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Helix (HLIX)

HLIX statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    102
Inactive:    2
Total:    104
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 124.62% / 293 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,062.9600

Last masternode reward: 6.4800 HLIX for HGiDUcrDuCRaoiQZsmcx2yM2k6JVsxiAMj

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,992,671
17h 41m 29s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 627
24 Hrs block time: 2m 17s
24 Hrs block time variance: -55.8209 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 02 2018 11:45:22

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020100
Protocol version:  80012
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 10 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
HGiDUcrDuCRaoiQZsmcx2yM2k6JVsxiAMjENABLED8001317h 41m 36s ago
HKpnvZ8vXDtRD8tbYzMW9CGq6CxLbL6eoVENABLED8001317h 47m 1s ago
H9spsJmpVgDWZ2ERGNsdNYSdjq3ysXoA1KENABLED8001318h 44m 4s ago
H95U4s2K5532ykn1XRzj1SW9yfV2dZRdP4ENABLED8001323h 28m 48s ago
HKNtvtrsdk1ef7EBedzSJra5aVdAkvgMWyENABLED800131d 57m 1s ago
H9jWi6sK3m1YQEs723pCGhjAZdw9Q1grMRENABLED800131d 1h 6m 1s ago
HPwjhCnsQrqdRhMpg3aGtNsnRBJ8rBBwsDENABLED800131d 1h 43m 45s ago
HTcYWus4BuJtDLmzoZK8xpyZMFLL1WZMVKENABLED800131d 2h 20m 6s ago
HK8RyvJg72WU2DJDa38wmZMyU52GnKRuK6ENABLED800131d 2h 23m 18s ago
HPMrHw67wCNs2AmpJqdehDpqqEy1JVp8W6ENABLED800131d 2h 25m 25s ago
HV34imawcZEp4ZyaZr2UFkbJpGaShgCbmzENABLED800131d 2h 29m 45s ago
HL99HrMkbuSnC1mbSRVYuPFywHADvwuy7EENABLED800131d 2h 32m 12s ago
HTUWdoq3MQGbYTTT525EXiUEKg4PgeDDEAENABLED800131d 2h 42m 38s ago
HV4jeGQMKKpAaLQmtQ72Ff88pZpxq3eAf8ENABLED800131d 3h 10m 15s ago
HE9aX8fH3SDjjCrccEPbuN9f3ZX6dPymqMENABLED800131d 4h 10m 7s ago
H8vcb5EVWq5ueKx8D5K86QPJkqAUfPL1SfENABLED800131d 4h 10m 24s ago
HCZhX2LJkSM6quLqRoke1ThLCQDCZzMBHdENABLED800131d 4h 11m 23s ago
HKJfAnqSRzNwyZJRLNRBuadSAmgSjMZn7pENABLED800131d 4h 14m 1s ago
HByGwUoQAz3LdyT7YVSn1PpreYoTVmAGcyENABLED800131d 4h 20m 14s ago
HRcj4cRjpn14WqK556JP8WDkJJyTFe86BYENABLED800131d 4h 20m 19s ago
HQA3gyzx3Vd5obmVpQyHGdE4nyWKcHqfAzENABLED800131d 4h 25m 34s ago
HRAX6CP6yrQXLFg5gDB3zcnmteRg5RxdZMENABLED800131d 4h 26m 16s ago
HJqBnAcTe6EtAf8C3N3fbLGThAxYkcALAHENABLED800131d 4h 26m 46s ago
HDDNryjifcfD1BNPEi4tEku7mopKkEY3fEENABLED800131d 4h 27m 6s ago
HFrQQhAgPiFsWSH7g8ySMeBnT5otYm23L6ENABLED800131d 4h 27m 36s ago
HKPyrLKU1bA7JzvS3f3EMi4rottXknbd1FENABLED800131d 4h 27m 57s ago
HDtAaagexuacHenVrA5ny1E5YT1k2d7kndENABLED800131d 4h 28m 1s ago
HPEF5tGMtMEYfKsZNaN6a8aGzY7B1iPku3ENABLED800131d 4h 29m 40s ago
H8UsBcWHpJ9ywRbpniXEVT9zP6twMnBq8jENABLED800131d 4h 29m 50s ago
HVCuZZr5sLZ7B71wmANccs5pVmiAxkw6BGENABLED800131d 4h 30m 30s ago
HNkMfJ8NjEL3Put5Hn6RqQLyGk3PgeLvEBENABLED800131d 4h 30m 38s ago
HBkaaBCERWs3yXAYhxcgNDyxiozE1ZP3fqENABLED800131d 4h 31m 32s ago
HBg2RCn2R3f51gbsij3ZUXbcD8dTnxgiaKENABLED800131d 4h 33m 38s ago
HJNkYvunNProP1oYFb2vp1UkaHDKozMErZENABLED800131d 4h 34m 28s ago
HDvjGUJBG5SQaaw7o57AMDVgiwMCA7ufqaENABLED800131d 4h 36m ago
HEuhMpYFaCzK3RCrbncmCn3rpWZUVqxTReENABLED800131d 4h 38m 18s ago
H7TjtdjprqBnskeKJLkYxBe53G6gyv9TJzENABLED800131d 4h 38m 57s ago
HBREjNsFpZdArZ4bSASdDSy2HUBypX3qERENABLED800131d 4h 45m 16s ago
HEhhtZeGpjqmpNbFshEUsRfWxp6QzXaxLYENABLED800131d 4h 48m 47s ago
HU3LgCoc6qNivLgspvE6HYiK6WHFMLaZAXENABLED800131d 4h 49m 20s ago
H8qkL5nEiV8b7nQcdLHfeqy744PmTRQQYWENABLED800131d 4h 49m 54s ago
HLab1h1usgW6x1aHNMgSzKbtoXkw2N1GqcENABLED800131d 4h 53m 10s ago
HHfBBPMss2kUexptndtTm8iyDbddq4DnSnENABLED800131d 6h 9m 29s ago
HKjfBapDun7vEmPjgbaKaVjD8YU1DR4p5rENABLED800131d 6h 14m 15s ago
HRRsjYEukYfZjf5DgTucSss9oq6B2o34pRENABLED800131d 6h 19m 28s ago
HGw1EBBKSoFbFkkRVGhMwtCApofDgvFVAQENABLED800131d 6h 21m 50s ago
HMRvyruQemp8jEuq1TARA14dHKSfm41hGqENABLED800131d 6h 24m 38s ago
H9rvFoxPnXuU3zARvEYHYST9783rYdnhyUENABLED800131d 6h 25m 30s ago
HJEDWfyzxVBsoA8o6bUS4es12aJM5Haf14ENABLED800131d 6h 25m 46s ago
HAgw3CEEhKk466YQeipWAVaJdCVSNLyzWoENABLED800131d 6h 31m 22s ago

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