Gauntlet (GAU)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    262
Inactive:    0
Total:    262
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Official ROI: 99.89% / 365 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,585.0000

Last masternode reward: 2.5000 GAU for GXjzdakZ3UQgrU7MyoAfjqo62Bu7nAE7XW

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 535,236
52s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,434
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.1610 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jul 26 2020 06:14:09

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70916
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 4 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
GbVTMbVjom8PR8hppwVPjnWZB936MqkBnoENABLED7091640m 53s ago
GWz4SntzkHACRwBqrAEpXxzun1qbt3do3bENABLED7091641m 1s ago
GXjzdakZ3UQgrU7MyoAfjqo62Bu7nAE7XWENABLED7091645m 22s ago
GVtaRqgdW92FwH2DntEUcGMqpxJjfpa2nfENABLED7091648m 1s ago
GRUvYwUAajWo7dgK3eduZfp1jeRCvTwJnGENABLED7091650m 23s ago
GdbpCKeMUJgdVfEXPAEpcN9ZbkeCWJSe4WENABLED7091652m 36s ago
GfnsARzmmvAdLyMAkotjTiv8YhZUMhMdpHENABLED7091655m 49s ago
GL8fejW34F45DSzHGC7Z8wHwLngYEpApSGENABLED7091655m 51s ago
GZQEh7iHfYqaKEs6capdptMDMD25b8PywcENABLED7091656m 8s ago
GgcscxGHjgJN461SUDtbyEqBact5qZSfhaENABLED7091657m 43s ago
GgXDUvxrSoyrjTaKbQyVtmVv2ZGsNQSgtqENABLED7091658m ago
GN15kRsx8w9AvAdXcGK11v2q7Cx3XxjjBUENABLED7091658m 5s ago
Gb9sBku6hbeRS1c2NaXsTctx59U3qS5Vb6ENABLED7091658m 43s ago
GZuxowDQpURkZbma9peAxxLoofQHJPfvasENABLED7091658m 50s ago
Gds3msymEdscMV1ANqLGHpqqUD4PCh4KxyENABLED7091659m 34s ago
GXszgSPNJBTCbMVeH2QmAZfzdAYfueZiWHENABLED709161h 1m 10s ago
GSTuAqEYqixkoZy9WkSWUHNfp5KBQ3HhyNENABLED709161h 3m 10s ago
GWtoV4kJZYCZ4bEvw5Ta1pg49nYZQC3vwsENABLED709161h 3m 47s ago
GUbHX14H93tzFKLRLVy2zFb12sULiKiTKtENABLED709161h 4m 8s ago
GZYE6gcukFLD6s6DcRa1WpoLf92HThckf2ENABLED709161h 6m 16s ago
GNNSPZRgh9FecnDQeELDQrYw2JJfP5gX6hENABLED709161h 6m 19s ago
GUDMEGuQhwBeP9Wvd6RQmH6M7PsJj21H9nENABLED709161h 6m 53s ago
GfSfYEZDZjHDGmeVq5hXNwvPEfBMhhQph3ENABLED709161h 8m 11s ago
GXSLDTLQWMXtifynSieh675udiCumFea6AENABLED709161h 9m 10s ago
GXncAK4Jmw9JtZXgz8vgEAVcwUUwBWUX9rENABLED709161h 10m 21s ago
GQWuUY9T81iActQebG7ExJ63DYoUbZCEJ5ENABLED709161h 11m 47s ago
GV5uwKTBA1mNkEWifbF5oiJTKHxKRDe3L3ENABLED709161h 12m 3s ago
GT7Rpy4ENP4dSfjWpMtMteZMayWVQrwwSZENABLED709161h 12m 18s ago
GXLA44AbWh2TT9qK2KdpcaysyCvmXU2TsTENABLED709161h 13m 28s ago
GXjwsHPHpdupkpqNv7q3zZEPGnx2r21q2kENABLED709161h 14m 25s ago
GWxNxakDmXSdZS5kLTRqZafTo44vzgkBsNENABLED709161h 16m 38s ago
GWxK5ycpYLaWWtGs9cm2wSQvWyRo6JiMpmENABLED709161h 19m 9s ago
GZknGfhvonzfrKZGhceuvS4KTBLMc2X3QrENABLED709161h 19m 37s ago
GWWHCzDfyvu5XByG5EjszQ975FzH94UCSAENABLED709161h 19m 43s ago
GgRQcH9Kv67QoDYPobMW3oHoxpABEkwo2UENABLED709161h 19m 45s ago
GTQxWMeewXRWMS1Moek1i9fJeZENvwUpsWENABLED709161h 20m 9s ago
GPgbH3ExKQBHGqiSX82oDeHFcwQMVXknf9ENABLED709161h 20m 41s ago
GYawvyd4NBVEpyZTTmQ9BcDqHDFbdYSqReENABLED709161h 23m ago
GYk6hw5RqfVjjbdMYTLvGeGdsWc6DwUoZVENABLED709161h 24m 53s ago
GYTwfBC5q7NKx3vgVAV2fnkXmnQhnmQEQWENABLED709161h 24m 59s ago
GNqo4kNJgYLtB3zgWDp3dZT8U6kdPfbfd9ENABLED709161h 25m 18s ago
GdqcruTZw725jA9CRnSG3W8qntoPtZ6KL6ENABLED709161h 31m 25s ago
GLm3KfweWAsjqdE7fZ5w7Y3T1tsSBWa42SENABLED709161h 32m 42s ago
GYiEic8d4zDJ3SjgLQnLZ8DGQDhWGhhP1YENABLED709161h 35m 20s ago
GQRLyjpSr9rMAquMnqDYciWfRFDKWrDAoiENABLED709161h 36m 6s ago
GVsNUDAUrb7QHR3VfZP3QMeUQFfjWFwfQmENABLED709161h 36m 40s ago
GP8owZUG9bYaxv4ckpHGbWMgAiv9VS4XnfENABLED709161h 37m 37s ago
GJ6LLv8PtiEuJBnehbG8UHuQ69B32KYdueENABLED709161h 39m 42s ago
GQbRoZfqQC5pSEUiojfA9AY3zneyaf53suENABLED709161h 39m 50s ago
GeJdh1cbGw2BU5MirGTzdLF9mS7LFgt5R6ENABLED709161h 54m 33s ago

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