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Peng Coin (PENG)

PENG statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    84
Inactive:    3
Total:    87
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 50.97% / 716 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 565,600.0000

Last masternode reward: 400.0000 PENG for PSnY6KCD6dmQcgeEAmxQoQ2P4cYqvMeEzh

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,182,963
14m 32s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,414
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.7375 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jul 15 2018 04:10:03

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1040100
Protocol version:  70241
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 107 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
PNWrRPbnGoKJwz7F8g3odETPUq6659FWDSENABLED702411h 29m 9s ago
PA7Y5GfbGVw6sUscsSctNbz9GxSi6FYakPENABLED702411h 29m 16s ago
PBuRV5Jwp8YVatEeMwW1oYpseLbKuySVKPENABLED702411h 31m 4s ago
PMNoDyCwHBzPdiqk4UAdZKQ1iGw775hwqFENABLED702411h 33m 18s ago
PNe3GfrwCYdPyjqQC3T1RjMXQdA8d95Jx5ENABLED702411h 33m 48s ago
PQ5iKLEDPkTh1i867gBdHxo2bR9mJPMuPxENABLED702411h 34m 6s ago
PUaVD1U47KGjA9Yxwy6mop8UaB6cqJNqmkENABLED702411h 37m 53s ago
PHsyHpdocYAwGHsUchkjdBBzfpw4MwzU5NENABLED702411h 38m 54s ago
P9HDEYSJM14vgqFrg1ws5GfLznRLaqvMgEENABLED702411h 40m 33s ago
PG147N5gNdFYNWt6daBW9CgoHNPos44QkKEXPIRED702411h 41m 36s ago
PM65L5PJQt5JkwxhaJPxmTiSPz7b9XZkcXENABLED702411h 42m 28s ago
PMTeRjrYu94jPrkZcuUjp9y6vPYTSJBXwjENABLED702411h 43m 17s ago
PLcFxPdmYkuTY3d5LKjzdNLmq7LQFmcKvXENABLED702411h 46m 6s ago
PArWq5CuG2UHWBS3VPJ7jTssDdYXTXGxHrENABLED702411h 46m 10s ago
PSKD4yU5utUVKFbZAYwAPcF1rBv4sxrF5sEXPIRED702411h 46m 48s ago
PDmidKbxw8SyZhZTmx5gPKUqQMNuZdJnHbENABLED702411h 46m 53s ago
PKonTrdDFKjkiJAqDvQWv4oBUjg4ipENzQENABLED702411h 49m 9s ago
P9unZi814bEcbsSNkeMdg7iNHRp6xBGbkeENABLED702411h 49m 22s ago
PKRhKmxgMG2gcbAkYnGUUw4yt7YVqaeHipENABLED702411h 51m 55s ago
PQ3KG9uR29LRx24rKNJiiHds6pzc5MbvhzENABLED702411h 52m 54s ago
PRxoqMtDekyzKDtQRCuycKnDJPejBxMmzmENABLED702411h 54m 2s ago
PVepHz38qfreSiLgi18V89ZH99KEseSE9dENABLED702411h 54m 50s ago
PLsqu9Tsh9JPqY7jyQifX5VGmDUo6mhLJYENABLED702411h 56m 57s ago
PRg6vfN7uw9J3LLM8Ww78fCc4y6TTUHFT1ENABLED702411h 57m 23s ago
PAvqry7oLic9ecJAoEUPCXUuwivTN96jo5ENABLED702411h 58m 23s ago
PRyXC6dnrK1gh6kTYq9WYWMNssHrwoDvJ9ENABLED702412h 22s ago
PTgfSuYrTZp2U4K4nT2j2gGcmmXJmLwiFXENABLED702412h 58s ago
PKpvVw4ZYgeSjybVJWFRZuATEkn5DgD3MXENABLED702412h 1m 10s ago
PLBqzRRWBJer8nGPuXuQ21Jtzq7Q5A1zbgENABLED702412h 3m 46s ago
PJHQwJwUUmGVXAWcypPb7yJpXbgqPP4cDcENABLED702412h 5m 31s ago
PVvUEsUgrbL5X8ZrmRqNVnK9z5nMTYJhp6ENABLED702412h 6m 22s ago
PLQisVTJR55zq8QuUbQQD79L48jJxDFn3ZENABLED702412h 8m 38s ago
PNVKqREVYg2djBEjFnUqdWRd1Ui3ipR9eYENABLED702412h 16m 6s ago
PWcMNGYtkxGmhKJLbqxRkBtrEz87JXxXRrENABLED702412h 17m 25s ago
PMVmyQnv4VMPva3thDaXR2SYjKuStLJ27LENABLED702412h 18m 17s ago
PVaTp7M53cu5GBB222kJxSMoDpAW3jyhzPENABLED702412h 22m 50s ago
PRD1DnFqiFGU7Qam37RzWmQy2xGC5UEeMQENABLED702412h 36m 7s ago

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