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Midas (MIDAS)

MIDAS statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    422
Inactive:    0
Total:    422
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 36.12% / 1011 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,044.0000

Last masternode reward: 1.5000 MIDAS for mXg3E81PDtdgKBAtZwU3gTQbrtsFZoWnh7

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 444,164
13m 37s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 696
24 Hrs block time: 2m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.3225 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: Oct 05 2018 12:08:32

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1030000
Protocol version:  70920
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 138 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
mRs498m9WDq5kR8WiX3ahby7HpKedYi1L4ENABLED709209h 10m 45s ago
maJxstycg36xEnSVnxTAg6MowRkEGxVEP8ENABLED709209h 12m 9s ago
mJ56ioJrkDCpEKKwzDWsS5ieJvGYwne2fbENABLED709209h 12m 19s ago
mcXzYz8nThqzWqVb6Y7eZfQUtJVUabkpzkENABLED709209h 12m 32s ago
mKQPpuXRrMVPqu37sihHVcenf4q8UJETZBENABLED709209h 14m 24s ago
meCcWBJa2VWgVEtMnvq21XrXwoAH1KnuwcENABLED709209h 14m 52s ago
mLajQzTGfxFS4jTiaoQ4Y6PJy7H1fPmArLENABLED709209h 16m 55s ago
mLf47GiPNQakeEm6crvabA6m9jmuUXpR1JENABLED709209h 18m 11s ago
mKQinB8WBoJDnPjD7weDFhaWbRgJd7JWonENABLED709209h 19m 29s ago
mNwvVT1kmT7mRHD4V4bnUiee7h5RNK5GFPENABLED709209h 23m 33s ago
maLcPpMg1brtgxhmdzuhpjnwJe58xGp2X2ENABLED709209h 24m 20s ago
mSxqfEHfmSSmnehAzCnuiRDRbPzmLnDMN1ENABLED709209h 26m 12s ago
mLfevCS1HnLmFVfjzNLDEgoabi7DY9rHd2ENABLED709209h 27m 5s ago
mWCqxZxiJsHaTTU7xBhCw2BvpP2cjg9hXhENABLED709209h 28m 39s ago
mJZgBkVm7aFnDNVv5JUEeZ7kqMVEo2yReHENABLED709209h 33m 49s ago
mZ9x2BYkJ5eoU9D4wzLFZC5SMKSwfwRY1LENABLED709209h 34m 28s ago
mfSwyRQgPGS9cutiYHwzRMYCAbcndkvL1CENABLED709209h 36m 41s ago
mGyUc73cdaa57PYoyWay7RhYkQWMZnBdSVENABLED709209h 40m 5s ago
mJniNrb1tFwg1g5drDYib1caJdMFKVa1PdENABLED709209h 42m 8s ago
mYucBsu8WzTkheWoAL7ZM4zR3AYX8C67KZENABLED709209h 42m 46s ago
mXUAy2N8UETfdzpm1J47GNuZ3FR2yYJoevENABLED709209h 42m 53s ago
meKqw9a5NtXEznqsFXRzixdwZvXPvjPC8sENABLED709209h 45m 7s ago
mf4sBc3YcxQZxgEmQa46FSMkVaY4fJ1PzmENABLED709209h 46m 50s ago
mcS7PpPcJLqn3kTEPTHMP6c2WJfNmD542NENABLED709209h 53m 32s ago
mWuWtxEyc6sxWpH4VUXxfjcAj4Q7QHmNvjENABLED709209h 54m 34s ago
mcKzptmzN1uHG2ahuFuvp1Bh5TZUcpehBKENABLED709209h 55m 26s ago
mXCEwqDwpCZLEfe1V8L9dra7xnGNdQHvjAENABLED709209h 57m 37s ago
mQyJ5awzFtNDzecUoXuxCVrmAur2BWNVdLENABLED7092010h 13s ago
mShVkHdcxZAzt14iFSu6SjajdgZUkQyUoWENABLED7092010h 2m 44s ago
mQnnFRuC9xDAvzayFcYLP6Mi658nkqjozKENABLED7092010h 5m 54s ago
mY9yTi7LwcLeWs9GKeZVdnvJgHsjRu9B52ENABLED7092010h 11m 59s ago
mW2RW2qp34BpUGTcj5c4KYSh2Wq7Q7k9BfENABLED7092010h 13m 12s ago
mYHcuZ2geYA1fRW12qgz142j2Eow1nN4qoENABLED7092010h 22m 38s ago
mSFWUK5eitc2GJrfGe8bT5thg8kfNMPQFFENABLED7092010h 22m 42s ago
mWkD8uaGYAB218kJLsEndNXyyrcTjxj7LjENABLED7092010h 25m 6s ago
mN89Kkb5d48qzdkjGU3AyNahE7eZKn5TMWENABLED7092010h 29m 5s ago
mePgnJtg9Q51MYdbw8WcpiNk75haMAdPPMENABLED7092010h 32m 41s ago
mS11fiifd7JC6aCZbr6ksGMbV1RoeTvjFEENABLED7092010h 33m 37s ago
mTnPzvcsy5zmYu1Bt6QQ7sR8KVdXpL6CfeENABLED7092010h 34m 49s ago
mNsAwWQR9bJ87LWC4cHrwRVdfVB6ye3amnENABLED7092010h 38m 8s ago
mKxRfAMjbA1p1Xsv6eqKDjm9U1kpdZxPj1ENABLED7092010h 39m 18s ago
mWEsSu36djrX9QVqvPAdtTS1veb4Ma6pAwENABLED7092010h 42m 43s ago
mQn37hu4CN9ewXbSrgKfnAEH2nNWZdxhLRENABLED7092010h 44m 25s ago
mKqoCdVwP8zjbfPtm5CTcbzM2FJB2zFDMcENABLED7092010h 44m 32s ago
mVw1VrLi8CzzC5GVEvVUjaYJ4LvtZ47HxJENABLED7092010h 45m 31s ago
mUZ6MkmhZKRgT8otHV2b39D9GzM32VCmYUENABLED7092010h 48m 13s ago
mefFxwZTqGHsMShfSa6NSWMS9HcjFtCHcQENABLED7092010h 49m 5s ago
mbFqy6sBpFGtxfBkCZE518zAGihxy6ypDRENABLED7092010h 51m 37s ago
mJUjwuncu7yEcjY6KqXU5SK23HQ5iA2iktENABLED7092010h 53m 26s ago
mc4mRXfhfnc2fiFvzsAxcsR9bGjjC6S2tAENABLED7092010h 53m 54s ago

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