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Gossip Coin (GOSS)

GOSS statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    258
Inactive:    9
Total:    267
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 111.67% / 327 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,892.3000

Last masternode reward: 8.4500 GOSS for Gg7U2KoCUHoUKUX9hQawNZUAQmupuoRZ7N

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 485,572
10m 22s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 934
24 Hrs block time: 1m 32s
24 Hrs block time variance: -6.1075 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 26s
Genesis block: Mar 06 2019 14:01:01

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2020100
Protocol version:  79782
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 156 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Gf2eKHqgbTZbJSarn9hYZnsmueoFeCqNCaENABLED797825h 43m 13s ago
GRxuCrgGNfzh3T6U8HSimMEQKv6o7pGCWDENABLED797825h 45m 36s ago
GY2VL99yHQxftGvXnYEi2YKihHBRz7NTUQENABLED797825h 46m 52s ago
GKAYiJsGfbdEdzvRfcWN2GHr7EBNMSEv6rENABLED797825h 47m 16s ago
GUkSUzkWoBHzQEsa6TmGtmSnRmGjw28uzRENABLED797825h 48m 39s ago
Ga7Fo41jcfxSg7CRMRE5413BU8Ws5ngK6gENABLED797825h 49m 49s ago
GWuYT4oeb7qMEfB2W3juphQivuS1Y5KZoxENABLED797825h 53m 16s ago
GK52bEJDG1WJu1NcUttf8muzAd38NGj1vCENABLED797825h 55m 18s ago
GWDCrJvCTcKWeRJSuSU2TcdPdQ79ncPJmVENABLED797825h 55m 29s ago
GL474WsdYUAn6oVwexMni4KwpNDoYESGSdENABLED797825h 57m 3s ago
GPrHqYqDYRTzSqEdLNW5x5TsL5E7E27vmQENABLED797825h 57m 17s ago
GULq46JSFgcmwE7gfXvuK53qxXRJW4dD77ENABLED797826h 5m 52s ago
GSFSgKE4T7w4aheqmPFvz5qWND69KrSNkcENABLED797826h 10m 26s ago
GLqJapttzuDf7kQCQSNYkNfUZ2G6bZQfnfENABLED797826h 13m 26s ago
GXGskkFTCNm8EWZsPKWv9DDQcQRTqg442rENABLED797826h 14m 49s ago
GXcwm9DsYKZtNRojTCMWc22E2ZHvkwErCUENABLED797826h 15m ago
GfzZeF6xw3tHaJuTM8Ph8EZW1boddtYNZEENABLED797826h 16m 32s ago
GSw7gewHsUGeCz5JT2NCSBkZ2nkNwnBqGtENABLED797826h 18m 4s ago
GK7JQ1NM6hH96HvoDbtZKZFpXGyzXhbAvtENABLED797826h 18m 12s ago
GcYidFMSK7dKpw6birg8p1sxTtUwThX4vgENABLED797826h 20m 20s ago
GJN6rRUSqQc5zWqcuKcx7ErARnCxZmWUpoEXPIRED797826h 20m 27s ago
GakZEjVdPQrdbgHDof5SJYmzrbjhCtTtoyENABLED797826h 20m 46s ago
GePEi83HjvBM8crC3HuwY1xT3Dtf24SMK3ENABLED797826h 21m 37s ago
GccrwmBmJYM57CnVirZexitnoFyeAj76dUENABLED797826h 22m 29s ago
GKp4aRwEeGXJM5y98gSNhiyq1x5UPzdjgyENABLED797826h 22m 52s ago
GKPeRWkgJ4cXRdDU92dcMGvVxmnbtiwZiYENABLED797826h 23m 5s ago
GL8zjnLf6Hgp37vL6qUyfBYboddxYBi4dqENABLED797826h 23m 6s ago
GYmASKHj92r7MqCVG3iQM9JjkHX5S9JmhgENABLED797826h 25m 46s ago
Gcm7cSZWF254LdHfUyJVHdvQmTgLuXvH4zENABLED797826h 26m 52s ago
GYgj8twa7pe2MtpEFeWywtAcsxadmNesQWENABLED797826h 28m 9s ago
GQdrc25wMdJWNWyMGLh45dk2Si1wqd7aPQENABLED797826h 28m 27s ago
GLgstJrUzmEesWGE9pL82xPqkDe9afSRHfENABLED797826h 33m 39s ago
GQq7BAeHQgzq72H8PMNpqy5MmLC97yHwhHENABLED797826h 33m 44s ago
GT5ybmhBfZ9heP3wmxtvZ84ydrTsWAdSuHENABLED797826h 40m 12s ago
GJnq3MgHyaV3hEu8oLx27rbn3KQhSsJkysENABLED797826h 41m 5s ago
GSAeHMjWwoWqyKymP1C7AyLkzWae4uPFVxENABLED797826h 47m 12s ago
Gavr5KEoxNX7GTJtWK23aqAYBuc6GHcSfxENABLED797826h 53m 12s ago
GLYrexMc1tNGLebWAu4fuk9xFg5UzbbymqENABLED797826h 53m 39s ago
GXoRXuGfmTr3YiLq147dLr8LQwTgGijTLLENABLED797826h 54m 30s ago
GRBo9FtJvWEXvhia26tneeR7pgJEVbGZApENABLED797826h 58m 15s ago
GYrXheEWgBPvQxXzEmFNmMFg8MHBXeMzksENABLED797826h 58m 58s ago
GPYBzQ1ZR8y9WkZkJbkjjyF8NMUdLaNQMjENABLED797827h 1m 1s ago
GbpguLqZC5hn1kcQykSkCWgSDfxQdGefvGENABLED797827h 4m 33s ago
GXaYiXycUxR1X2uwYWLUFUq1XsVeJdoKtyENABLED797827h 16m 59s ago
GZamGBPA2BgBN5u4QRBb3zgL2Qz5WgajaVENABLED797827h 17m 53s ago
GZ2gL17pxiw3srpYw85pyWcR5L7xKYkpv9ENABLED797827h 19m 31s ago
GfgNr765DQ8Be9xHPW6yBuymhxxpgcR4vwENABLED797827h 21m 1s ago
GU1z2Q4A2GKSPEx1Da5ik3emFH6gGviiPSENABLED797827h 30m 8s ago
GQsyEF1NBJDJXX9t8qDF6zssqTtZYHFTuGENABLED797827h 52m 23s ago
GcNHAPvjaqScGjDSr79ffpq6iDzHrwagQsENABLED797829h 32m 54s ago

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