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Masternode statistics

Active:    370
Inactive:    0
Total:    370
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Official ROI: 22.58% / 1616 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,295.5400

Last masternode reward: 1.6200 PHR for PSt1SAFSDRY8VygSfWvzFr9Q6hAmJk1WH3

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,181,912
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,417
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.0852 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 12 2017 14:00:01

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1070000
Protocol version:  70008
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
PKHAAh6EJPfSt6uptiZ9A3M6HU6YaHrG4pENABLED700084h 18m 32s ago
PVfYTrYFWxvTomVAUT6Q1h5DnBdzLuy1SuENABLED700094h 19m 7s ago
PPj4Z3hdpBHViUXNV8tZdqz4t9KBKrzfdcENABLED700094h 20m 3s ago
PDJQUArVbz9eqTtzeaUWSARYb8UXCMx9RNENABLED700084h 21m 57s ago
PGdzyxoUpYg11ocx7NzD9m8t5kFy4Ng6aBENABLED700084h 23m 5s ago
PAUHR7edtSGiynh4JvcJtQiYBEt89wUkEQENABLED700094h 25m 42s ago
PP2iRFHC1QBtJjvGx1GMBUihEadnw8HrR5ENABLED700084h 25m 56s ago
P9wowhCbte8d751R4RQ8rxJbhrPdYXsaRgENABLED700094h 27m 55s ago
PXUnq8xCmHGEJmdtVNZWQyG237CGPC5f6FENABLED700094h 28m 31s ago
PVyz5BSomyTHeYTTuqJ2ZykxXQsuycAnf3ENABLED700084h 28m 48s ago
PN8m7FJi2Ekp9gXpHKGPaRXzjhM6wGZmwYENABLED700094h 30m 28s ago
PCsrNi7yF4wcsFvZCoKD1nrn49JJHbda4vENABLED700084h 33m 45s ago
PSF9JcUW9e6VZoFZVQrEMvR22QsZEVHutZENABLED700094h 33m 48s ago
PUe56vkqH7aYrSyAvzWCTjVZLJ4Y9Xs1u4ENABLED700084h 34m 35s ago
PC4mrzo8SztWaSLTzSsrugKWDfUbNdfJEJENABLED700084h 35m 3s ago
PDTRA1KQh6BQ2eCp3wsfGubDydrRyGYHeUENABLED700084h 36m 39s ago
PARnUoqLGJQ4PiNq79HxHbHFtHbJkyghvwENABLED700094h 36m 50s ago
PV2uGWDjNe6GLAJKxGvSGjthjDKykRcWg8ENABLED700084h 38m 27s ago
PL9XHpU3RLbKNM8kvcbyMeuUdNBKjPScb2ENABLED700094h 38m 30s ago
PF3qwQQ8PWfDA67kM8UFWb9p7XXzZoSJETENABLED700094h 38m 33s ago
PB2pTbJdkkzHenaGyeALPo21D9Y9kxBLZ4ENABLED700094h 39m 21s ago
PJMPw3f8ZRwgS5M3D3emvkjPxBVzvqhDBzENABLED700084h 40m 16s ago
PBJn2C23NkgHLiuf5sz5H1wXdfbjrPd8jvENABLED700094h 40m 23s ago
PUu8dFvSP8Vny7G8s4VGBgQG3vAjzhX1LWENABLED700084h 40m 28s ago
PWZHYSxKGt8bUSQSFzUxHHRmwjCYcWt2Z9ENABLED700094h 42m 11s ago
PS11xXiNv7H9unm8e52aEwcsG7jDfHcoxdENABLED700094h 42m 19s ago
PCcp2oD8wsXf1TUj8ANXDowHenrLmHcsFHENABLED700094h 43m 48s ago
PJUf9LTgPH9amCZrxvx8vZXE8RddGsyd7sENABLED700084h 43m 50s ago
PMSLU6scTRBwnHJ1PFaQPz4icCBDJQjrzVENABLED700084h 44m 1s ago
PCneTsDyv5nkejisFCpu9PBEAWFPfZuEtiENABLED700094h 45m 6s ago
PMubBopYiK94dssrSUbmqspVsPgZAxsF8ZENABLED700094h 45m 14s ago
PJfcTnNnsS6LXs1F8AnjHexhDy9GVBxXMLENABLED700084h 46m 5s ago
PKXypzExBGD8waR2Sx4XACjQw91Ef398kyENABLED700094h 48m 19s ago
PRw7QBsw3a2qXprBip6JsSXUMqppaTmNgMENABLED700094h 48m 33s ago
PDV6zg3zJvGvQJfqkrR19BVVt1jFfEYcWmENABLED700084h 49m 10s ago
PXkCvCNisW9oZnpe19WSoWLpNXnUYoZks3ENABLED700084h 49m 13s ago
PE9pukLcMGDxVeSeN7g1spzT4mhxSFbsSuENABLED700094h 50m 12s ago
PBCjnYuM6hkg6LQUtMwTR82VVczKmBt1jHENABLED700084h 52m 16s ago
PQQPXtdrxoR9k19cg3EE3R4xKi18k1BpK4ENABLED700084h 54m 4s ago
P9fxdLCHkijY7H5RvY7Lk6i93dKDbaXeLBENABLED700094h 54m 38s ago
PJMFyP7kBevJitqtychyveH6GEWLjExaRdENABLED700084h 54m 50s ago
PJnee2jP1FmPdSiFVCHVZj1h3GcvYaiek1ENABLED700084h 54m 50s ago
PTByR4akKcHcsQcfA2Q7hEmwAaRzorytYVENABLED700084h 56m 34s ago
PAohXKyyKveV5qpgyUADFcDi245BwB9yJMENABLED700094h 57m 25s ago
PJbDCfd59tjFCnqCHi6Yv2SYVWh3uJ92ATENABLED700094h 57m 54s ago
PUVfwH9h7vxP5TxaCX5GMgRaw5iKFUdJ3HENABLED700094h 58m 48s ago
PQAsC5p4Y4XrJX5P4pSiuYJJm5aprKncf4ENABLED700085h 20m 30s ago
PTUaXsaU8eoVQr5VDg4n37JZa8RVtwac1nENABLED700095h 20m 51s ago
PH7u35AtcX9v5adZNAkae5DJ6bkV586vjVENABLED700085h 21m 25s ago
PSrGJ4tsRQu4Aw4n6nzeEsoGcifAAfyyByENABLED700085h 22m 9s ago

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