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Northern (NORT)

NORT statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    240
Inactive:    3
Total:    243
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 35.96% / 1015 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 613.2750

Last masternode reward: 0.4250 NORT for NePBUe1mQqwZ8vjxLzgoXnCFU91cu4vuch

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 965,143
10m 37s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,443
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.9701 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: May 21 2018 20:50:18

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3020000
Protocol version:  70960
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 15 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
NWPZoAjWMonbfL5F2zXnRadhpM8ut1WH1yENABLED709602h 47m 25s ago
NfYXKEeMadHKv1oPiCR6LXtuQ7gRBLkCaPENABLED709602h 47m 40s ago
NaTxt7Jxt9fTyMTiCUmoPnT59Mhz7fUcsLENABLED709602h 48m 9s ago
NYFB4c98sHQnGwqJr49kwj1onUsDmkGMn2ENABLED709602h 49m 11s ago
NaFB7igyDKGfufMyDsDrTuwg31pn11c4xUENABLED709602h 49m 33s ago
NMvXdagKpc6VpW37wwetGZo5T2Bd3Q9brTENABLED709602h 49m 44s ago
NQ9oXXgH75BiqKP8znKgxtDqLYg7uy4YNNENABLED709602h 50m 30s ago
NTXXMNHbE9CUN5QutRZCTGUQwu2HHZukEqENABLED709602h 50m 52s ago
NcExd2SG3ATcCGoFz1cdFXRAauxSwddv5qENABLED709602h 53m 52s ago
NeFRT6xNJ17eF6D2ZLEGXRJFS6ya7v2EUSENABLED709602h 53m 52s ago
NW2gxPEjgVVTYXmHjX4hedCQGC3bMfWs4FENABLED709602h 54m 35s ago
NS2qiwwSAjsRCPtUPwGdsgQpqAPpPAVKMLEXPIRED709602h 55m 10s ago
NQHKfrbbqCgB73phiHcEZpopdCXtWLhEvQENABLED709602h 55m 37s ago
NXnxKsnDXfPoKgtDFRfcAnjSAs2dxzQqBRENABLED709602h 55m 44s ago
NVQ8HEpujKmfDxXB7JVf7JpZprjnyNH2ArENABLED709602h 57m 5s ago
NYGayBKWSow5FXz6UsVrF5EiNakSdFP6HjENABLED709602h 59m 14s ago
NagWx1DaAU63HsYPEZ7CNP4bmbnVK4CRLDENABLED709603h 3s ago
NiCKRQ8XRmZgSQZEzHZT3hf2UBugFa2xZAENABLED709603h 1m 3s ago
Nf2tT9DJ1pxVhwaNp32HSiFmgb5Qd6pjqMENABLED709603h 1m 32s ago
NT8aoACCHn5DCZgcmD572HSUNLafG2B1g2ENABLED709603h 2m 55s ago
NhojbEVwmH7prJw2kca6rF5qtJkK2Xj8jrENABLED709603h 2m 57s ago
NTc4DLpxNGdymTHFkdCV3pozZCbRAKZCnTENABLED709603h 2m 58s ago
NUwD1TSebQ8XZT5NutXkuue6KTeRekFkJPENABLED709603h 5m 1s ago
NNLAfz6Zr5kTePk5k7k8o6XcKudku35UfmENABLED709603h 8m 44s ago
NiLBy22mfFHR6jxg9YeDQJMpmvsHGpxmZgENABLED709603h 9m 14s ago
NURGQMbqnbkpAAQpjKiQF2rtRoJAUK2KZ3ENABLED709603h 9m 47s ago
NiciMaEAivEnpBS5yQPDQXVqCcSqCDhtPxENABLED709603h 11m 6s ago
Nd5UC6Xr5j4kUspYNx63xQb9VfrmbBkJGiENABLED709603h 11m 10s ago
NifEJpNkXKJMoawfcgKDMokDUbxzEF6CXxENABLED709603h 12m 40s ago
NhXFM8AVnz35Mx2vvr23uLww4wPKeQh6BfENABLED709603h 17m 12s ago
NgcD6yQrgtCrpGtJkY8jWTZubf8k9E2upDENABLED709603h 29m 26s ago
NhhqNJZDmyXDAoSa4CCC4bp8Dn7pH18ruNENABLED709603h 30m 7s ago
NXd7oKtj5sdvVAERq9f2w7KcheQ9jYkB6DENABLED709603h 39m 22s ago
NTdeJXvGzWQwZkCooRPD4fGp4ULjv8PrrhENABLED709603h 39m 42s ago
NV6T2A9tKfFkPLwquaN2JhWYbfK5UeYV9kENABLED709603h 41m 2s ago
NLTc4wDGUNcQyHepnBszw7NvxAU1MBg3VLENABLED709603h 47m 53s ago
NKyx2BYWzFDf4EXu7iQx1uKWtRyek838GqENABLED709603h 48m 25s ago
NLuWiY338RHf9eb7WRokz4Zpef87RKGV8AENABLED709603h 56m 56s ago
Nep7Lz34nqD33FqQk1Xptf5uo6rULPUeVKENABLED709603h 59m 2s ago
NYpt8EHbHsmLBh1Z26QxDb9MKwttSRQ78dENABLED709604h 51s ago
NjAKurCGCp9WzHPj1BbNF8f8WicupVKQVdENABLED709604h 4m 57s ago
NKxeotBvnYdWEhMkKugwP9TXw9uDQjCRgXENABLED709604h 8m ago
NUfDF3L1yT6ikk9rJofQTa9RUpWh1x8pP6ENABLED709604h 12m 25s ago
NL8qwenz3VW1Kp8Py7u9SyTfsncrerex9fENABLED709604h 24m 14s ago
NRzGC8G3ZVKU3kuvvy9SZNN2JfV7bUp5f3ENABLED709604h 43m 18s ago
NcqqfNeWu5C8BFbzZ1sHi9ozQET3Zmi3hYENABLED709604h 43m 59s ago
NMXSqMBq6HxsXscK4Wg8EiqHNqngF83VemENABLED709604h 55m 46s ago
NeNpNYkZ6Q1q75mRWWubAGqx5yr9e46EeZENABLED709605h 15m 21s ago
NQH4j9X7LfFyf7BL1YzgSCRJ7mfhsn1YhVENABLED709605h 59m 16s ago
NUn9rYvowBWi7LieYW2JzBNEVwdawUiY7mENABLED709606h 11m 25s ago

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