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Northern (NORT)

NORT statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    223
Inactive:    1
Total:    224
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 39.19% / 931 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 603.9250

Last masternode reward: 0.4250 NORT for Nd3PpKtHpW4iV35dgJdjzX2c62Wh4PYwR5

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,214,631
4m 9s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,421
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.2881 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: May 21 2018 20:50:18

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030100
Protocol version:  70970
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 122 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
NjAKurCGCp9WzHPj1BbNF8f8WicupVKQVdENABLED709701h 6m 1s ago
NMz67YnqCnCwRp3YK7okzsxhvRDBABuzF9ENABLED709701h 6m 12s ago
NfhrMtgEa8kDY3GQy8uJNJmLqpo8pE3BVTENABLED709601h 6m 20s ago
NPscii7Aot4tRcJoCpLnJJNKguweETjCgKENABLED709701h 6m 41s ago
Ne7KP88y81gKAVY3ixddHej6CKrvJBRePsENABLED709701h 7m 10s ago
NZvEw2umeGZ9fpv7PCfzTksQ8riSP7KLXcENABLED709701h 7m 38s ago
NiZaYVNYXCpZgi213w364naDWMFSDbhv9XENABLED709601h 9m 4s ago
NfYXKEeMadHKv1oPiCR6LXtuQ7gRBLkCaPENABLED709701h 9m 48s ago
NgprYLHx1geJ5zsPun4TYhLZbZaKW5tBJhENABLED709601h 10m 45s ago
NV3h2wQPWdCxd4rudeq37SsW4EHQbxSjDzENABLED709701h 12m 27s ago
NT2QdxhokpYTGEXmz2qVgcsJbKRYm5WCiCENABLED709701h 13m 34s ago
Nc9Z9XaWTrA4gNHiJaHD6zyMSDmBkBjMwGENABLED709701h 13m 47s ago
NZgubHJ1mDPbphjLniCyMEfXCSvoQ9b1bPENABLED709701h 14m 48s ago
NaFB7igyDKGfufMyDsDrTuwg31pn11c4xUENABLED709701h 16m 4s ago
NZCfcwxcxpViDaHYnrWRC3YLHrXksh9jPfENABLED709601h 16m 54s ago
NZdpDdeNUBc27iBT7XfPVa6Ep5nBTTWVuvENABLED709701h 18m 45s ago
NZveyxMigBjHjUBJQPsegNSrEQk2GMAdkwENABLED709701h 19m 36s ago
NL8qwenz3VW1Kp8Py7u9SyTfsncrerex9fENABLED709701h 20m 42s ago
NPkoeHYpZQJyh7zZ1d7WMPbuG4RNGC96r6ENABLED709701h 22m ago
NiCKRQ8XRmZgSQZEzHZT3hf2UBugFa2xZAENABLED709701h 23m 48s ago
NUJGZEusnfRTZnMKmrhNPYtLZ1F6ePpLKfENABLED709701h 26m 20s ago
NMvXdagKpc6VpW37wwetGZo5T2Bd3Q9brTENABLED709701h 27m 9s ago
NiPjxsBefrPCwttJUbWNsRRUBaH19LzCK4ENABLED709601h 27m 28s ago
NYAZoMmsxTa9S8rbhkMqME1u5LSDSRiPyqENABLED709701h 28m 40s ago
NcJfEqRwPb7bn5Eti9KXohgB2dZCAmLKZsENABLED709701h 29m 20s ago
NPyUnyuXioCGp4bWKWUzmbRmG6BGQgj3U3ENABLED709701h 30m 56s ago
NQELEQ8bSAwGKcftc7rYcRKcSRQb2JCnxtENABLED709701h 31m 6s ago
NPCBh9uGymPbFYFZJLGAENF7x5FomDS4ZAENABLED709701h 31m 25s ago
NYFB4c98sHQnGwqJr49kwj1onUsDmkGMn2ENABLED709701h 32m ago
NQH4j9X7LfFyf7BL1YzgSCRJ7mfhsn1YhVENABLED709701h 32m 4s ago
NMmteK9ChSGyTiA8NWT3nyXXVxxArZWmvTENABLED709701h 33m 39s ago
NTMj69Vrt8JWG7TbyXTk22CZytnpdVjbsZENABLED709601h 33m 46s ago
NMxDkKorfdg8sLA3DsNhx7hbzfsyRqgq9VENABLED709701h 35m 37s ago
NU16VH28UBNm4T5iwNfsDgzRcSusnZKrTCENABLED709601h 36m 16s ago
NhXFM8AVnz35Mx2vvr23uLww4wPKeQh6BfENABLED709701h 36m 26s ago
NPxXrS3g9Gqz6Cw8FNTxY4wwA7ABs8A8vhENABLED709701h 37m 9s ago
NKyx2BYWzFDf4EXu7iQx1uKWtRyek838GqENABLED709701h 38m 1s ago
NVeAysx9Q4our7iCLVRfB2GNUr9k67FiMqENABLED709701h 38m 53s ago
NfAp2ZytuWyrds5X85Hht2PMyXAUSqqRGfENABLED709701h 39m 4s ago
NWPnZyCtz9Rc8qPdAxH4cktTDDtCHfDk6jENABLED709701h 39m 38s ago
NWcxMqpLd9SxgceTafbosLKjsu2ueBcWWfENABLED709601h 40m 13s ago
NT8o7FzaVYsn53jzhcfYc359Sh6pC2TnXKENABLED709701h 41m 42s ago
NgqbSYuXMG44kyRin16ybeqeFubQrHpLR1ENABLED709701h 42m 54s ago
NSbyDvHE2Ag2QVHgY4MBSR9UMGXWNcXmPhENABLED709601h 43m 54s ago
NghScdttsS4eD7zkz6mWJcvuy5wiqJZXJUENABLED709601h 44m 27s ago
NdtGK6PkVvrcZaLS2u2swn3JZnbSkBR81cENABLED709701h 44m 52s ago
NcDKqatjaKGDuuqq3b7zshRQodCFMxLUFUENABLED709701h 45m 19s ago
NSuAf4LTzGHrE8RpAERi1Lczrq6mC2RJddENABLED709701h 47m 23s ago
NP33Zjd96Poiw1V3T1zjGE4FzJvcSPjUgqENABLED709701h 47m 58s ago
NcqqfNeWu5C8BFbzZ1sHi9ozQET3Zmi3hYENABLED709701h 48m 15s ago

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