLbNYAkdERCYgSTscgENABLED709206h 36s ago
D5knr5jyJihiPGU6tN96Z57rBnhVSgqptRENABLED709206h 2m 21s ago
DHWMiaqbW6LFPXQo7MEPU3fzsPyzM5RnM9ENABLED709206h 3m 21s ago
DBLbGLo9rWs2DCJj1FSFeCpYUfVpXPTk3KENABLED709206h 3m 36s ago
DBAuEDdxVAERpaGdTN9UfbC3zzSbQ8SmT8ENABLED709206h 3m 51s ago
DG91MCvUgsr3xM1gjVh6e6gQA2xMtPuyCdENABLED709206h 5m 36s ago
D9aCMPaZbTBF65cm5mvDmuiXfHXpJ9JPbXENABLED709206h 5m 51s ago
DGzo8L9DyuyjHs4qiqybxrFX6GSRQ3W4sNENABLED709206h 6m 6s ago
D8KRiSicoxhRStoJZSbnoyc3E4zMzsTy1HENABLED709206h 7m 36s ago
DDHfaLFeX1uhvRW2dGCCVLnW4RzsFnM7nvENABLED709206h 10m 6s ago
DKcYTF1yY52n1hrLZirHRntEKYobTCPxznENABLED709206h 10m 21s ago
DPbgW4b3FXweK2ubVAtMYyaEextS855EZCENABLED709206h 12m 21s ago
DMgNgDmN8DeqNvcJL67H1KRhEn7nQppp9WENABLED709206h 14m 6s ago
DNz1CdD33Hw6HWvNCNS8UyNxSwnY6ZoFREENABLED709206h 15m 51s ago
DJiBusVVVaUAr4hqscXRMNbDo83Nc3qBQuENABLED709206h 17m 21s ago
DCUwYEbdCJ6P9K17zgEmkzwj4nGdc5dqEiENABLED709206h 18m 21s ago
DKhh44zoXDWGanUc4PCnwx196kHnJYZZheENABLED709206h 19m 51s ago

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