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EXOR statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    217
Inactive:    0
Total:    217
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 19.83% / 1841 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,948.6400

Last masternode reward: 4.3200 EXOR for EaNkPVvgGEfKLJqyx7jLpQbESe51mRRsae

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 438,779
4m 39s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,377
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.5305 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: May 27 2019 16:37:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70914
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 125 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
EUTa1dZfzDSKFsvHNrCMEb3uUbqWKKme1SENABLED709142h 51m 7s ago
EUdyUR3UVt7jrv6yvYGPFLD7cFEsD1QTzLENABLED709142h 51m 18s ago
ETUDyE69dDuncsUwDCtvwKbkcnvioVXPPoENABLED709142h 51m 35s ago
EWFFPjBzVWnHbVjavyK4Fiarc9rsM9LB5AENABLED709142h 52m 28s ago
EHqqFk7KHeypZPogod15MugepVN4ysyRAyENABLED709142h 52m 59s ago
EJ7eZKDSTjLka59Zs7geCXpxdd5pdVWoa3ENABLED709142h 53m 28s ago
EUmMtL8TpqykXSybHV9aDNBbiNFvewLN58ENABLED709142h 55m 1s ago
EbbWKeBbMbyKsn4yH1xiPdCq43jgWiG48rENABLED709142h 55m 30s ago
Ebr7ZocwqDtKC4GHWKvyggAGbMzwo6HC2uENABLED709142h 56m 38s ago
EXixNXJ31919czDpNrvYtV2ZZ1mWNhFvAVENABLED709142h 57m 12s ago
EVjP7pAGqrPSErFB2i9wNnhBokWRUap9x8ENABLED709142h 57m 22s ago
Edf9oPurqtGTbAEqh6sHD7btuQAqQtWtCiENABLED709142h 57m 48s ago
EPRjsoiwPHQip6g5FwwBV9hdmYyxwG1tFDENABLED709142h 59m 12s ago
EaJeN9kRvSP6d4f2BBGRhQTKaGNh8Rtfs9ENABLED709142h 59m 31s ago
EQTZzCGD4gj7XgT7En3Pvsm8zt9hz877gBENABLED709143h 17s ago
EdWwCPerEy6wz721ow7SuBYMPu8sWguavuENABLED709143h 1m 28s ago
EMk7f7dXydrn5ZRYYDSiAx2nHqWwNVHZwbENABLED709143h 1m 58s ago
EacHwZ8RdEKtjThWg6g43b7d2LtDSUtRsmENABLED709143h 3m 17s ago
EK7HsipLcMt8XHRsbeFEhDEqthqZPg8C1xENABLED709143h 3m 30s ago
Ed6Yh8ck9QNyVP7fayAf8JonfYGjesZqtsENABLED709143h 6m 12s ago
EX4qX6c4qLbWCLTFA7nf7dH72zjt4g7skFENABLED709143h 6m 23s ago
EKsdjzNnrX4X3F3rm97nuXenuUe8FcgtYfENABLED709143h 7m 40s ago
EUPXrqTQa5Ep52dXLBYiBud3gGHAXHKDjkENABLED709143h 8m 10s ago
EMRRSLbgnHZjw3b6QEpfP82pYgjYvzGkV7ENABLED709143h 8m 33s ago
EUtr9hJ5kFpwuJ52TYkNVGJSYodEVo3oDcENABLED709143h 10m 2s ago
EVEGTtU5t3ycoHnwmGx5B5y8hT42UhzwHYENABLED709143h 13m 42s ago
EXeNwBjteUpDPwmVGDsXwCM4iZ3B8RwVSrENABLED709143h 14m 41s ago
ESocBsavjNbabdxq1e5pBP8uaTiX9rtjUTENABLED709143h 15m 56s ago
EJxwcRAHAyTkG2wQofhj3d54cRp7ysFAZmENABLED709143h 17m 38s ago
ESSpM9yreHkxmXspg5gARGrUvXb3EVkX9CENABLED709143h 17m 59s ago
ELWBPfNVKj2NiMCvjM93x9g5jUwENrm51RENABLED709143h 20m 30s ago
EMqTqP3nWXvai4VUQXHs1z3MiS2Aj6oCh3ENABLED709143h 22m 10s ago
ELvU1iAD3ti97Sri6XmSXqUBaTScDEVyFRENABLED709143h 23m 1s ago
EboX1JWneyQwp9ZjPRdpsJL95wtFdQ896KENABLED709143h 23m 2s ago
EVjGP3wfaCvTvP5e2wbpir9V9LvKEZq1hQENABLED709143h 23m 34s ago
EJNLT1ckQogn8Etpx3symLkJFWJE2RDn3pENABLED709143h 24m 19s ago
EfzSZYfZgBczKakaXxNcRdxQ6kdFJtV9fQENABLED709143h 25m 11s ago
EZooXDhBXn4qkYkreX3RGJYdkoUYYkRs3AENABLED709143h 25m 23s ago
EQHaS26yjo4T6wEKj3RSErERW16QKMzjEaENABLED709143h 25m 29s ago
EbAPfSj7rDhULv6p522L4DQHp8Fxm9HVLQENABLED709143h 27m 28s ago
EaYubWyAVMs8RGLq3W3YEABmaLtytiirSpENABLED709143h 28m 27s ago
ENTXSwbe3kmBCaGXwbKqjeXqFCENbRkiRVENABLED709143h 29m 15s ago
EW5G92VimRGA9iMfHNzp9uWERGfqvHTr6EENABLED709143h 30m 3s ago
EeK8B8MZRj75UVGX97Ba7frQHfMnWRavGvENABLED709143h 32m 14s ago
EYoHENeFNGcWYxhNWv3PT8g33hRH7nEqavENABLED709143h 35m ago
EXQzebhUkpGPaoQEUdsZaiBZo9y7fgCFkWENABLED709143h 35m 27s ago
EajinHAafKRUQm66fv4FFWUCj1DtG7xyuFENABLED709143h 35m 58s ago
EeWqUwxhDnRYEybf59tWMArFfcDY4sjxiaENABLED709143h 36m 55s ago
EPxb1Ddoa7SnwKoydr4pn56v7WfvewZf6EENABLED709143h 37m 17s ago
ETvtxJpftyESY1JnLaxcC3pQ9N13UpT6nVENABLED709143h 37m 46s ago

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