Helix (HLIX)

HLIX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    293
Inactive:    5
Total:    298
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 116.63% / 313 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 9,266.4000

Last masternode reward: 6.4800 HLIX for HDsuALto7Bj5Prg35cNBxFva5GpbULW99z

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,590,314
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,430
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.7237 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 02 2018 11:45:22

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020100
Protocol version:  80012
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 9 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
H6gTH41X7wbX6Rm96ZDfcEWyBPHKWifdyiEXPIRED800131h 5m 57s ago
HKLnH5f2eacGvbTWA7EPx11vAA6bqbqg4vENABLED800131h 10m 21s ago
H8D58UKsaFCtEjW119SXp2QdQDYVHJnps9ENABLED800131h 10m 33s ago
HDsuALto7Bj5Prg35cNBxFva5GpbULW99zENABLED800131h 11m 20s ago
HTqnTs54SjWZntXGgbysTd2YdTJ3iu7fcpENABLED800131h 12m 8s ago
HA2tfRdm1JuwwTAyDCuTptjAV8DpSGN19CEXPIRED800131h 13m 50s ago
HVCuZZr5sLZ7B71wmANccs5pVmiAxkw6BGENABLED800131h 14m 23s ago
HDCud23dAXrumAprFQhUpoe5kMKtPLiwx5ENABLED800131h 15m 19s ago
HUr9g63cCTwP5F4J4JTsmmqwcNoEyTBarRENABLED800131h 15m 57s ago
H7b8qHsm66ExWsVoVrg8oq2XHjTTUWWFqwENABLED800131h 17m 12s ago
HLrwcDdxHnH3A5tnmREGhSsJzfoDPM4GzvENABLED800131h 18m 13s ago
HTccfPHZedvZyqiqGdjX2Y2s6egucaUwm4EXPIRED800131h 18m 14s ago
H8uomvUiWZNarWfdKRm1AGkKvSHY3YDzdbENABLED800131h 19m 56s ago
HHUcePy9qQBhx8DkZerjednZJsiBVSHM1jENABLED800131h 20m 6s ago
HRmLFkusgcTqpxCFTyNipYi53JdUgXQ9v2ENABLED800131h 21m 39s ago
HBfLpxW6hv9iGTwSUvrUvn6KzhvNcAuLjXENABLED800131h 21m 56s ago
HAPw14tWeQ2iyJWARHJDg4hrCufzTUP89SENABLED800131h 22m 27s ago
H9YvyEm8633SZejFTbpAJd3VfHUMCqp9NKENABLED800131h 23m 14s ago
HHewr39tyTWYc3DR9BuqRwSqLjiEK3iNf4ENABLED800131h 25m 16s ago
HUBnLjSdF62noDArKps6aicv44avE6pPbgENABLED800131h 26m 51s ago
HEa6wPUkCcVBv89xfAhGfTrjYZzVJTqKXiENABLED800131h 28m 29s ago
HUawoZwM12NfW2Gaw9FESKffGrEmNJMszbEXPIRED800131h 28m 38s ago
H9pCwf4TtghZHQQNMqBjPbV6NTx5szPXLsENABLED800131h 30m 17s ago
HSNFpbjDxKb6wz7amYwp8CSjcHq38ZZAvAENABLED800131h 32m 44s ago
HLC8b8XDHjhmrGsGGPPWRE3ciktNF5EATAEXPIRED800131h 33m 32s ago
HPtA7tAmjXKDNVJr4xkbV4PSQ4HYutj5ukENABLED800131h 33m 48s ago
HRbLkDX95sZgujfRdEXsRtCD3pBgyn1GLWENABLED800131h 35m 52s ago
HTCAeiFB1QCsU8ZJf5hEdjxACUefWUPePWENABLED800131h 39m 9s ago
HAgYQSY1ttbwya61jvZ1MMgTfAjTfnr5N3ENABLED800131h 41m ago
HVM42B1HR8an8vuPJ7CzrUTuAUhDPjQCfDENABLED800131h 41m 8s ago
HJA5hVEpX4igw11Yiknds3WgfZWGFWMqXbENABLED800131h 42m 2s ago
HSLMG8HbrCtTAiaVibqWmeBfx3GNCv9wryENABLED800131h 42m 50s ago
H7iKNpyZcJRmnZk1MMUUM631HdVTM4rg61ENABLED800131h 43m 44s ago
HB4YnK842aGu7kD7BirPCAQsxxCZ3m8R9eENABLED800131h 46m 18s ago
H8q6JjE5c4cVU5pjPtCAY9ppyB3gTo6yEyENABLED800131h 46m 46s ago
HJGq8VjQZViW8h5WHVpRchCM1r37DX5SqsENABLED800131h 47m 57s ago
HCZhX2LJkSM6quLqRoke1ThLCQDCZzMBHdENABLED800131h 48m 21s ago
HQwLWouEJw5VfFXQ3WG9NXR6j8LsfTpDamENABLED800131h 50m 28s ago
HEdn7bWuV7nzk9KKY6iD7CHsyYcr6KaNiUENABLED800131h 50m 31s ago
HDgjrevrjarcn1gJfrK6E9xhm8tmp6e2dVENABLED800131h 52m 13s ago
HP7waFjhVpSpbmWHuouG4mqsKm8rZufEupENABLED800131h 55m 8s ago
HHpRZphygkuWDmXmA8VmXdzzSYBR3u6kAFENABLED800131h 55m 21s ago
HJTsUvrEe6jEVhgt2abiTrtWF6cHkanLEvENABLED800131h 57m 42s ago
HC5XnhxBYLybwegcDPMTvXbYJk88HU8n13ENABLED800131h 57m 56s ago
H91dpCSRYWuhdABbxV3D99P2RwHx3JZWV8ENABLED800131h 58m 23s ago
HQ47yvhwdhRmVk4a9cLhpwUrkwgnCyoJz1ENABLED800131h 59m 20s ago
HAD2Utbg3ptdBdXpKeyKZLPG597vC7NojgENABLED800132h 1m 52s ago
HUqZG7QpHF2ck3VtPZG6AvdRrKDE51f1aCENABLED800132h 5m 4s ago
HCsrogafrLfW4XE56e7ja96tV9HQGHcSq4ENABLED800132h 22m 20s ago
H7yqUoW48mMzLJKrMjRbvoy7SzFe7G16cXENABLED800132h 24m 58s ago

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