Northern (NORT)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    344
Inactive:    0
Total:    344
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 25.26% / 1445 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 607.3250

Last masternode reward: 0.4250 NORT for Nd5UC6Xr5j4kUspYNx63xQb9VfrmbBkJGi

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,046,101
4m 43s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,429
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.9489 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: May 21 2018 20:50:18

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030100
Protocol version:  70970
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 86 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
NNPEvhi3MWAR4WNpNowZ1QosLkPqnmkeoYENABLED709703h 34m 57s ago
NYAZoMmsxTa9S8rbhkMqME1u5LSDSRiPyqENABLED709603h 35m 3s ago
NS2qiwwSAjsRCPtUPwGdsgQpqAPpPAVKMLENABLED709703h 35m 22s ago
NjEXeAvtMpU9sn7GQTbFBb2wNWoZpgd21hENABLED709703h 36m 32s ago
NemumU4bDCXqxEVPdSnTayvWsogyqY9QzLENABLED709703h 39m ago
NYgqJQjXQRDg1u78akd3cK71EwxeiAoatGENABLED709603h 39m 57s ago
NMvXdagKpc6VpW37wwetGZo5T2Bd3Q9brTENABLED709603h 41m 6s ago
NQMRG2sHiFfP7VzUFWdEEcb7XSLocgXJcAENABLED709603h 42m 24s ago
NTrpsY7Gy8f1Pc5WA1ydeHH4EN9NdZNMPsENABLED709603h 42m 27s ago
NQ9oXXgH75BiqKP8znKgxtDqLYg7uy4YNNENABLED709603h 42m 28s ago
NgGLMp2znWetoKBu9jc7yMwTNpdb1kanDxENABLED709603h 46m 44s ago
Ng1WEMMCCjQRN48vCLoxDvMViPFfB6rjvdENABLED709603h 47m ago
NL8qwenz3VW1Kp8Py7u9SyTfsncrerex9fENABLED709703h 47m 40s ago
NePRoJ4EPdAGxyGACNU6qNUFwCAabGELLDENABLED709603h 49m 14s ago
NN7fPWYvgrMmwUmcMEQ1Rh5ivNy4DPGCAiENABLED709603h 49m 35s ago
NTMj69Vrt8JWG7TbyXTk22CZytnpdVjbsZENABLED709603h 50m ago
NcDvRquqvXcgEn1xHHBPdMZsoJdNvkfjSMENABLED709603h 51m 55s ago
NR9bA4rd6v65SYcid5pDRwEYW3RjEGR7FSENABLED709703h 52m 17s ago
NV6T2A9tKfFkPLwquaN2JhWYbfK5UeYV9kENABLED709603h 52m 39s ago
NfbgW3X7DfbnCjRRu7iJLrpVBmPU8hoGd1ENABLED709703h 55m 55s ago
NTrd6a14Ny9VX4ZvxvrRhecDmjQbU4aV6AENABLED709703h 57m 16s ago
NcE8chGhorAXGPNeoKHyiDGWbs4QHVntCBENABLED709703h 57m 18s ago
NiZaYVNYXCpZgi213w364naDWMFSDbhv9XENABLED709603h 59m 38s ago
NRgz2mwD8gnWjPoQpAHF71q5jzHuVuLRMRENABLED709704h 13s ago
NhtBzBzXSP9wR1iXTeqnoYNBKQBtCkcDbgENABLED709704h 35s ago
NUJGZEusnfRTZnMKmrhNPYtLZ1F6ePpLKfENABLED709704h 1m 3s ago
NT1od7wKhABttWdhEp3PjVMBNsBBy3z96zENABLED709604h 1m 18s ago
NVeAysx9Q4our7iCLVRfB2GNUr9k67FiMqENABLED709604h 1m 39s ago
NLCZA59vaFRB6Ed4AzKMe6DMaMXugDtwHvENABLED709604h 2m 59s ago
NLVvd1wVrdNw7idBFXzDJCGU6BLEWt4QR4ENABLED709704h 5m 29s ago
NYBxHFYTgfVF9uXNqd4Npvbbmz2U2sj8wjENABLED709604h 5m 40s ago
NYFB4c98sHQnGwqJr49kwj1onUsDmkGMn2ENABLED709704h 6m 12s ago
NR8WEXv1F4apwD4YyqgLoAkAdeDswENrBLENABLED709704h 7m 16s ago
NXhTRHTgrD4cPHPspY3pKac3eWWtiezKrxENABLED709604h 7m 44s ago
NU16VH28UBNm4T5iwNfsDgzRcSusnZKrTCENABLED709604h 8m 2s ago
NZBWVXooGS3XFQiU96vMAzj1zRUGFduNLuENABLED709604h 9m 37s ago
NRnCvEYiozz69xH2SRWNVuP3gF6rFP9jSAENABLED709604h 10m 2s ago
NT8o7FzaVYsn53jzhcfYc359Sh6pC2TnXKENABLED709604h 11m ago
NMC72HFSKCpoWNNz6ycJJ1PEb4PRhhfL5CENABLED709604h 15m 8s ago
NfTTpqiohxe1iWD72kcm8E7tVBcbYEfiqPENABLED709704h 15m 24s ago
Nh3UmJ58cUS7hJS7wok1LpGsswzMpiFUTFENABLED709704h 16m 43s ago
NWvbJEyWybNgS8DBZHVzP6xJkpAYDVb9vqENABLED709604h 16m 58s ago
Na9aiaKWuRHqswxsKTHtKmGXeRXv6X72FTENABLED709704h 18m 3s ago
NhWguvCAmkbZ2yJRKAGuxvVbyHLin5UCTJENABLED709604h 18m 59s ago
NeCE2FJFktC63y6NcFeAHAgEanz89hWWdPENABLED709604h 20m 32s ago
Ngz9z3aUwJBMnG4eTb2LH7PHtmGAgw9gpjENABLED709704h 22m 52s ago
NUJnpw1ng2YcBveEkJsx7Bb4M8JQYq3E6oENABLED709704h 22m 58s ago
Ndf2LC4KKTvGZga8HoniSAqRb9N6j8SjqMENABLED709704h 23m 22s ago
NXAMqqbBYW2rXhL5aDsExUgrq4x5K6s34JENABLED709604h 28m 1s ago
NLojnaDX4MAffYmBNjFEnyvKaiF3pQTk5RENABLED709604h 29m 10s ago

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