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Masternode statistics

Active:    413
Inactive:    0
Total:    413
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 20.18% / 1809 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,289.0600

Last masternode reward: 1.6200 PHR for PDA95geW844qL4SvhuXCMBXf2kGRzbPYQa

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,190,519
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,413
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.3648 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 12 2017 14:00:01

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1070000
Protocol version:  70008
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
PRAKWPWunnE33bC7nwvCXuMYMA1uziaw4PENABLED700086h 42m 31s ago
PQQybLK1Z4cWRmcjhhmbEeRQmsinoFSY1KENABLED700096h 44m 52s ago
PHBXS54j7rjzGadjSDsHbyrAkZdMWvyKppENABLED700096h 45m 8s ago
PJXe7wAhmcjQRJPAu1Usyyt1XA7kvxiksiENABLED700096h 45m 42s ago
PUVr9iTLxqCm1heyChb3NZzkbLWyn6aZSyENABLED700096h 46m 19s ago
PWPDHxa9AjfjP42cwFdCGqisRVQLJEfYHcENABLED700096h 47m 15s ago
PQKvG8UqhVrhDiapY9H85Adrjems4rv6DXENABLED700086h 47m 23s ago
PCkiTvYXfUpdqrkXu2REahw5PGyF7MueAhENABLED700096h 47m 57s ago
PJMGkkgLmYNYwDo9pnRtccUZZZ46ftK8rqENABLED700096h 49m 36s ago
PW8V7rLP794bezBrtXa2Yhv2MSq91MW4rcENABLED700096h 50m 12s ago
PUHDbbr3VuT7Jvh9HBBrw1BYEkDMgWfStFENABLED700096h 50m 31s ago
PL7q4mfxuqXi7AqZDX3Fhf1YDU3E2y7JsUENABLED700086h 53m 41s ago
PKFC1KYeaVmGRbp6SnvxqR5bUoNfDev3ajENABLED700086h 54m 21s ago
PKXypzExBGD8waR2Sx4XACjQw91Ef398kyENABLED700096h 57m 15s ago
PTMLmRzP1d867qaTFeLpCprrUYrBaZhUUxENABLED700086h 57m 30s ago
PS6v8KViXrgPEsApEaRMc3mjUxDd6CN2ZUENABLED700096h 58m 46s ago
PAMoFpRybJma19Vh2UgekujLwJiuLidQtgENABLED700096h 59m 5s ago
PHTnrJxicXrMY34GtLMfwiG9rypa3ugbpWENABLED700096h 59m 16s ago
PGZk46d9DRGbnXDKVSSVmPQXiyWJsLXSkZENABLED700086h 59m 23s ago
PE9XgkiUKtVcb6fRufReeQyBn3c3ip6C44ENABLED700097h 20s ago
PGjxSip6yqYspET3XUuZF8GFeS4M8HLBytENABLED700097h 1m 8s ago
PPur22neSg3nFn2uM1Sa6NyYnSxbLg4WQeENABLED700097h 1m 23s ago
PFAQhP4BiDZcYxo9KZkAd7Tnwir1SariacENABLED700097h 3m 32s ago
PLbQEwdjbnRxH7GhkDyTVaQpTKdSD4ETjQENABLED700087h 6m 16s ago
PPjyfcGT8u5xFfX5QcqwR16vAoBom7T6NeENABLED700097h 7m 6s ago
P9y3VG7bhSnLXAWFcBvJtvLjT2NAsGaW7oENABLED700087h 8m 6s ago
PL2Bpbn1Vwmue1ouP8Prv5zDFeig5VFgLcENABLED700087h 9m ago
PV3j8wgX6fxJAjpAyfocfUUCvuNB7nzbetENABLED700097h 10m 24s ago
PD2wuErVom3H1phT6o9wyVqZ5Guji2PnRHENABLED700097h 11m 23s ago
PLQCYpYkafZUDBCJxj96dgrRhN7xQa8EK3ENABLED700097h 13m 35s ago
PVS8aG4iiocvNX84aasn7u39cSnKD5R3btENABLED700097h 15m 18s ago
PLJMVe1BDr5mkvDQTJRPwZpu3kRHfMzQnJENABLED700097h 16m 45s ago
PXs6CitJgdvuqhZjkZuLBMY1X9W2E1HCFKENABLED700097h 17m 34s ago
PT3J5Xe5rQoD972pD7jjJ6LxvncHhsBwS4ENABLED700087h 26m 12s ago
PQGisahyZhucP5Kd224TEFgt3LwXQ86HHnENABLED700087h 26m 25s ago
P9wowhCbte8d751R4RQ8rxJbhrPdYXsaRgENABLED700097h 26m 53s ago
PUUuQVU3hVMuURjenCdN9RPBFD7Y14CaHjENABLED700087h 29m 10s ago
PC1X9xPvmhp2Khbd3q6YyWWW9eKBEFJ2KAENABLED700087h 52m 37s ago
PCFy6Bnzrf4KFe8b3UwP9JKay2WLSzjrPBENABLED700087h 53m 36s ago
PQzZb8RFe844PbtcW2YzSb6v2V9Xvdr8ytENABLED700097h 56m ago
PPCLKZr8xpfG57LAMraQWoK4MRUQHdyEzwENABLED700088h 5m 3s ago
PMQM6j8aE37XkSgHhJNYtyyrf5yskPEHjVENABLED700088h 6m 1s ago
PRw1HSepZNRmQeKAM9xrXqrgPCscZTGEbRENABLED700098h 8m 9s ago
PG2dBvCAkwjrNveZRqmFbby9RLPSmbn5m1ENABLED700088h 11m 18s ago
PWZHYSxKGt8bUSQSFzUxHHRmwjCYcWt2Z9ENABLED700098h 12m 9s ago
PNrCFKQvh6ar9XL4m2qUdS6pZxsPyQCrHTENABLED700098h 17m 45s ago
PPpBqkZXBjJDn2bH9Ekfit1iSDL2HcekRJENABLED700088h 18m 24s ago
PRU8pAbsND5RLEu2NZa4sAphMW9EniNiraENABLED700098h 19m 36s ago
PVDvRNrBiUNmYAWnzNCUasj8LqAaphtQ2MENABLED700088h 22m 30s ago
PRhxXp1PmvovirHpXeshL1ZZ5xCjGB1PhQENABLED700088h 22m 34s ago

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