Guapcoin (GUAP)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    535
Inactive:    13
Total:    548
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 248.05% / 147 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 27,960.0000

Last masternode reward: 20.0000 GUAP for Ge31C2kfXNh73wYSvYbYbtD142g7YDmvMp

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 548,671
7m 53s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,398
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -1.0668 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Jul 22 2019 17:38:16

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  70950
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 17 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
GWkut4mXFetg8MeZDjd6tqWzeA7UT56EAbENABLED709509h 38s ago
GeJZkZUx6DGLvV35zN4n6e3mW8kWPifTkrENABLED709509h 1m 38s ago
GTw4YLmy1iiL3ghd6kyGQYrQiUVrXwyrAmENABLED709509h 4m 8s ago
GLVcFD5UzLQhwBf8qNenxiTAorRQVt2PWDENABLED709509h 10m 53s ago
Gd2ta8YaURLbdu4K8cCpQADXPEn5ChZH9kENABLED709509h 12m 53s ago
GZXPZRFeFLkoiswGm4srmb3whqkCHwGZWwENABLED709509h 13m 8s ago
GWfZbcWbTiwK7bH4vKsFqN4fPEJiPWSYx2ENABLED709509h 14m 23s ago
GZ1zzeZvAEmPKbrJdoc1v8wjvQyCqJTd9BENABLED709509h 17m 8s ago
GdHkXzixTjH9hQFdBgp8o3d4WKqpQ7ySbiENABLED709509h 18m 53s ago
GbgTe1TSqw5dedWGRVZXYAekoVtZNAs534ENABLED709509h 20m 38s ago
Gck5oS4XhCzPEv7g19vicSfa3itSGx4U47ENABLED709509h 21m 23s ago
Gci8rGrMQKVhbivwt4reXKNxgg3AJfBbsdENABLED709509h 30m 53s ago
GPRN7jMA9DAKPaSThT9TpH3EsHfgG2zSg6ENABLED709509h 34m 8s ago
GbbcNe8r7HtMHKXp5VeVY2fKEbdKCMfnmDENABLED709509h 37m 53s ago
GgJYC2cbZBLEGirmRDdvsqnfftWKPb4LXSENABLED709509h 39m 38s ago
GfdvNqnLQsDJqynmE2QEKvswX2yiSDD43WENABLED709509h 41m 38s ago
GcvZgcVKZH6o1LDeHDDRbwQavXN9AjSPGQENABLED709509h 44m 8s ago
GgEmbnk938Foyyjw76a3JSRkxRvMf2PQNbENABLED709509h 44m 38s ago
Gabi8DndVvwN4jcKWnbm5gESibEhd58BoNENABLED709509h 47m 8s ago
GfHA4qCJoXZXnqW6j3SPTNVxVHmWb5ft2TENABLED709509h 50m 53s ago
GaK6dW2q49bQ5d4gNsetRjsg2hrTYVq6YQENABLED709509h 56m 38s ago
GXcw8VVjtu9hvcVcwrQggfqUNd7NEsWyMNENABLED7095010h 53s ago
GcMRiqsBsRn5ekZkvxsXrPbK8Az7TRXzyPENABLED7095010h 5m 8s ago
GRFeQsR7u3w8LtgsVgkQqcq2c6gZF6G2y2ENABLED7095010h 9m 53s ago
GMCLQJrGHymchf1GgY5G7iwkLLYWapGfuVENABLED7095010h 15m 53s ago
GRr5jMFuzo9NGmRosCAYErPJTeYZ97k9AiENABLED7095010h 18m 8s ago
GYYhoRiEAH87Km6zUxN8a8N398X96myC1PENABLED7095010h 28m 8s ago
GgS3rSVMMAVZsiC6CabsbjxWzjEpBBdTqpENABLED7095010h 30m 38s ago
GTVbxYR8UEGq7F9pwJyhsyWDyABEuvVZmRENABLED7095010h 40m 8s ago
GJab4NpnULJoaYxveoD5gCEvKX5fb9hP8RENABLED7095010h 51m 38s ago
GgXk4WrkZ5yCRgdVs8LUSScrRD9GH4zkpVENABLED7095010h 52m 38s ago
GfyUk3Lk2ms9gNkCU3vnH5uDukRmXy8aaZENABLED7095010h 58m 38s ago
GaDajPR4XeY3eRYvzckUkXV3WZhePYSVtkENABLED7095011h 21m 23s ago
GT6qNuGbydDHtwrhb2MNsmhGLpBD7P82n7ENABLED7095011h 27m 8s ago
GK94L5ubxY1b6zU9QLyeDfZsKNsLyCJcTBENABLED7095011h 35m 53s ago
GPmobGeG7a6JKyryDCgEJB3RspqJFLqXnqENABLED7095011h 37m 38s ago
GMnjPafYjhNYkbcb1Gg2A4BfLdsjP172gYENABLED7095011h 41m 8s ago
GdTthuFMqAfUZdJTTBgAw4ox3efpLopcTuENABLED7095011h 44m 38s ago
GbeccJtX1JoGRQuy6PWkRHnMdbBkx5dqCJENABLED7095011h 48m 38s ago
GcKoKZUgM3Q4cmjeUq7Ygg48RkXVQxfdReENABLED7095011h 52m 8s ago
GdvyU4Fqm3ZTg8JwDJvwW5qPiUNhjsQgzbENABLED7095011h 56m 23s ago
GXoUCLYAvJekff3B2Li8qwXNeLKKUuk7K1ENABLED7095012h 7m 8s ago
GgNT1PNkXJihCKTVRL7nTDAu7NxNWWb8meENABLED7095012h 26m 23s ago
GYhBU4YoGpvGVDnupWUyqdefeMWyoGyvAYENABLED7095012h 29m 38s ago
GQFTWitBE4ojqz2GWZjvUYWWgfhgYMT7U5ENABLED7095012h 29m 53s ago
GezT9E5P8uru2wbRRSt5K5wQ5Auj82WFPLENABLED7095012h 36m 38s ago
GVujVWBfcfJ8KwHTpJ37qvnVM69sZj8bJVENABLED7095012h 52m 53s ago
Gdm7LKG5rc99rkYkCYcsnDRyADRoCuuWv4ENABLED7095013h 6m 53s ago
GNqUXmdfvgQCeoXbMuuta8pPoiP2M3H9sjENABLED7095013h 24m 23s ago
GTEwkjFcLhkAXqzH2YBinDJcCUKrrnGriQENABLED7095013h 28m 23s ago

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