French Digital Reserve (FDR)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    615
Inactive:    1
Total:    616
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 25.66% / 1422 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 433.8080

Last masternode reward: 0.3040 FDR for fbr4XtjGyCivxkv9KrAtPpZ8qd7fq83KEa

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 897,588
25s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,427
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.9479 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 12 2020 14:47:43

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70230
Version:  1000000

Wallet is connected to 10 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
fbr4XtjGyCivxkv9KrAtPpZ8qd7fq83KEaENABLED702301h 7m ago
fKfYfMjzdPwRUbnvWrekr24DgGEK7Kh6gRENABLED702301h 7m 28s ago
fd5ysH3SdDPHbMGmrv67xwdJMcCRKVZhqPENABLED702301h 8m 3s ago
fcAVwTbnuV2fmb9NkPoahCeRVBgg4nQRQTENABLED702301h 9m 41s ago
fU7mKT3754J8zTsExZjhDaEnozniZUguuLENABLED702301h 9m 53s ago
fa2aaqKm6q9P4tj1w4YnA95uojVp8gXA2qENABLED702301h 10m ago
fcDki4HvvNRBS6Fyze2BGGWByKpzz3L8DGENABLED702301h 11m 36s ago
fbUUVqYPVpBf19kJ1fQCEHyrnvFooT973BENABLED702301h 11m 41s ago
fansrXQJuiUEPWyuQueDzZbzgUPknHabymENABLED702301h 13m 21s ago
fcnYaAwuwL7EuQt6VTr5Cxj9sMyYmzCtUYENABLED702301h 13m 33s ago
fZ5wT7GAFAa5Gk6oat9zeQZ4N9UBFxZ7bxENABLED702301h 14m 48s ago
fYc1JjwaFc4q99YtnVMAnCSDj2UuMidoEXENABLED702301h 15m 36s ago
fUnbq1Y27vKvsz63b1P88eRqiJwmFNKysTENABLED702301h 16m 16s ago
fMdq1iWui7giA9sQQPj5fpUBNR8G89kDuRENABLED702301h 17m 39s ago
fFHELmdAw72YP5VKWJTDe94SAkV8zohVYCENABLED702301h 17m 46s ago
fYJnRh6DD8udX3kiqLBoVnHV742bxpkTdQENABLED702301h 18m 35s ago
fGZCtdtu5BkqnfKL2M8K3DDm9Tcci78rh5ENABLED702301h 19m 23s ago
fQp6PmvVEnpAsNqtSEmbdDzTKnWNZVZnzRENABLED702301h 20m 26s ago
fQ4a9pffoUuYoMseYyzyQKQJuFYS88yDTYENABLED702301h 20m 32s ago
fMBcryhRtxyBenyESbzWF6LQwVmQpQqYcyENABLED702301h 23m 44s ago
fZsuy13JVTkXjEY8LiExmKgUgP26tJJAjKENABLED702301h 24m 54s ago
fEiXs59fRC4Aai5STmJCUehMeyPyR5XfwTENABLED702301h 25m 26s ago
fXLjY9ZCyedGJsevtGwHDqud4xW5UX1h6wENABLED702301h 26m 27s ago
fRKYBhT7ixCivDp8EbQHGM4sKrVvamcFsNENABLED702301h 26m 43s ago
faXAXLpXZGSn4t6fYUhVtsx59ST22z7wjSENABLED702301h 31m 18s ago
fW2zPrajgMctp7a2dowYRSkx4zZfK6sE9mENABLED702301h 32m 10s ago
fFnVHYkwfb8zV2NSVcLCwFRJ1j3Lhc6m2zENABLED702301h 32m 49s ago
fR9WgbaZxLx1oR9Dh5tpsrg5dNcykvnxd7ENABLED702301h 33m 4s ago
fP7pqu5FBYWYaVVEqZanHfqbZXpYfvzr3BENABLED702301h 33m 41s ago
fdRMncYp3c2xknXuqrkiFgbs8dLPM6eP9AENABLED702301h 38m 11s ago
fEY1wyrKsMsbFZ2kz6qfmSY1dp3gUNhemMENABLED702301h 40m 21s ago
fY64cJhagxidrwdAwb71JRdsN6xQ9cC9NhENABLED702301h 40m 37s ago
fbeZSHcqc24r9qk6XCjraxfak8mriLexd6ENABLED702301h 42m 32s ago
fcgkeqH4L5uxThudyaNVWqpQVuA7FPMjviENABLED702301h 42m 41s ago
fNkxKSqYjJDTPyVujdCXbzD2QHKZE79DuVENABLED702301h 43m 38s ago
fau4MGYUBYUrVep6AqFDd2qFFD4TPUQrCKENABLED702301h 44m 20s ago
fGBj3fnuPqLBrQEre3VQ94cTdmXdRvfgTxENABLED702301h 44m 35s ago
fRBMBn41CAv2zdsua9RLe2gPoFEiRepiaKENABLED702301h 45m 50s ago
fTyDDTErumdgzJzd3DV1RzTLo5hXxELjtyENABLED702301h 46m ago
fczcMqAJdzFAiz71DwCeqz8SScat2BCbPaENABLED702301h 48m 6s ago
fX8yMy7jKk8yBcwCRWFC8p9pTmqu9pAy25ENABLED702301h 48m 52s ago
fTAmCG4TxSM66Jg2yzRdyANv14CW9maZArENABLED702301h 48m 59s ago
fLVaHBvcfuh9mvUiRU8KTb9CoyEcNEEKLuENABLED702301h 49m 8s ago
fJ36G8A9oggvUkBwEbjcuuL4jtsRF2wzpLENABLED702301h 49m 25s ago
fR396QiyJUuAT5PXhwaDTMB74NdD3rrqsfENABLED702301h 49m 40s ago
fNQXawuWpksdozfKZMYoF6q4MNP2ZU7AVQENABLED702301h 50m 26s ago
fJWYnc95sHywroextM5Hstzk4e8trFZnE3ENABLED702301h 50m 27s ago
fNFTKvb7LiWRvHQwu4KuiD75PeFSVuwNb3ENABLED702301h 53m 10s ago
fKMfaXwxHWnLmqGCNZTktRYzksoZzHebpeENABLED702301h 53m 45s ago
fMDozusWeggP3Cupm6YTqWB4jtiibGVudzENABLED702301h 54m 17s ago

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