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LightCoin (LHC)

LHC statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    61
Inactive:    0
Total:    61
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 174.35% / 209 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 33,437.7000

Last masternode reward: 23.8500 LHC for LfwNsNsGniB9iTNAa4V1RKs1mJ2Np3nUbn

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 554,309
5s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,402
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.5987 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: May 23 2021 11:37:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70924
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
LfwNsNsGniB9iTNAa4V1RKs1mJ2Np3nUbnENABLED7092450m 44s ago
LT8Pis9EZRh7NakVupknfYRHNYtzrgZDSDENABLED7092451m 44s ago
LccXLpLuP2v5nDLus2cKfKAjEm5GaKoRYrENABLED7092452m 44s ago
LQ7boqsxeWwgXUyNbFFs3pB662gbdw9VxhENABLED7092454m 44s ago
LcHw72d9fA7S7TgKQzRegJxYW7T3DHKKbxENABLED7092454m 59s ago
LZKpps7drWDy34PjpGpzcHx78tBcvZiU1xENABLED7092456m 59s ago
LfEn28zsZdKcxAr539WLizcYx2bTnHZuHKENABLED7092459m 14s ago
LKZw5VTDtAiX2pe6j1bU3ifYpS5RCGES3YENABLED7092459m 44s ago
LeVSiYBznCpaAuuAabnSMQnR4ToEuYfph8ENABLED709241h 59s ago
LeVxLwX3ctjS5e4GP3ZtiTpbxsAB5gMkwkENABLED709241h 5m 44s ago
LWFjEHqVxRmE6jXjPhEZXhXvqiJL5UKzJuENABLED709241h 6m 29s ago
LYMm9zWyS1oHksLhVHeHR3WxrZXY33uYD8ENABLED709241h 7m 59s ago
LarZdfX1xw3SCye4UTTay59vGDq3QnA62wENABLED709241h 8m 29s ago
LQMu3bVWHSsHocepNWeDUQkFdpX8TWRZb8ENABLED709241h 9m 14s ago
Lb5cTFyqkoWKBJhjwaKCiheAHERuvSa6uHENABLED709241h 9m 59s ago
LaNsgBuHEzqzoX4xRpdNBw5yfHRoS8sRPMENABLED709241h 11m 44s ago
LVMcN5bfcpND9Z2XHJ5ParpRhNhZWYff17ENABLED709241h 14m 29s ago
LRT8fswWvFhR1heBP5aRoP9wneJYSacpsUENABLED709241h 14m 44s ago
LMdRDq5yGL5uuQ6SpnU4Snu2hTLkwKAigxENABLED709241h 15m 14s ago
LaytMGL8hNQJyGPsPoW5HN4QycVML781YyENABLED709241h 16m 44s ago
Lb5gMwCaHHNB9tk9RnYVBWyDtvdBLqgZ2SENABLED709241h 17m 29s ago
LcJ8gGFHirVwHpqtBdpbTnubCKLtySTktnENABLED709241h 17m 44s ago
LWf39xNSgoQDde4ypZ5nfj9dmhv69oNjTEENABLED709241h 18m 14s ago
LehaeErdpPRHtKGj1cJQJucZPsg6NZJNoXENABLED709241h 19m 59s ago
Lg9yypJXTTNXKnVxnqff2fmcg1v68QDm3RENABLED709241h 21m 14s ago
LLyPjzEScEAY15zB67Xmj7fds7Xp1QuTSGENABLED709241h 22m 29s ago
LSi2qbwVcueJXYV5jUcaNgZdtaAJVWmVRSENABLED709241h 22m 44s ago
LLw5uHywHyaAmgpjUNmGwjzQt1uVkmbcMCENABLED709241h 23m 29s ago
LMsypw7nHMrUMfPYB8UjEqVf8uHW6hCc4cENABLED709241h 24m 14s ago
Lhdu9sDBp4tG2Mmu7GR1rjoTUiN28VWXcSENABLED709241h 25m 44s ago
LLtpN6w7tfzuXquykeHkDQU6NL3iTFivh7ENABLED709241h 26m 14s ago
LY6g9vhwhdYZUTLHHGi8ajUT4GAozqs8w7ENABLED709241h 31m 14s ago
Lb5jqBSec181eCdQcQQz6jKEDYWZQSVUDuENABLED709241h 31m 29s ago
LYQaWojvNSustyH8i6fQVp35ozuzXpnWAKENABLED709241h 33m 29s ago
LV92wS1DHqmFykeAxUst9RFFTebUR678yzENABLED709241h 33m 59s ago
LNL3JM7mF8RgeDtUWeq8rGAC3uiVYLsoGDENABLED709241h 34m 59s ago
LKWCn2ys5jYRbtDqhB2ZxtmSQsiV6BBnzxENABLED709241h 36m 44s ago
LZa7Xx3LoGrnfK18zBNVLgPKHtFyCg61ZSENABLED709241h 37m 59s ago
LRiFzHTnzwzsGn7SJBLoR2bqhfGSJz3YwKENABLED709241h 38m 14s ago
LPEE1qhky7x53sKCgYwsWFboGJyHjU3XC6ENABLED709241h 39m 14s ago
LdzppoVVfH1G5kcGgbXRDaaFGdRjw2KX7oENABLED709243h 55m 44s ago
LVJR5ezvgT7JwJGt7d7EXZPzkJSsRoUmTHENABLED709243h 56m 44s ago
LMnB4HYYhg1WFvJt2Ftg1uV3ZvQjDcVpQ4ENABLED709244h 1m 59s ago
Lckpvc47GH7hoUNRwzyowCo9y21BwjyAUWENABLED709244h 3m 29s ago
LNTN8q6nevx1DfBDYD8sJsJ7cqYoP36yQEENABLED709244h 10m 14s ago
LQ6ZapRH7xLcBiFJkFfkiuJBZsZVseNC3HENABLED709244h 11m 44s ago
LMKeXMpXRJ5TVksAhQExyoUZKzVsgw7u8LENABLED709244h 12m 29s ago
Ldmpf3xDgF3GR5zhzVpwxxiAYn6JoarymrENABLED709244h 13m 44s ago
LZrFDDZFArjspBq6jb8vmAv64DWwbU2wcnENABLED709244h 13m 59s ago

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