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Gossip Coin (GOSS)

GOSS statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    105
Inactive:    2
Total:    107
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 161.02% / 227 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,190.5500

Last masternode reward: 4.5500 GOSS for GWTkgMuyJHCHkQLD2mHUCrzaaHD6GGtoNM

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,011,086
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 921
24 Hrs block time: 1m 33s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.5426 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 30s
Genesis block: Mar 06 2019 14:01:01

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  79783
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 9 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
GKxWH3UpntcDfQyKqpzvaeRqupv4Nem9hHENABLED7978255m 11s ago
GYsRH3f41nfFBeG6E7eNoZZ1WcL3onjqYhENABLED7978356m 38s ago
GWTkgMuyJHCHkQLD2mHUCrzaaHD6GGtoNMENABLED7978256m 40s ago
GXAjBWKDuKSBF5YjrpCtHr73apFLr4ZxbUENABLED7978256m 43s ago
GZStReMNjFGzRA18EDgQqkxtB8cfrpLaYYENABLED7978258m 31s ago
GXkzwkYhNWs4sFsT9qnixf348AYNZeBV9kENABLED7978358m 44s ago
GKXoWmbTxbLSGXdA6xq6WKrkW2twdQy9FnREMOVE797821h 28s ago
Gez5NtfL6XhEb1agtVxWj4wQveiYnCKoTCENABLED797821h 35s ago
GeBFxDRUwp14Qfz14rxhBhXgrJJbyNuQQbENABLED797821h 4m 52s ago
GYU3z8vsaqAtktFwBb3dMNLBJUrwEmEg9PENABLED797821h 6m 56s ago
GfmGBKhmoA98c7yCxea1mYLh1Tnr3KBftpENABLED797821h 17m 52s ago
GcH5gLNj2uaYEgeXZU9Vh6wzjo8nSwhinbENABLED797821h 18m 2s ago
GVTShQ68EBSCJJpnQhDSbg3oEmget4YvWkENABLED797821h 19m 13s ago
GZDAnirWG95JTkqeLEzMBiYKwFTDk5AEAZENABLED797821h 20m 37s ago
GPYBzQ1ZR8y9WkZkJbkjjyF8NMUdLaNQMjENABLED797821h 21m 47s ago
GVqppporEe5gDcPcLefLE6KaFNmYwsTKyRENABLED797821h 23m 26s ago
GZamGBPA2BgBN5u4QRBb3zgL2Qz5WgajaVENABLED797821h 26m 30s ago
GSdTYV69d55vN5i6MtrCWWvukrPTvpBFswENABLED797821h 28m 14s ago
GXorGNMvCQiTjE9i3fMWPXQqtFzKixDmAJENABLED797821h 29m 3s ago
GKw3zWj9pbh1uxEuowuV8P5ak4M5rYNuNeENABLED797821h 29m 22s ago
GL8zjnLf6Hgp37vL6qUyfBYboddxYBi4dqENABLED797821h 30m 30s ago
GW66L2PMBeyrGqX6vKjg3isL2JLShzymbBEXPIRED797821h 33m 29s ago
GbPMc8L3ZSpWemHPea9umUYKZue9iBBVQ4ENABLED797821h 36m 2s ago
GJ9rMC7bhV6vKTTAyHQHCMqJSX3F1S6EZfENABLED797821h 39m 33s ago
GWDCrJvCTcKWeRJSuSU2TcdPdQ79ncPJmVENABLED797821h 42m 55s ago
GXerPifRmAbPUAU3PjbAKE4aThCkjkezrUENABLED797821h 43m 7s ago
GTasxiN4421PuC8U1s1PX21dxt3JxfmY32ENABLED797821h 43m 33s ago
GWmL8nJRCutK9aKq4RABS8812aWPXc8wCWENABLED797821h 43m 33s ago
GcDm1HWrWJSY94aCBiJMC93o6ydw71YYjVENABLED797821h 44m 14s ago
GYKb4vJPyNDdQ1Ue4JVX9fxKshYBjxjKBeENABLED797821h 44m 29s ago
Gd5BjZPXgCWKrGqL7fC1x6jmgnTdv2MsyjENABLED797821h 46m 55s ago
GT3YZXqQtrrZ8Dcq1hGXw7EDXdFmQwKCdSENABLED797821h 47m 34s ago
GWU7pYas3zYb1bCqDVWSkRUqqZhNtV8PizENABLED797821h 48m 41s ago
GJTXqYAY3LM3gGxLaoN5Yw1PKboC1Xu5TAENABLED797821h 49m 48s ago
Gg1RCmSnth718ssZmyA8MeiL6imqFe7YrkENABLED797821h 50m 10s ago
GKPpBYETGgoMJJbHo3fxhXEVnqiKbz87c3ENABLED797822h 2m 36s ago
GVALeDZPnTFLukuPNbwtxZFGpaCtayN8znENABLED797822h 2m 44s ago
GXmNzv9A6bywT3qbLSTtmo91rkECbEqZeQENABLED797822h 3m 38s ago
GMchNBRe8XM5moT2LYN2CPsUW6NTYezv2BENABLED797832h 9m 33s ago
GX9Eud3jTghayKh13TvkeXW8jLFEsjhv7kENABLED797822h 16m 50s ago
GfQQeWkvaowWo4Xs1FMVyfUF4buVuzAbGwENABLED797832h 16m 53s ago
GfzZeF6xw3tHaJuTM8Ph8EZW1boddtYNZEENABLED797822h 17m 58s ago
GS6rrrnYgd1bWWpzdtGRZWWMLBuQyuxViEENABLED797822h 18m 2s ago
GPbv11TCwBhyiNQqhUNwhwvCyotJu4WE14ENABLED797822h 24m 37s ago
GYAex7YDuimmc2DpPBw86AiAioMXdkk7dYENABLED797832h 28m 24s ago
GbVzoDU1qfhADNUq2c2CjSKcFknK599RaMENABLED797822h 30m 13s ago
Gg4ktz8bJJtqs1Rv73nyU2hUujPHQdSZ5bENABLED797822h 33m 39s ago
GV7Ghez195NuXcTdGu9gPrPwqxsFFseEeJENABLED797822h 35m 37s ago
GbXZcDVu9o1x1QyGCJn6jBysdDb87DuCJTENABLED797822h 36m 57s ago
GT1XeuEeJwqJsupAGNGHZc6Hab1Z2dBcadENABLED797822h 41m 55s ago

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