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NestEgg Coin (EGG)

EGG statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    731
Inactive:    3
Total:    734
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 261.90% / 139 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 131,130.0000

Last masternode reward: 90.0000 EGG for Ea1cjb7rDa7yDbaqjnJFQG28xPnHweFoFj

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,643,408
17s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,457
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +4.7691 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: Jun 25 2020 21:57:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1040103
Protocol version:  70929
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 8 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ETX4dgqp9fHBaGvLJpY4F28Bvf6z47NA9WENABLED709291h 45m 18s ago
EYgWcL89nxLz3iU7VVe7EVX3zd4no3uP84ENABLED709291h 47m 18s ago
EQn4UYuCg5GAP6U7VXqM8zvvMVojEtujLXENABLED709291h 47m 33s ago
EcWYamZxdX4MpzJzFVa7YHgza9PsuEqgirENABLED709291h 49m 3s ago
EYKpMK3CMNQjm4xuTR7GcMQ7ZgcvBJMLYMENABLED709291h 51m 3s ago
EPUpLMFgZcxZFN2tSAp6E2ikDegsmg1m7FENABLED709291h 52m 33s ago
EV7f3kzC37MjATrTQq4jAoakSP7NMhLK4UENABLED709291h 52m 48s ago
ERCnhR9pnxRsQv7uzZJwshHbs7gwWmpbxoENABLED709291h 53m 48s ago
EJ7TApEDHDC3u224mT1N4r7RVgkXwfvbCbENABLED709291h 54m 3s ago
EW4axE2R2hJx6xZojG7MjPa4UeWYmjDgLLENABLED709291h 58m 33s ago
EdbFgfmyCQTeQVDMWrjGzqzL4TYs8gRvXgENABLED709291h 59m 48s ago
EUG8psFQD9dscGpY8ksMUYVK3JY1AB8rjCENABLED709292h 18s ago
EPFb8CEqZfP5Acv78cM3WR2awsnFW5QNRWENABLED709292h 33s ago
EZyRbPKCswu2MmiJaAkNYzVCzqy3FPb3usENABLED709292h 1m 3s ago
EXDcwAiuv245UqYb9phaEnc3gyisAthn9jENABLED709292h 6m 18s ago
EftP4D3SzkD31VybJt5F4XpPNHE4aJzqJWENABLED709292h 6m 48s ago
EcquwsePzMuLpRFzede5cCFkxLU69iw3BUENABLED709292h 8m 48s ago
EZg87t2AGnP5j99axDUhVVGEK8JwpK6T3iENABLED709292h 9m 3s ago
EHRfD6uMMzgL39WV7RKQCGYN1rM8SiHbHNENABLED709292h 10m 18s ago
EQjqGD4hMS6QiZj3XNtgB3HGKAvQJ16Zs4ENABLED709292h 10m 48s ago
Ec1wsZbWA68vxwRnpdEpbpLektc4Q7RPz9ENABLED709292h 11m 33s ago
EcGt31ZGjE4UBYTQ1y68XXB5VrLnYA8fnXENABLED709292h 11m 48s ago
EXpdgwPZjmdw7aABQE4G5uXJCCVKP4m7a6ENABLED709292h 12m 3s ago
EL5t3W9VJxBtWcjVnHnNcxQGJcMCC84ExEENABLED709292h 12m 18s ago
EfZdqLDFtM9mM1ePGZgCaAVVRqfx3LPrYqENABLED709292h 13m 48s ago
EVM17XTXHaARp3ek7oW51tM58kmL64WqmhENABLED709292h 14m 18s ago
ERVoPXEhwEVBGDZPXTsbfziPfADHsXRK8JENABLED709292h 15m 18s ago
ET55dz5ia2i2u89ZXoaoC5PdhFKN2aTUeCENABLED709292h 15m 48s ago
ERxmppkcv7RgV2P4hTGKDd9HRtEcUBcPhgENABLED709292h 16m 3s ago
EaD5HD657NVUGXCo6woPruup5kWh2xFYRxENABLED709292h 16m 33s ago
EPvpp3gYcMUfUoYrq6sdV1rNccggutuHdyENABLED709292h 17m 48s ago
EQif3maGvu7ksVTr6k6znQkeEcLoT6UX3gENABLED709292h 18m 3s ago
EV7Kg5iUFjS5W65XgCEM3uCBnnmAYaz1gXENABLED709292h 19m 48s ago
EgP96QMYFirWWRUdDv9GtH8eZDYrigsQ4YENABLED709292h 21m 18s ago
EPNZidTHwz5qbosKkDrZ64GN1Kbi4JgzGtENABLED709292h 21m 33s ago
EN5eGt9QX8G7QwW8BDjRwnGVVpVNDZQSnBENABLED709292h 22m 18s ago
Eb2RkBwNEM7FKr2J8eeC5pTDZWRPmkCdpqENABLED709292h 22m 18s ago
EU2ftWsNbKgqUoS8PbJ1iKASVF2cAK9r93ENABLED709292h 23m 33s ago
EPN3kZwux1LRGrwkQ37m2b6J9rZuiDE7ySENABLED709292h 23m 48s ago
ERfqYYwqzxAZGPk4b9qNSKu4ANAdehHHdAENABLED709292h 28m 18s ago
EL9iYpcHFSq3PPnPW5tM5zrtFsZpG1um9hEXPIRED709292h 29m 18s ago
EVeLouNgM4cofVvMonhfHYfoGKhPwzYhuhENABLED709292h 31m 3s ago
ELpe3izhFnwEaPEMXTSXCUKz4ScEm94wHsENABLED709292h 36m 18s ago
Efmem8pJWBxwXyY5Ao8hVvSt127yz8oW8WENABLED709292h 36m 33s ago
EVFRKB6JQKcRKLTucTFufqEq68YjW3ASEtENABLED709292h 37m 18s ago
EZFyhezwEETmpZhFxsiaDrhr4Hzd6ZXXnBENABLED709292h 38m 18s ago
EcxfM8KCvsqjhpoaRBeGZkpLFR6sVBxjetENABLED709292h 38m 33s ago
EKnJAGTGPenLUc9XB1rhjstBjbxL7zsTKGENABLED709292h 39m 3s ago
EPf2sSsqctji4edVRiwMvEjYdgqFFxHqBQENABLED709292h 39m 18s ago
EcBxG1P4ddh2pX9JYQ124t7ipL5uegq9KfENABLED709292h 40m 33s ago

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