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KnoxFs (KFX-T1)

KFX-T1 statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    29
Inactive:    0
Total:    29
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 231.59% / 158 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,520.0000

Last masternode reward: 4.0000 KFX-T1 for AcKCLymQkMYZZLQV59sVi98H74enpom8x1

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 289,040
5m 3s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 4,140
24 Hrs block time: 20s
24 Hrs block time variance: +66.3762 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: Mar 04 2020 17:30:10

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3020000
Protocol version:  90021
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 39 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ASobh5fT4H9rsyfaB8Y72mWsnnsYRtGmYMENABLED90021 ago
AcKCLymQkMYZZLQV59sVi98H74enpom8x1ENABLED9002122s ago
AHVQHuVpXMPxTKLJ3PdgCtUxWb5jKuyDicENABLED900211m 33s ago
Aebsd4WNhERSVmF4EjD282RS6hRMBLWVrBENABLED900211m 55s ago
AdSZpwqWLvotVprZptLKv82nQ95zkzZq7rENABLED900212m 43s ago
AHEBm1J7qYyUMDcGnGf1DzR5aykX8jDob5ENABLED900216m 2s ago
AbN2fWQeLYuQzVt7iRzcvYEshxr62Us2UuENABLED900217m 35s ago
AdavnvnLtDukA8rDWwGKF1M2MUQCGymfbRENABLED900217m 57s ago
AXGjLsspCv3BAX8JLveqkkTZ6Fi5UHV1mBENABLED900218m 20s ago
AJBYN9br7TXCDn4arKax9y8o226hsspvNjENABLED900218m 30s ago
Ac87yPWo2GRFGSydZDM2XS35ZNfYPYU8h5ENABLED9002111m 20s ago
ATiiTwCveRCxiDtyS2JUNgiJwAaJxbvsMcENABLED9002113m 19s ago
AHJDAvLq4M7URLCQ2zifDp9z7QXVgCdHqXENABLED9002114m 9s ago
AXTKBB8D5bsGhCo48cdL3eQmq2t8vsuvsyENABLED9002118m 45s ago
AbNEZDyrB2YFAQa7wXCKjvDt7C9geHJSKGENABLED9002119m 11s ago
AcgCQmYQSotVErSwsUdnwPkTfqfAG4dSA2ENABLED9002119m 39s ago
AZQpGGbZRbHYzeprYaSuoSNL9V8LVsxwCLENABLED9002119m 41s ago
AN4DekJD8H38GWK8ipw4ibFUmYqtBvtWwMENABLED9002119m 46s ago
AaaygfYfVQYh997rRGF3CeW4sR5p3cmANPENABLED9002125m 17s ago
APgpzbhzjA9Gbyd6MFbPH7Kaq94zqo7eQYENABLED9002127m 20s ago
AXqtdPNY7p3xpBhyTjyjXv7EmJ15KShPXLENABLED9002128m 30s ago
AZxY9fWqjJsL7hDREQWUtRBHRHsFpgCdrfENABLED9002133m 16s ago
AbgresrV3TNKbtkbsDan145wvKRYARn9tPENABLED9002133m 52s ago
AdN7A2z5RJLGyMChpZ2TVDxLQzBDFm4ZdPENABLED9002134m 11s ago
AWeWPzBhrEphnZdcVtsF7b3W6jjwq9m4yRENABLED9002145m 33s ago
AHBZM3oPegvYi2HdkN8yr1RNVmYjVs4MxaENABLED9002149m ago
AZJ37Zthm5SqeHmjM9hp2dRtEn4hZZU6yLENABLED9002149m 36s ago
AFxWCqjip7DSdiAF953ZxtgQELbYFGqywXENABLED900211h 11m 22s ago
AZNswMPJoCUhkp9hfpTit7jZyDEgo6A6Q3ENABLED900211h 21m 18s ago

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