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PHR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    459
Inactive:    0
Total:    459
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 18.06% / 2021 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,276.1000

Last masternode reward: 1.6200 PHR for PGGQkPLbVSSgUf1Ff9eU1K5vmoogu4Sjph

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,129,787
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,405
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.9464 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 12 2017 14:00:01

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1070000
Protocol version:  70008
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
PJMPw3f8ZRwgS5M3D3emvkjPxBVzvqhDBzENABLED7000818h 41m 15s ago
PU9wbYardr17TFgXNcLJDQntMEoNxmgUBuENABLED7000818h 48m 47s ago
PJc9gWPxN4VebLLdp2q9qARttBteJgthxMENABLED7000818h 55m 12s ago
PLsqnfPCLWdpQjo4tGKMbg483empZD9mcvENABLED7000818h 55m 58s ago
PLBYpEZL3ygGpkrYziuur44nVcd9JFJy9qENABLED7000919h 8m ago
PU7AHNVqdHUJSbGJj8DwH5vdPSjChWUUQxENABLED7000819h 19m 45s ago
PR1s1zfxCvzv1CcpbJthz6A44crpvXn2B3ENABLED7000819h 25m 29s ago
P9ku9AxdFCxnNkZmNENJRz6efFcMAXsT12ENABLED7000819h 46m 47s ago
PXbhGEGzj5gBUh1EMyEPCxALL7AyHXFP7BENABLED7000819h 50m 43s ago
PHN42MSU3NUEEzx8oiqankcc8WChdpekBvENABLED7000819h 51m 50s ago
PSf9BfkzaxZjLdYmuanfN3MkZnJE5YkhsRENABLED7000819h 52m 40s ago
PFfB4G9WcxJeKCKfnKtqJiAWG5Wn1Uz2uMENABLED7000820h 11m 43s ago
P96YrBfvT7gjX7EFbyaP9rdQGSNbu7SMp7ENABLED7000920h 29m 42s ago
PAM3acd5NbPmAJy9d8FQSiA3Vfhik9Wt36ENABLED7000920h 56m 18s ago
PCNjZtDdymfy5Q4BAjoT4VBTpJuhaDZxddENABLED7000821h 2m 31s ago
PLeAbCeyDS1zTMXKT7VVKG3fQ8xPKtv86dENABLED7000821h 7m 43s ago
PQxpMFwN8o4oh9cZ1aaJRxibpuXrpcLLUBENABLED7000921h 8m 35s ago
PPua51Cs7qo8uq5pSczreJy9Wt1TTdQ2UQENABLED7000821h 16m 37s ago
PJMFyP7kBevJitqtychyveH6GEWLjExaRdENABLED7000821h 22m 41s ago
PVuMnMXCfs3FwwaYT8b6oGgbTS28DKEgscENABLED7000821h 28m ago
PVQVUcemMUfs5RZkdS8QaR5cKuvyLwAdVcENABLED7000821h 33m 44s ago
PKigmQHqE3LA3PuyZaj3fK17J2DWjU7CvNENABLED7000921h 37m 7s ago
PKHAAh6EJPfSt6uptiZ9A3M6HU6YaHrG4pENABLED7000822h 6m 5s ago
PJnbDvqqLszfbEpzYXZCbBCz3gKSXqFfC6ENABLED7000822h 6m 41s ago
PVwfoti7rozi9qbNS8tFWw7HqPDkVDgfmMENABLED7000922h 8m 2s ago
PHTnrJxicXrMY34GtLMfwiG9rypa3ugbpWENABLED7000922h 8m 58s ago
PUqma3GoDjyBDc5iAbRwksu1aw76gwMaRmENABLED7000922h 35m 23s ago
PJcswS6TLzFDoK16XDUd8aKh24oXHW4uVHENABLED7000822h 37m 47s ago
PTB8kEVgxzgCeJsU1gfZzgyrXH6maWCYWxENABLED7000823h 45m 37s ago
PW4f1ukMufsMn2NWX3GugCPfFW63cMJzurENABLED7000823h 53m 37s ago
PTiq5H9wLnhgffL6HjPEejU71Y2M7NJXzSENABLED700081d 34m 34s ago
PPqo5H47PjH9xCTF4abWus2BsZKaqwJ49rENABLED700091d 49m 19s ago
PMoFjxiNjoJU74woAwrbWW61uZvw2YQ2T8ENABLED700091d 2h 57m 49s ago
PX9NBxexCRRGXfjDp4YSTzmm3VhBJWaYxAENABLED700091d 3h 12m 17s ago
PMxUu5YNdjUn5V3qKMFHZrH99VS4a7rBCLENABLED700081d 3h 35m 7s ago
P9LGRQdqD5sRkN7UAE3NRMuG9eFxTig68aENABLED700091d 4h 50m 56s ago
PQFqhuGrRNSis62uc7Rvw3x9wsnsh8eMtkENABLED700091d 5h 39m 3s ago
PPj4Z3hdpBHViUXNV8tZdqz4t9KBKrzfdcENABLED700091d 5h 43m 53s ago
PWeKH4UZ2fHsCRJozub9KfVrZ8hZA9NwVmENABLED700081d 5h 52m 17s ago
PSt1SAFSDRY8VygSfWvzFr9Q6hAmJk1WH3ENABLED700091d 6h 43m 21s ago
PLMrgvvCvZuiwp43PMgz1hBJuVASMbTvoiENABLED700091d 6h 50m 17s ago
PLoAc96VibFEpGrQPYjJsxbvKFM4mPjSc2ENABLED700091d 7h 8m 22s ago
PCVhpzJe3TAQDmL5peb5Mk16YRRTkC3WmWENABLED700091d 7h 50m 24s ago
PPDjL8XVStxiSWGWbgvKT2d1Vg1LvS86rjENABLED700081d 7h 50m 43s ago
PGDBRsCDQej4sANvWbTNSBCvkiR3Dm5UWQENABLED700091d 8h 11m 55s ago
PXtJRTw4D26GRMc6va66DFoYoRRknRz6QrENABLED700081d 9h 24m 51s ago
PMsLaExnMbMYKcSD2SxNQR4fdiGUmPWswqENABLED700091d 9h 30m 49s ago
PMGjj5KGQFbF2MeABQCdwhRm5ozTmMH1gWENABLED700091d 9h 39m 41s ago
PXo1YbSniYHkzHV47BzLeZbvES1oNGZn5vENABLED700091d 10h 15m 48s ago
PCJMUkcMQGoRGUBQUthbYZ3hKviPw24sFBENABLED700091d 10h 48m 35s ago

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