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LABX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    321
Inactive:    0
Total:    321
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 199.16% / 183 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,027.8000

Last masternode reward: 10.2000 LABX for LdGq29TqNnTtyqTnknWCFiChi9VFyM28Ei

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 376,116
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 689
24 Hrs block time: 2m 5s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.8939 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 6s
Genesis block: Apr 22 2019 19:41:31

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000500
Protocol version:  70918
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 125 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
LSvd5rvTE7kbPPCGpW11kJY7igwP8qcNtLENABLED709185h 26m 54s ago
LbLz95RpmuVustp6FaEmhj9Y1RFwieMKjgENABLED709185h 29m 39s ago
LYpgMYti2K59T8QMhkXxA88Gmv5g2LMq1hENABLED709185h 32m 27s ago
LXCMNdWZivPFKCzWwBsQYoi3528f4AKAxtENABLED709185h 36m 8s ago
Lgn85MswAsK2pQXPxD8MSUdUM8XbFdXBh2ENABLED709185h 36m 20s ago
LTV5S4GoXqFkbCv4qWzFWY3fy7NhJkQ3cvENABLED709185h 37m 32s ago
LSTs4SARheka4C7mT2MTxiy5iUBRC9eA8JENABLED709185h 43m 17s ago
LNQUFAGxF6S7irZ6B3mdYsFKkhHdSTS9sBENABLED709185h 46m 8s ago
LWDdH9ARgmMTDrfaZzgqQhCDCFoper5tHHENABLED709185h 47m ago
LPh6soH231Cvzp9wcye5j1ubSwHBDnPcBJENABLED709185h 49m 11s ago
LS5MrQWiThsNh4b6DV3cBefvp87g1749VeENABLED709185h 50m 53s ago
LPgMczvBWba7o7yg2agwzbKxMXBQStMc2kENABLED709185h 50m 55s ago
Lh5eQbgm6Qg9PWzEec1fs6fKFhnNrA461jENABLED709185h 51m 16s ago
LNLQrj5Y39pGgfgrifhcuiJ5VsLahVeuhEENABLED709185h 51m 53s ago
LgYLekFVNgXRHBJFMraeknKRXD1pm1UbwDENABLED709185h 52m 14s ago
LSUYiimzJHT5C5jjHcVEyiPrmp3TJa5xEVENABLED709185h 52m 50s ago
LSmsKVxs7ULE7avgx2Dj6CsQvcTXgEHwk4ENABLED709185h 58m 45s ago
LRGHDvYmY28G1kuLczrZnbLNYkKbUXntX1ENABLED709185h 58m 50s ago
LeKknfTnfoECTzJzWnq6bqfqfbSykgmeDoENABLED709186h 5m 3s ago
LV383wZGVXLdLzrijb8yMgVY1oLhEVPdmFENABLED709186h 5m 37s ago
LQWuCmeud1ZbbzZLAV4LeZCC9qh3mNkzN4ENABLED709186h 5m 51s ago
LYH5fcEyP1wsUUvp9dj3uYnBytM2NNaBuMENABLED709186h 9m 3s ago
LKzw1hjyoQ8C8wyemyqFm6sur5V2UeGJiuENABLED709186h 9m 53s ago
LTttmrMMx2paj2PhWeRAv79Mw77uPr4eNyENABLED709186h 10m 32s ago
LfvZL81UPDhEMcwQEc7A8yee2nZZMvYpoqENABLED709186h 11m 46s ago
LSU6HeT93s4hBTudFGSaeSNMgzHhmtTEr2ENABLED709186h 21m 13s ago
LYLh71w3XsSeiQrzAaAc9cuKrahz81aVpgENABLED709186h 26m 56s ago
LXbgsFFKFofkuNpjLZqzrQmYK94saeuXf8ENABLED709186h 27m 21s ago
LSW7ur46nDZf5VsjntETPkzPkmn8FNHPPvENABLED709186h 33m 11s ago
LLHCmmWReJ1KjJe767bNPyTuUznJKBHkW4ENABLED709186h 34m 33s ago
LNyY7bS7xfnuNm72JwczPErJnRewpcazf7ENABLED709186h 39m 4s ago
LY1MBF6ecQv1bCDMCsHS4r2bsLz1CuTqaKENABLED709186h 39m 45s ago
LhevyRjaH9wJzREAFx3cAaww4wFkGwjnhNENABLED709186h 40m 50s ago
LW24GxmHmDJeFhh9kiwCezxeifpEcEutZtENABLED709186h 46m 11s ago
LaGSnDMNtFVZojQXYY2BMWibLaejU9T27qENABLED709186h 50m 49s ago
LNZNhnMcPjqQ7dwg4fKqSGi69Cw3yKkvNeENABLED709186h 51m 14s ago
Lfk4V5w6sEQ57RwyYZY67oXaQKGPs1SrsVENABLED709186h 52m 1s ago
LbDzq4BjeFonrNQPF2Zpc5x2r2BVkCfTqVENABLED709186h 55m 13s ago
LN5RLFKRWuHu1XEszBChv668JynDRyhCoaENABLED709186h 56m 30s ago
LWqQni5XbPz4Y2HFWVTt7sWUny75WccqKDENABLED709187h 5m 45s ago
LQfgTZue8v5YMiodc5NcDAiNn6nmg1v6e6ENABLED709187h 6m 15s ago
LXfS6rEzUeSFY2KjKHduhRaQ35f14z3VRnENABLED709187h 6m 39s ago
LdBJ4Q7mHnUs1w1TxF86mGEnrJaKejfQPKENABLED709187h 6m 59s ago
LTTMQ2GCamuKykYxEwn2ufUaPzsqmLGyu4ENABLED709187h 9m 4s ago
LRkJRngQUig3jZvBvr4M1QqGGQLTnGZ8yZENABLED709187h 11m 6s ago
LUNxiucJqBbPpcX3erfe9FY1urb42HNk2gENABLED709187h 12m 16s ago
LNhWmq67qT8zgsf6J9hDCvwFZwhvELLjBGENABLED709187h 16m 12s ago
LPGVMcmSTgdzJZY534eWcNtztnRMtgdiv5ENABLED709187h 19m 59s ago
LP5rfW95LbNUux6VZSRk8WBSjuFVGnr6MqENABLED709187h 22m 26s ago
LTin3iPZcqZ473svaoLG354tLac1FhKWNmENABLED709187h 22m 59s ago

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