Galilel (GALI)

GALI statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    60
Inactive:    5
Total:    65
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 134.88% / 271 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,851.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.5000 GALI for Ug5Ei2kq7b1Dz6e9XyZTzoPtQ89bS9Cdzd

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,596,350
24d 9h 3m 7s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,386
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: -2.8424 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: May 25 2018 04:41:11

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3040000
Protocol version:  70723
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 8 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Ug5Ei2kq7b1Dz6e9XyZTzoPtQ89bS9CdzdENABLED7072324d 9h 3m 7s ago
USJzrZwUV8MXQwND2RefuoCFRN1D7wyJAJENABLED7072324d 9h 28m 43s ago
UYxVRuTw8rCCx4VbcAWJmAjdxKLB6jjJXWENABLED7072324d 9h 47m 49s ago
USFD8pmxNiwgbXSghdR6ttF442PGDb1LW1ENABLED7072324d 9h 49m 20s ago
UT2VLbRdNofdqe8XGtQ5HurdcpdUuCFiDYENABLED7072324d 9h 50m 43s ago
UXAyJBogTRaU9ifAcYs8cVeB9YJ3FUYicZENABLED7072324d 9h 52m 27s ago
Uhk2eoZSLs2Kap11V4xTJianCg1G3bQmcEENABLED7072324d 9h 53m 14s ago
UTHJmSjV8iWsnbjeHAtKu1bSKXYwKGj2ZxENABLED7072324d 9h 53m 54s ago
UQWUntgMrxx54Z3KeXqP4o2VGLRCTirwVxENABLED7072324d 9h 54m 5s ago
Ukbg1hsg8dQf2mj26oA4kAv2Vo8L75ur5QENABLED7072324d 9h 55m 41s ago
UQyRRHRPPnUiG1VCPoFZgVZumGWezaCVehENABLED7072324d 9h 57m 29s ago
UTvYLUdCyjxpHbXcw7hchM3dEVPZAUiXA2ENABLED7072324d 10h 21s ago
UYgTsBRNf5EGxCaz2Hmfzxg6xuSBTcY8vyENABLED7072324d 10h 1m 23s ago
UYkjCGU9KGFJbMNSqNC6ZjBjs1fJuAWjNYENABLED7072324d 10h 1m 51s ago
UcirXUbBX8XknAM4LZfR2JjRuMtVjxy4D3ENABLED7072324d 10h 2m 39s ago
Ud5y6zVmQPkJApGPsHPEqibPzrVLpApTnuENABLED7072324d 10h 5m 22s ago
UWgV44veBSfp1smMaeXUd3LDQNCo1PEn9pENABLED7072324d 10h 6m 7s ago
UX7HMndguXGFtGfmaoRYT6HUTzyhevF2teENABLED7072324d 10h 6m 18s ago
UfvZvzriCn5zdBLvaxDK3fhDtLjqSrFoobENABLED7072324d 10h 9m 10s ago
UTFRVNrPNxUXqXeu4vWr4ie1zBWaxDYTgDENABLED7072324d 10h 11m 3s ago
Uee2DbhgWpwXdk9QbLbuYHrNZzYNoNHFuGENABLED7072324d 10h 11m 46s ago
UWwvwFiYckprNoYTGaLmm2fps27yW8gkhEENABLED7072324d 10h 12m 31s ago
Uks6MkMYHnfvBVspqMtscAMsVmdHsHgVvtENABLED7072324d 10h 13m 3s ago
UaG66vcW25HL6gcBt5VS2SLvNbCHKcafeQENABLED7072324d 10h 19m 38s ago
UkWYejE37azDJQ5zG3YXnznu43eT8HF9wYENABLED7072324d 10h 20m 36s ago
UiCUZwG7w14qMWw9ACErEZbCchzfwaHWrQENABLED7072324d 10h 21m 54s ago
UXsYSGZFR7rV9BaKMVdAZxPjDU4jskWfQjEXPIRED7072324d 10h 21m 59s ago
UijBKW3ocCjbsB6GL3f5xKxHAjw2DdUAKJENABLED7072324d 10h 26m 48s ago
UWKRQe6VUpGYUbvTGNVvKJgSWABnPMn57EENABLED7072324d 10h 27m 11s ago
Uh8imoVuMczgnL6vgBckYZB3DPFMoj9jYUENABLED7072324d 10h 30m 20s ago
Ue7V4JkUvUZyMs7awABzZmgYHDnspco6jMENABLED7072324d 10h 39m 52s ago
UVuuGfzwv331DBnDWYGQc1g83Mc6ghVTeHENABLED7072324d 10h 41m 5s ago
UgWQybaCCVCzZGSJspHkB2CB21Mev82e2DENABLED7072324d 10h 41m 18s ago
UZKKD1pz7Zsos6NCAnv4zTGTDp3Zho729aENABLED7072324d 10h 42m 40s ago
URwEEU9ruZA8ZrxLJ79VTBxbJwd7fVCopeENABLED7072324d 10h 44m 43s ago
UkANNVsYahs7cv8FgzkjXa6vL21sbXnsjbENABLED7072324d 10h 46m 12s ago
UWC4j67gjJVVieyuahprLCYRSM3zPAjRsUENABLED7072324d 10h 46m 38s ago
UcneNzvJuZ7oZmAUGiVHjsJjNbjzLKUHTXENABLED7072324d 10h 48m 52s ago
Ug1GjoRioX3ap65cpRfyF9H5EYmHpJid1DENABLED7072324d 10h 49m 8s ago
UcSPyWcxPGDUndx8kLDvycyuGxY8dVdJ3JENABLED7072324d 10h 51m 59s ago
UWojibA6sEPR39R7pH5n4qpv8bD7WkRvpbENABLED7072324d 10h 52m 6s ago
UmCGgB8PBBUy8qFk3G7nJTsXVLjmVeLiWgENABLED7072324d 10h 57m 12s ago
UdqV5kusmTDX8DyTb6hy5JndDAGaSYHN8dENABLED7072324d 10h 57m 28s ago
UXJkuCo17tJThhBSjY3fNwjjwZXQTEMf7XENABLED7072324d 10h 59m 43s ago
UgPndmrV1dnsSjBwLtsoqVwz1SFwVW3VniENABLED7072324d 11h 7m 6s ago
UXQqcLgMUXDe6XgUBaFHHzrVAk96zNFXvmENABLED7072324d 11h 12m 26s ago
UU5L6GaB55NFhVkp5oLaGVQk63CHhg7kR8ENABLED7072324d 11h 13m 9s ago
UVBMqnQMBjnjkKsP4BS3jSEpVTt8JGThGWENABLED7072324d 11h 15m 58s ago
UPUGyyhwsF6GoBQT2QqLkA3F2a66eiDiQwENABLED7072324d 11h 16m 21s ago
UNN5bgC7418cgkybDfE8yDCNuS8KQ73yrSENABLED7072324d 11h 16m 28s ago

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