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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,248
Inactive:    3
Total:    1,251
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 31.26% / 1168 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 10,688.0000

Last masternode reward: 8.0000 MERGE for MGAP4rWQHhsFC74JxRrwfYJLGLCryRx1ea

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,429,365
32s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,336
24 Hrs block time: 1m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.0478 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 4s
Genesis block: Dec 24 2018 17:56:50

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000300
Protocol version:  70913
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
MT5LxpsnnnwSMn9wHVRqeNrnm1jnQkUYN6ENABLED709131d 1h 38m 39s ago
MGkFGZGC3Drh1hR9JX2KzWwpoLM2887WjRENABLED709131d 1h 39m 3s ago
MAU22yjDgqRuumHKjHciV8e57W1Z2xfGm2ENABLED709131d 1h 47m 11s ago
MNkvesJkGDyXvntn6FxcHoYwfwrYv2bGpdENABLED709131d 1h 48m 5s ago
MMFGiKs5yZqyZdSy2FDp8CqdFGdLBQujpHENABLED709131d 1h 48m 50s ago
MFuJJugM6zYYk4ddN8DcaYBDtG1An2qgawENABLED709131d 2h 8m 19s ago
MJv7MHXFixTnn4BvJyyeQz3NVdYDjcZXsWENABLED709131d 2h 10m 30s ago
M83TfdtHY5U7ynWRDS8rhEAfhaTYZUh35EENABLED709131d 2h 10m 57s ago
MJVhaCqv6J9mXMyoc2VqETbirjmBUJaB7zENABLED709131d 2h 12m 5s ago
MGx2je8L6n7oKTtPBB4ppshjhAVSA3NVrFENABLED709131d 2h 16m 13s ago
MHTyTDBgZ1pe5nZBQFuuqEbDvQwY88RtKvENABLED709131d 2h 17m 7s ago
MQpSdVsqEHPVXnQVJphDuYpcZyyjp8vbZkENABLED709131d 2h 27m 47s ago
MHjLMygzMzY9rvHcVWkVXBTkaMbGZawuQKENABLED709131d 2h 29m 8s ago
MDgjMjGLUaxKtw1euH3L3dFYVUBtzRs91oENABLED709131d 2h 31m 54s ago
MBXmgkcGZm3UXcvouZrXJxV5mKBMhnmS3qENABLED709131d 2h 32m 22s ago
M9YFUqdcbxnhu6jfgBBmfW6MhkAfJiYz4iENABLED709131d 2h 32m 53s ago
MMj6XNPm4Nyn7giS8rG54wn6UQLppQTeWhENABLED709131d 2h 37m 11s ago
MPyQJXs6rbjqNZB51bQm7qsoBfmpHfmCNHENABLED709131d 2h 37m 18s ago
MSymy9JkwQxkFTJkXGNptWK5AhboF9pgRhENABLED709131d 2h 38m 48s ago
MPjzWfW7dR1fkTG4tnY9zunmJSRLjoxYR2ENABLED709131d 2h 39m 28s ago
MFwJNxR7qEN4Q5iGNaeJ7F9Cx1BJfJbDbSENABLED709131d 2h 39m 28s ago
MAUnW4g9quaFbtuyK91oTEHuSYVofRBv45ENABLED709131d 2h 42m 5s ago
MPDcgYXfyawjyX93bYEF298nRfXbc5KHU5ENABLED709131d 2h 45m 12s ago
MUzXk91Zk4bimLJuNxR7JDnMv3Pu1MxccNENABLED709131d 2h 45m 26s ago
MBJZe4zsgyKfX962W51XFYZ2zvF6pKVZNvENABLED709131d 2h 46m 17s ago
M8jdUswYu6PnJKZZwb8i9c4mcmZVeHacTVENABLED709131d 2h 49m 48s ago
MPsQEyQ6m6Uj1gSQa6RDZxrVZFt5RS5CA8ENABLED709131d 2h 50m 54s ago
MP8sQ1W1JoFNwaueiJEyg6f1N6reBiAMfqENABLED709131d 2h 53m 40s ago
MWRj7A2UL7xoC8U6YmhKiBRsSDCGw7xfpuENABLED709131d 3h 21m 23s ago
MPhyBD6DjDisyfd2qyPLdTJRtgKQ5kKqnVENABLED709131d 3h 25m 7s ago
MSrAYjK2FZG3xz7sJ4SYpVM11UFeLLi4AtENABLED709131d 3h 35m 25s ago
MDweJLnRHwryfVY8K9zaG9FBBJRRmXehsuENABLED709131d 3h 37m 45s ago
MDoaWfAPVwf5UFePTCaKydcdjt3fJUpqLgENABLED709131d 3h 42m 11s ago
MLeThR144c3THGqQeEigaY5fknZMiuUrBHENABLED709131d 3h 45m 16s ago
MHv8gy9v5WmeSdVHrHVV2azGfhAiFnrvZpENABLED709131d 3h 52m 25s ago
MM1TBhApfso3wDYqcQZbh6S5hg3VPhw7MjENABLED709131d 3h 53m 54s ago
MUVShhtCFnFAprcAbskCjhoAtQwRwdhvptENABLED709131d 3h 54m 19s ago
MPjMJmXQ81Wxpdg52N4QejCJ2EMnukXBTEENABLED709131d 4h 5m 41s ago
MTy5B95KnNgwSkAMeddUuTEVBMEgCRTyVXENABLED709131d 4h 32m 43s ago
MMmCiYARZMKXdP3ZbLcA7WEhMm4jcbQthEENABLED709131d 4h 34m 10s ago
MWFHJF7LkHiHyeR5Q3CNSEMcMNtW1XT9FYENABLED709131d 4h 34m 57s ago
ME6JP15JwJJdYZowD6YipDnjDwGwGeinYfENABLED709131d 4h 35m 42s ago
MQrAXjoH3MA2zcyPAsH1wEgTrgTcvMshvFENABLED709131d 4h 37m 5s ago
MKB4ThQkHjthh6g5v4dWVyGGUQ2SL4iqxDENABLED709131d 4h 37m 46s ago
MGQJKxFXkPsBVmw1jvhxdjomfpXb2k4rTbENABLED709131d 4h 38m ago
MWo4ZQLdhXNB1GGvGUaiAWT3CnaHZZ5dt4ENABLED709131d 4h 47m 49s ago
M9LVbcyYELdMYberMZ7kcnJ9UD78CB4tNXENABLED709131d 4h 48m 11s ago
MA2mDManAT81BdF2H4aPiav7b3DSjvVESEENABLED709131d 4h 51m 40s ago
MFQXviYRvjqjT5hEX5NSviHwbdGFwHUQasENABLED709131d 4h 53m 40s ago
MCSrRUhMAvy8LFYewzmkuLUJ2R521FokkcENABLED709131d 4h 56m 7s ago

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