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French Digital Reserve (FDR)

FDR statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    400
Inactive:    0
Total:    400
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Official ROI: 23.28% / 1568 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 266.9880

Last masternode reward: 0.2280 FDR for fRJDU3ZWNcdAi7oW6it7NcrLERmigQDLBn

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,948,609
19m 44s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,172
24 Hrs block time: 1m 13s
24 Hrs block time variance: -18.3133 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jan 12 2020 14:47:43

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70230
Version:  1000000

Wallet is connected to 6 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
fRJDU3ZWNcdAi7oW6it7NcrLERmigQDLBnENABLED702301h 9m 52s ago
fLZVZ3zdPZrCPpfuQVkcKkbV9UFjE3CePNENABLED702301h 10m 21s ago
fPD1J82L55obpQMC57vLvMKRbbJxDGWokhENABLED702301h 11m 35s ago
fM2CZ8dqrj2K2n4TrVY1SyK4s9m3oNEBCFENABLED702301h 12m 10s ago
fEbfpGVeLp2BhLvs46ZqPFUf3Lj6d7yFpsENABLED702301h 13m 33s ago
fWQnvWT1q68Z8jgHhbpPn9A8vpNXLcfdP2ENABLED702301h 13m 41s ago
fZxKxxgkR16JkK9awEKrpX2Mb55HdHYi9cENABLED702301h 15m 1s ago
fJX389nemjybdHCKcW6x4ScF9RMHUgYq6oENABLED702301h 15m 40s ago
fbKnwe3mME9N5Uo1mduV53BmrnDNicngDuENABLED702301h 15m 43s ago
fGFB8dm8B3b6mXnbeSXVAcKWYGR7VDfqpXENABLED702301h 17m 1s ago
fZQuswyg2AJk2FuoAEksQHSCzhKieQ54QyENABLED702301h 18m 29s ago
fL4va8uANyn4uT4HLwUAY2WHCuLbzJDF74ENABLED702301h 19m 32s ago
fYS5PqxCbrthzVbk6DfZ18czwgm5BjuNuBENABLED702301h 19m 51s ago
fPfzispV2prWX3yJ3X7uADa3P2LVAEVnRjENABLED702301h 21m 48s ago
fMtVVgSumPaxRkvhNa3pewPkQF3FmRvp5eENABLED702301h 22m 8s ago
fHhfXhrDo2sRxsx2ngvLB9map5cy3imgtaENABLED702301h 23m 7s ago
fa2cu1A2cUrAaC9EFfasUdF8McBzR8LE1EENABLED702301h 23m 8s ago
fYzU9FNMi6J687nn6uUT7L1By83rr5mFtUENABLED702301h 23m 49s ago
fT9qw6gjM4c1hLSRJzGkXFwhSvUZuQeQRDENABLED702301h 23m 52s ago
fMtWz7bk36z5Z9WLpgEdCsi5sgDw7PmE4PENABLED702301h 24m 25s ago
fcA8M4n7bpZTdqExtUABpwFrpfxBKxKh2uENABLED702301h 24m 37s ago
fKMfaXwxHWnLmqGCNZTktRYzksoZzHebpeENABLED702301h 25m 33s ago
fa8hiZrGocVkzKxC5bhCVru2Yv8Z4ePreTENABLED702301h 28m 17s ago
fK4QGVSMEb6w7YyZLJw1ixuLjXhd1GyGAiENABLED702301h 28m 36s ago
fQowWGLZAvaqecR184krB3Ag3N3Wi2pZCGENABLED702301h 29m 42s ago
fGNFrwesxhqssNHEbC1DuE4XCYkWQkbvEfENABLED702301h 29m 55s ago
fQrC5oqJDLB3rZqxsdbWCB74EYiesjxRi5ENABLED702301h 31m 48s ago
fUZbtqK4gU6imizxQ9uwPJGTSoDZcz1xntENABLED702301h 32m 39s ago
fMZ1pKjdk8xaoQKXTGuAZDr6hbX3okBaJDENABLED702301h 33m 39s ago
fQi2JJ5DA1p5t8kZJq2FbDqMHJn5c2D6GQENABLED702301h 34m 36s ago
fQkjStCDBirpTfJaB9f5Dcsyy6grJpDpPtENABLED702301h 34m 37s ago
fb2DE6f7mwoEcEQn2aBQhvWoq4jWEuMUxyENABLED702301h 35m 45s ago
fJNvFpDiDtp4pknsQWnQSd59UoDNkQghztENABLED702301h 36m 50s ago
fbkr1j5suusB5YpL984A2FBXargvY69RW3ENABLED702301h 39m 25s ago
fEf5ZK7H776GTxwMpEHa9XW9om4fxyaihAENABLED702301h 40m 46s ago
fQpCwHULTkT3G376Ree14a7UbybB8FSC2VENABLED702301h 41m 19s ago
fN4zq1PMjMBjRGgiWhixD7vP3AEqsm7y2DENABLED702301h 41m 38s ago
fSLEqh31Z4FJFbZo77mT3n72ZRz272pK7zENABLED702301h 44m 8s ago
fTWRaNdj7DTWba1wb4gvidmy8T4U8DYHQGENABLED702301h 44m 36s ago
faw66B373L8Te2q4Tw468jaRVUvvDGUkpAENABLED702301h 45m 28s ago
fS26L9kW5P1BdigFEXwA9DmKQzMc2EA7qYENABLED702301h 48m 16s ago
fHckCgrhSHVWdzCH58KLDPzaPqZ2CazAuxENABLED702301h 48m 22s ago
fUPbkUG2uvQWmVJmD946bv2b8nEbAujtDfENABLED702301h 49m 14s ago
fa3jAjLj5ex8Fs7uGfQL3DJTDpeYvwKe2PENABLED702301h 50m 45s ago
fSHyez1MW6GWZC4e5vW9LSPk8kWgsWdwn2ENABLED702301h 52m 38s ago
fcTJn9QEVtMALvJjwdBwDC1Br8i99RYPCMENABLED702301h 53m 11s ago
fUVdfDk9JdVRjLwRARRgVR4wabyVySdopqENABLED702301h 53m 40s ago
fEsYWs3w19ceSdQ2RH71Ffhi7MunYDXay3ENABLED702301h 54m 17s ago
fEBu1upxSPeCeHekRvbqwtxs3yfEkCKxYYENABLED702301h 54m 40s ago
fT7n41ebtgvFhGu43Z1jz2vmBoUHzuUECuENABLED702301h 55m 45s ago

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