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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,059
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,059
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 36.82% / 991 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 21,525.0000

Last masternode reward: 15.0000 GLINK for s1TkAFENz6UHLwf9m65bVzfc5ktAsn3ySVP

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 3,012,314
44s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,435
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +2.0046 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Nov 19 2017 17:07:14

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  4010050
Protocol version:  170012
Version:  60000

Wallet is connected to 30 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
2a02:c204:2110:9443::6s1bkvhR3FZaB6Ax7zMH6LcuWrjPLFXwousWENABLED1700121h 1m 18s ago 3m 1s ago 3m 53s ago 5m 30s ago
2603:3008:400:2400::a003s1NuniyknCgbvD64Hekb5U7nHRnuAmwkERCENABLED1700121h 6m 38s ago
2a02:c207:2050:146::14s1T5EPDBawhg14W3EHS2jRVxw5CHdaW6Uo9ENABLED1700121h 9m 28s ago
2a02:c207:2027:3126:f2ff::7s1jCRX9e19WZ3JRYTMNc4WEKj8mX3tz2WuQENABLED1700121h 10m 27s ago 11m 5s ago 11m 43s ago
2a02:c206:2129:6413::14s1YK5jyAJwyoTYPiLSfkGduK8FVUZT6kDeCENABLED1700121h 13m 6s ago 14m 50s ago 15m 55s ago 16m 46s ago 17m 10s ago 19m 58s ago 21m 18s ago 22m 20s ago
2a02:c207:2050:146::18s1fveTeJKnqTZzR54ZHPmPx7jZ2RUzsy7rHENABLED1700121h 24m 10s ago
2a02:c207:2028:6175:bcf9::2s1XXU2wj1bDBRC3WTUxv5cuhipfHwRpUQinENABLED1700121h 27m 7s ago
2a02:c207:2025:4470::2s1dZpr2mwcmwK8X7Mpm9wPx2x4MrYon7MgMENABLED1700121h 27m 50s ago
2a02:c207:2026:5504:28fc::15s1jVbp93WUSCsRY8baQCfKxXU6ryQ7vgYguENABLED1700121h 28m 56s ago
2a01:4f9:4a:342c::10:6s1PEpk2rNLH19mKsAfLN88fyPbq9skhFutSENABLED1700121h 29m 56s ago
2a02:c207:2025:1215:3f95::9s1W3kmcEXw37H8MC4VScbHqBipR1TQ4dce4ENABLED1700121h 31m 42s ago
2a02:c207:2027:4885:e35d::8s1ZPhRmbv9Dh9RrwWozoGjLujQSV7L9tYRfENABLED1700121h 32m 8s ago 32m 57s ago 34m 15s ago
2a01:4f9:6b:4923::10:56s1i6bjjCPyfvbT4FmoAcEZKQQvUZjSr5vaMENABLED1700121h 35m 17s ago
2a00:9800:1:13::5011s1fUmowr1Q44ka75obUHvLRPPK5Ng4RtZqkENABLED1700121h 36m 29s ago 37m 4s ago
2a02:c204:2090:2235::15s1XSr6LZG6jJ8SVeZGpg2UaaKjXTsGZBA6fENABLED1700121h 37m 45s ago 38m 11s ago 39m 28s ago
2001:470:7ed9::24s1MHNnPMFveCPdjALoQZD2w51H1XUtWNXxoENABLED1700121h 40m 27s ago 42m 2s ago
2a01:4f9:4a:342c::10:40s1dGCSqUJUZHPUt7yoKg8H7WgurhcjqL2zxENABLED1700121h 43m 29s ago
2a02:c207:2028:6184:8b21::9s1V3sYXLFQt1BRNRRVrLEuoCU4KUzJZMBKPENABLED1700121h 44m 26s ago
2401:d002:d704:e720:399:fd58:4d7d8bd1s1ixMCw1RE2mtMg2xFDeo7jeDtfJgWVKEFUENABLED1700121h 46m 10s ago 46m 33s ago 47m 5s ago
2a02:c207:2025:1213:8590::13s1hnLmaZUD9qM4x2P8mRX3WbVkC8Hu4VuBHENABLED1700121h 47m 28s ago 48m 33s ago
2a02:c207:2027:3112:18fb::15s1NhNXoVyaycV17S4cj5efF8WjZjzV3ty3GENABLED1700121h 49m 38s ago 51m 35s ago 52m 32s ago
2a02:c207:2026:5530:e8dc::9s1aLDi88VErovHz51q5ap1FvufipDa3HZJXENABLED1700121h 53m 38s ago
2a02:c204:2090:2235::17s1fHNE4S4LhnLKdvXNohrEwZFxn3miYymwLENABLED1700121h 55m 27s ago 56m ago
2a01:4f9:4a:342c::10:5s1PCTB3AXDHp4ijaaywiayfo16RxWqRjsjMENABLED1700121h 56m 24s ago
2a02:c207:2027:2071:fdab::3s1egyGKPHcehU5iaVia1Xp1MbDW8CvkH48nENABLED1700121h 56m 47s ago
2a01:4f9:6b:4923::10:41s1dQsSmfgVqsA94AYyWVkadGp972pKNan6KENABLED1700121h 57m 26s ago

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