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FXCoin (FXN)

FXN statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    136
Inactive:    0
Total:    136
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 103.68% / 352 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 386.3223

Last masternode reward: 0.5607 FXN for FmhAASBkggPaTFSTTqxyMxU1v1WZETXUk6

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 215,961
12m 18s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 689
24 Hrs block time: 2m 5s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.8391 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 6s
Genesis block: Sep 22 2019 18:57:50

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000100
Protocol version:  70002
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 23 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FqaE116Wc84KgHran8WPWCgbhz2hzHmcv7ENABLED700022h 48m 8s ago
FmWsmYxBT7VVo7KN4H24q4n5FWkxrdnWN7ENABLED700022h 50m 55s ago
FsCQx7oudyYCGDvdwfDsQdnYDkdwwAc1ncENABLED700022h 51m 3s ago
Fb1JRe955Xd1KMxmxajZxXA7qzTerCLCyvENABLED700023h 3m 20s ago
FY4f8GqU2sWuvpZGJeyWXah8n53VJ8xi8NENABLED700023h 4m 26s ago
FctyanU1vh2c5GoMp5Amt1DBGYFST6zBKKENABLED700023h 5m 16s ago
FeRAMKWkxP799hiGzEpkiHjYqbRCnpkXkVENABLED700023h 17m 2s ago
FimkkyoVZB7wCv4y2osxnu3tofiH2Kq51DENABLED700023h 22m 18s ago
FisNBEJfgiXidryCUttHuqExe81xcfKEYCENABLED700023h 25m 37s ago
FWNEaSkghVSkhPYBeQhP5xLd1gGkF2AHBhENABLED700023h 27m 55s ago
FhwntRetXMhVF8uSNXq6Yi9HrgrkC7iZg1ENABLED700023h 28m 23s ago
FXFRLsctsRjP9uocidxDU2Hb51kZAP4tiqENABLED700023h 46m 36s ago
FVh4s6U5Tqtwwm6SiXh31To8BrvmKoSpejENABLED700024h 12m 46s ago
FsTPF7JRRa61Hmrpx1n2i4SJM6AcnY5XmgENABLED700024h 18m 6s ago
FbSCiv9mazrqgyuMox2XescbuLNgo3fqBQENABLED700024h 25m 29s ago
FtKFRJexoGugj38cRXHPpzhEn14xYqHqZpENABLED700024h 27m 2s ago
FZEvdpygkvzzT5hThYg53eWxJWkcKRamp3ENABLED700024h 34m 4s ago
FYiTyc9nbe66bH9et3TexxGSvMTRwqiRFHENABLED700024h 40m 9s ago
FVoU9NtdqoMQ4LBR4ro5SczE7YqFnE8ebXENABLED700024h 48m 11s ago
FhFWqqxdFGjjxCgSvj897QKUGK6M6M8afHENABLED700024h 50m 20s ago
FeZXBQYWYq6PmZ9z3gPMGRo8T7zRphKE17ENABLED700024h 59m 36s ago
FprRXrs1GRRTg7wYVE4d6rrimsZJZz8zSDENABLED700025h 8m 41s ago
FmP7P7mpdEszi615ZndPPotAnS7zmEzcJiENABLED700025h 11m 38s ago
FmrmPVu7NvpzqdUAN4ue4XssdbHMNYVZyxENABLED700025h 19m 8s ago
FssJpWPbZRfu1r55dJ5uniatZHjdWDf4WeENABLED700025h 28m 52s ago
Fgq24C7iDxidnSpQdwQGAqaDKHh1cPwiDxENABLED700025h 33m 3s ago
FsqFAoWaHWDzhNcXrmfMjLBacGCkSjZC3MENABLED700025h 33m 22s ago
Fqn3vvguwULYKhMEmU8KKwwYh6sJzkKuaLENABLED700025h 33m 50s ago
FrzXBT8nZGdEoeo9Je3hSqs1HQMoERDFoxENABLED700025h 36m 34s ago
FfCKkH9w7DFpvsVLfZcPmcTups5FwKGWFkENABLED700025h 58m 21s ago
FiGdu4m3erzcBuFoaetngPEg5GbPEkpWUzENABLED700026h 11m 37s ago
FqhxrFFdyCrVZPu1DAzUvvAzLcxVdPJEL2ENABLED700026h 27m 5s ago
FndPU9r1oQA7SC6ub7LdwHhLjgJYdJ8Mu6ENABLED700026h 37m 58s ago
Fs4knDLqLAcr3B2Mv5vnCtC5PWcq5e82PKENABLED700026h 38m 3s ago
Ft4QjJzVSMzNRQvMxie171uVkqUURZYCBxENABLED700026h 42m 6s ago
Fr8m6PVHLFUnaun2JKnqZMQ9SkNSyPYTbuENABLED700026h 44m 59s ago
FaAj4wFFXPj1yBzjcwrmLUovuFBjXQzMpRENABLED700026h 45m 28s ago
FrnZthUqd2dNsbUy2ciqXemirdFdqk1LunENABLED700026h 47m 39s ago
FkDt2C64DcLEKnkEtBw24L92aEfGqM25kBENABLED700026h 54m 1s ago
FsEKNyoq1hH8YWYKa1kiHfmBuRnY9j8m5tENABLED700027h 13m 19s ago
Ffe4UiRt58TFz1BkyqUfx5BnYrmm5v3ujoENABLED700027h 19m 56s ago
FjoFpRzht8wfXrYPcQnDmjEkcrY9a7YecRENABLED700027h 44m 29s ago
Fbot6SPWuxsB8e11oJL6yxT3gkH2EASbpCENABLED700027h 47m 36s ago
FmLqrLgMnUeYm6G5tMXjSvjDfKUpPouzwyENABLED700028h 17m 8s ago
Fqz7WjL4ajvAegwYA5LLP7dEf9P8a5mvWqENABLED700028h 43m 18s ago
FZeBSExSAR5nWytATTyWJSzk7CziHtrWLKENABLED700029h 14m 50s ago
FrmiCcJoGQK941f4ejdiCbAZs9HoDAZqSZENABLED700029h 18m 18s ago
FiqmxBbuBTC4o1aHmAUigiytDb4JV5GZXAENABLED7000210h 13m 38s ago
FgxVxxMieVkUm2DSC8jC9k9DJewjwbGjWzENABLED7000210h 23m 2s ago
FbhXzwo4ou2FsEswkdXEGreZyGq7w7BCiMENABLED7000210h 26m 48s ago

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