Northern (NORT)

NORT statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    272
Inactive:    3
Total:    275
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 31.49% / 1159 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 610.3000

Last masternode reward: 0.4250 NORT for NiY5kM42XPztSpxUwUyueZTcvk62MkBXmL

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 975,403
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,436
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.4835 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: May 21 2018 20:50:18

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3020100
Protocol version:  70960
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 14 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Ni78UWSc1nL8mYvALjGzZ8QZZ2rMxa1zDYENABLED709601h 47m 3s ago
NL8qwenz3VW1Kp8Py7u9SyTfsncrerex9fENABLED709601h 48m 21s ago
NMsTZF5tTbF7tvKvvhVDLdn5EVDQM85DqqENABLED709601h 49m ago
NQW7qEkUGokXiesWoHkcYU597HUbkPS2s1ENABLED709601h 49m 20s ago
NU6Bo4jakXp8jyBB5G6zYA27MRDibWad8GENABLED709601h 53m 5s ago
Nee952f8bNV3ip1xL7XZMjB7TCXpKnMATfENABLED709601h 53m 53s ago
Ngz9z3aUwJBMnG4eTb2LH7PHtmGAgw9gpjENABLED709601h 54m 46s ago
NLojnaDX4MAffYmBNjFEnyvKaiF3pQTk5RENABLED709601h 57m 6s ago
NWri4URGThvp8bQFEVfbbmCyDhcTa3eHmNENABLED709601h 57m 8s ago
NgcD6yQrgtCrpGtJkY8jWTZubf8k9E2upDENABLED709601h 58m 3s ago
NiciMaEAivEnpBS5yQPDQXVqCcSqCDhtPxENABLED709601h 59m 19s ago
NiCKRQ8XRmZgSQZEzHZT3hf2UBugFa2xZAENABLED709602h 9s ago
NZbHYkREf4A6uZuFFAwk6kf5Fz5x8rSxcxENABLED709602h 3m 2s ago
NP8rsdzXh37SwMqetiRPhsYEXJ3duK4QNiENABLED709602h 3m 50s ago
NTMU39PCZK9LjFdFkdN8AP5gzahPJozfPhENABLED709602h 4m 19s ago
NTG5mFTUX3w9moXTotoBGVMhCbri4c3ibEENABLED709602h 4m 56s ago
NVJ86u1wpQk6u9mbhYi9VzUbkmtw5qdQv1ENABLED709602h 6m 19s ago
NW8s9QnJZL6kyFuzgPVDtN7jfCNoEsU9tLENABLED709602h 7m 4s ago
Nd4sMRgPwLkyCbF3mKSFdkhAh9zqP3hXzrENABLED709602h 7m 29s ago
NS2qiwwSAjsRCPtUPwGdsgQpqAPpPAVKMLENABLED709602h 10m 49s ago
NSbyDvHE2Ag2QVHgY4MBSR9UMGXWNcXmPhENABLED709602h 11m 47s ago
NagWx1DaAU63HsYPEZ7CNP4bmbnVK4CRLDENABLED709602h 12m 51s ago
NNfVhH2QTVbHiazgUe2q6HKGGayJh5Wb4PENABLED709602h 14m 12s ago
Na9aiaKWuRHqswxsKTHtKmGXeRXv6X72FTENABLED709602h 14m 57s ago
NV3h2wQPWdCxd4rudeq37SsW4EHQbxSjDzENABLED709602h 16m 24s ago
NfyWkw6qQ1Bop4vn381GURzvo9uLWxPj3KENABLED709602h 17m 25s ago
NQMRG2sHiFfP7VzUFWdEEcb7XSLocgXJcAENABLED709602h 18m 3s ago
NSqD4YdcvSkvZiZKLfpecC1knd2nKnqZEuENABLED709602h 18m 59s ago
NdZzoECskN87tpqDbatFKbRBCQkmFo1KF7ENABLED709602h 20m 45s ago
NaTxt7Jxt9fTyMTiCUmoPnT59Mhz7fUcsLENABLED709602h 20m 46s ago
NNr42Pb6mWZXu87FNmGzG3BamgdxjD8XknENABLED709602h 21m 41s ago
NhVGs6AXsprRrsXAkCfcuBfgdjMR4dFiabENABLED709602h 23m 12s ago
NYoqYGYFKVRbFM7uQVJiJXoZVxpuJMgKnoENABLED709602h 27m 10s ago
NSfuwuCRWwTsK6PpuZzeRUsKo5JtC8zEFbENABLED709602h 27m 26s ago
NcExd2SG3ATcCGoFz1cdFXRAauxSwddv5qENABLED709602h 28m 20s ago
NQH4j9X7LfFyf7BL1YzgSCRJ7mfhsn1YhVENABLED709602h 29m 37s ago
NZCfcwxcxpViDaHYnrWRC3YLHrXksh9jPfENABLED709602h 29m 44s ago
NV6T2A9tKfFkPLwquaN2JhWYbfK5UeYV9kENABLED709602h 30m 50s ago
NhtBzBzXSP9wR1iXTeqnoYNBKQBtCkcDbgENABLED709602h 31m 21s ago
NcLkQYVvUJpDZUBGJL6rWzR1Nv6dopHnaaENABLED709602h 34m 26s ago
NeaHgPvx976p5Rf5HehRLLem8YpVPJkEqCENABLED709602h 34m 52s ago
NhU2hoM3wVbW5ajdavqrxfF7zLrTwX1iNqENABLED709602h 40m 58s ago
Na5k99xdxTRXg1L3GCLn8jAmRjq3V1xDJmENABLED709602h 42m 59s ago
NaFB7igyDKGfufMyDsDrTuwg31pn11c4xUENABLED709602h 43m 9s ago
NcE8chGhorAXGPNeoKHyiDGWbs4QHVntCBENABLED709602h 44m 2s ago
NUae1oMtWkhixUrxL57q5TZgZWjhBJAE2sENABLED709602h 45m ago
NgGLMp2znWetoKBu9jc7yMwTNpdb1kanDxENABLED709602h 45m 34s ago
Nar5ZQug1Ek9rrihWYaJmFgVyL4TF21obiENABLED709602h 46m 9s ago
NYvUAbJ5eoEFaPW9ViL7RBjqK4FnsHT7taENABLED709602h 46m 40s ago
NNfYpHsU9Q96wK8NhotjtaSXRENnMieKj3ENABLED709602h 47m 13s ago

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