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Modern Investment Coin (MODIC)

MODIC statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    220
Inactive:    0
Total:    220
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 184.40% / 198 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 27,785.7728

Last masternode reward: 40.4940 MODIC for MjYmDpLaHd8c9dL2KjXe15nxxGVZbJbA6K

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 273,031
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 687
24 Hrs block time: 2m 5s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.6063 % (slower)

AVG block time: 2m 5s
Genesis block: Jul 05 2020 02:13:13

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1050409
Protocol version:  70082
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
MngpzZiMbHLTynKZ88esGv4y3XXSXgXtV4ENABLED7008229m 25s ago
MjYmDpLaHd8c9dL2KjXe15nxxGVZbJbA6KENABLED7008230m 8s ago
MuG1ZNyDpfTXBiMvQ7C3VZsZsyQtgnggGwENABLED7008231m 29s ago
MZ5jgEaieEBV8ZinLVwHYMDWpiNdz7MUH3ENABLED7008232m 49s ago
MeHY7utmVXVcuJbEcCkThPhKi9kmet8z8xENABLED7008233m 11s ago
Mp3aK7eg1KcDDpvZotLK18ThSD8ieRmDWxENABLED7008234m 47s ago
MdYTXyomGAJZ5TmBrHJGwWoU6j1od74ZorENABLED7008235m 27s ago
MeuMnwQ6YuTS75ixyDFpTgp463dYfxGaaAENABLED7008235m 45s ago
Mc1Nx4ykAeu6kmFHxCUM7Khk2x3zRhgSnkENABLED7008239m 47s ago
MoC5FthSzGNSiXwZqdHzmnXyeQp4S3YRr3ENABLED7008240m 1s ago
MZRKq8XRf1z1qhA6R13ZLyA6qVSt26Kg5HENABLED7008244m 21s ago
MtPAQ43NCZZJzG73yaZCivVJYrZ6wVXSMJENABLED7008244m 36s ago
Mn1LudviLz8PmvjNoPcfEhzHeas6p7yituENABLED7008245m 1s ago
MeyMH8o4FjGr6vbVPKz9W2msKjyh4MDraAENABLED7008250m 51s ago
MgF3kEMw1sf1WL65Pes6MoWSs6VoR83A4QENABLED7008256m 13s ago
MnEh11KBXdHdaY1atkh7GJBnXZ9PYQVqz8ENABLED700821h 1m 17s ago
MtNWgS5HRDno1h3mx6tRrLMEkAkbWRXV8PENABLED700821h 2m 4s ago
MgC7zZ668fyKEk4ZYxLtVixrkrRavfmFgiENABLED700821h 3m 5s ago
MetaMa9WcWwtaqJYezLva6iiyfs3E7oa75ENABLED700821h 4m 56s ago
Mu9abicrXAcPK6vyxcSMAaw9pAyVQzU8hiENABLED700821h 6m 39s ago
MePxu5GLauEFhZHn4KFXw2YzxK8yW7DCATENABLED700821h 7m 5s ago
MXtacZzeBYZRb9H8rqmdnSLT4gDT7FDNSzENABLED700821h 9m 18s ago
MgQHV1hma4cSnf4gJGqPaDdRwnFxDfaxApENABLED700821h 13m 50s ago
MtzL25md2CVoKF8XbDg7jpL4maoQDpgrFdENABLED700821h 13m 52s ago
MdCfTuqNhDojQPGtxsdwBiBrB3AXv5tp5hENABLED700821h 16m 29s ago
MZsEKchbJjERh11CUy9XMrUap62k39SxwAENABLED700821h 18m 13s ago
MbaKXLRjok2E3Mk21Pxgn7ejwuG5UZVepEENABLED700821h 20m 48s ago
MqiuCQhQmnWjgMaf6MpDhDdotbGiWjTWuPENABLED700821h 21m 25s ago
MvDh2sBEcDnx45n2QXbqZzYEoi3Bs4oYewENABLED700821h 21m 25s ago
MsQvuUi4gZUq89kHtrFAnePE2kwMAanGHsENABLED700821h 22m 35s ago
MhnKAohXAPPEnBjVQABzwQXiA2DwZdBRqqENABLED700821h 25m 12s ago
Mkp1ZQgtwhd9PQVjXJ1QawRYu1nB7gSa7WENABLED700821h 36m 2s ago
Mo2AXaRbQwV1BXcK3gaf8joe83G8JshpC9ENABLED700821h 36m 36s ago
MhdBShcJ21sjA3yEj4NCTe2aCCrc2qTcJsENABLED700821h 38m 11s ago
Mij2AnnJvUXCnBkWacsfPC7jQ74MuD935eENABLED700821h 40m 51s ago
MmY69iTdKveQ28Z2ReUYe3gGyhZwEYtcWVENABLED700821h 41m 29s ago
Mfe1xSJnkTsz5xW18k6PpL3YUbKCd7sNi7ENABLED700821h 42m 11s ago
MiTDcv4xJJEzqqZqVppvwFsZiMzHqCsL79ENABLED700821h 42m 53s ago
Md7iNVuKzFDwzgcs1iD2VgacUWPh8XyvmbENABLED700821h 44m 24s ago
MgajHpHB6sY5ABSdeaX6aVudUX4tCgxCLPENABLED700821h 45m 20s ago
MpGzsPPiofA3VaFraF4acvfxBaZKTRycmRENABLED700821h 46m 9s ago
MoxM8HFeDSrwYDzhvfARdtZqj4tzHADMYSENABLED700821h 46m 19s ago
MpXb1CpRgG2jQadVS65dYztperUxqf1HqmENABLED700821h 46m 33s ago
Mp8ds98aozQWDZpXxdh9ncdNCLRLRJewRKENABLED700821h 48m 53s ago
MpEEHVxdCMeiriMbGFKUazjnNrBFAffAnqENABLED700821h 49m 27s ago
MvWH57v4o8CGu2z8xHe6WEWnjN8yj8kzcPENABLED700821h 53m 16s ago
Mfq2cEt1JcYSPjQx6bWPKZxrWEGALMEJyKENABLED700821h 55m 38s ago
MretUrFyyMbRKaAFuw23xjEEN4doMCYxasENABLED700821h 57m 26s ago
MoAn5zyKieo8qGop1Sf8Gnm3BA28kMRmtRENABLED700821h 57m 45s ago
MbXGKtSGvfYupRBMSa8v5v8cbddToYCh7oENABLED700822h 17s ago

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