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Masternode statistics

Active:    656
Inactive:    0
Total:    656
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Official ROI: 29.10% / 1254 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 523.7100

Last masternode reward: 0.7590 PAWS for pU8kw8jHXJJ4D5wVcB2vKwuXGVC54jJmKC

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 373,960
1m 12s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 690
24 Hrs block time: 2m 5s
24 Hrs block time variance: +50.5234 % (faster)

AVG block time: 4m 13s
Genesis block: Oct 24 2018 06:46:55

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70001
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 6 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
pNXbXz8mv7yiFAUCNhetLAgXuJNABdmFfwENABLED700014h 15m 34s ago
p6NsPZABGLKgLVCqUEw6y9F6by9RhqZ6etENABLED700014h 17m 52s ago
pJZSeWhTFywGMtqs9uDEg3T7Wi7Pi4hxqFENABLED700014h 19m 23s ago
pAZNN4oWPqt51igB1tuD9aMUbYaRrGkDvEENABLED700014h 24m 17s ago
p9THNCRSBRUyHj1U7rfW7V4GRoyxbYYxw1ENABLED700014h 28m 11s ago
pNiW3BnyhkBw4NaoAnWwdqW9DBTpyhEkc2ENABLED700014h 28m 14s ago
pR5qzpJAiHHryETEWjQ1kZb6a7Vk8bSJNQENABLED700014h 30m 16s ago
pCHfiraLJvyG3k7LD8qs7FhZLdsjqS2dzKENABLED700014h 30m 25s ago
p6p65PRMRN9kJw4BywPVJNPJoLdWoUXo4YENABLED700014h 35m 53s ago
pU1daYdbXLB2YxyWMCuTcPwVzhYXRvjeLLENABLED700014h 37m 16s ago
p66QerAkap2vaNzeT1bQ4it67UnGFz6E5aENABLED700014h 37m 33s ago
pTDkPnpoM96zUjCMn8ANznopNp1nZS3bBVENABLED700014h 43m 7s ago
p9KNksj2F55mkxVFth1UCNxeQ1Cd5HFg4hENABLED700014h 48m 37s ago
p7qb2kND8UJajKRAJtEqXVX9HkzmQCL6U3ENABLED700014h 50m 32s ago
pUcCbRPfmwjQ4uM19AcfN8sykSztrSDSc2ENABLED700014h 52m 17s ago
pDr8AxTsek3xd3D1Dca6QqamKJJhrbXm49ENABLED700014h 54m 4s ago
pLJKfqwpLhSAhatYMYLe9YSXmrYAeyxHgXENABLED700015h 4m 48s ago
pTvRGqHAE9R4eJQ57TofLot7FYH8TUEhdFENABLED700015h 9m 16s ago
pPttPhDD8Q3n3HmJfj417S6qJXwnTQYhubENABLED700015h 9m 16s ago
pQXynfQUuY1t4dA1Pj27ngJNQYgtim1YWGENABLED700015h 12m 25s ago
p8P7vZU9WaTfbSH6tbQ6MZHs6vE5Xdo6NqENABLED700015h 15m 21s ago
pN3z6iyS6pYg6fodq6CJxuwPPnTmbw8BiUENABLED700015h 15m 28s ago
pNw6dQa3aDXkLaxdHDt6m72fYsfrCu7oaqENABLED700015h 16m 17s ago
pNHHK81c9iHKFy4yZUgm996ffxb7657P3ZENABLED700015h 16m 23s ago
pPVtFm6wegRmCLhEE6Ln4NkUXwjYXKyMLsENABLED700015h 16m 52s ago
pNoeYChnBVmq8QwHUqWcpcGTmHeDbExGbxENABLED700015h 17m 56s ago
p7KzfBRQ2k4PFwYjzViRndyiBDJ46NEQJyENABLED700015h 18m 31s ago
p9e3zQv4ZSgtfduHMPQeiwHm1zzpMe7jzgENABLED700015h 19m 56s ago
p9k4xr3UWofjEiwyciHJGcYfBrdb1pfA5vENABLED700015h 21m 24s ago
pFUpmhdpFQGvSL3YnY83xzqKHwP7hDrSSiENABLED700015h 23m 42s ago
pMRSuGikiwwxxyKPCt7yyVEMttSjp6fbyPENABLED700015h 24m 40s ago
pGnRexKqeokdew3UoCGhFeay5wmNg13J3bENABLED700015h 26m 24s ago
pToYDBruLWKw2MDEiufMshjFzHeTLe3EFcENABLED700015h 27m 36s ago
p8LVRex5kJT1jWT8Xj9ziMX1zVwvCCLfeCENABLED700015h 31m 40s ago
pUNHVrxyoPV6qKXe7buYvyMnRRUS4omjZKENABLED700015h 37m 44s ago
pKvjKi9EKRzRvS7BHiByLv6ka2YLCkPBPFENABLED700015h 48m 1s ago
pFdMvEVkgpvkxiTys87mNZTnXr86cDjuGNENABLED700015h 50m 8s ago
p5nx2ZmF1ZiPBZqBFF8LWigrWhpYFKLegqENABLED700016h 16m 22s ago
p88ECKDDoroPA45tpeMaU9jsnBFoazkZSbENABLED700016h 19m 3s ago
pUC8DSaqqkTEs4Uj3C5iyAyHz9woUMVftzENABLED700016h 20m 37s ago
pKAWor5UT79aB6Fw9pHxPWHwXEY5eFT2p6ENABLED700016h 22m 30s ago
pDQ5BFkg3gmme88UA817qLUjobgcrDdR4CENABLED700016h 24m 17s ago
pGk4XfPCzEVhjxYqGDoBxhnSVTnEPuvwwNENABLED700016h 27m 19s ago
pKZUEckAU2TEVesgiwb6pbNH6o3fs137KcENABLED700016h 30m 44s ago
pMiV9DiFAEMPnFwHb7ButEySqGetBWtQTYENABLED700016h 35m 56s ago
pECxKwGhUqY8Y17XQHCdZyNCbQkHaphYTXENABLED700016h 41m 22s ago
pNYL3FXxnmi8BDSWxtzAP7VUKUteUu172GENABLED700016h 42m 8s ago
p5ydrG7g6sk287TkHmDmivgBfrBaG6Je5vENABLED700016h 44m 38s ago
pTcJ5YaSgo4a6cPDHMgMqvicC72QMLSXLHENABLED700016h 46m 38s ago
pNKgoULeoWWk3h8mC1zdsP9SzAUiXaPESEENABLED700016h 48m 26s ago

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