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Masternode statistics

Active:    100
Inactive:    2
Total:    102
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 135.18% / 270 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,555,290.0000

Last masternode reward: 3,926.0000 RLD for RFa3Pz2Ktxotu3H5upwWTDCajrACEDC5jS

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 751,117
49s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,415
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.5247 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Mar 03 2019 22:17:45

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3010101
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 127 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
RLdYZ4GdLHR6dzUP6bEFsbjnxKaFdUhmYVENABLED709151h 9m 52s ago
RAVdXpEgYX4soBgTuZZGN174dzqwZUUVd2ENABLED709151h 10m 38s ago
RPKK77YjPCkyerEVRM7d2TEopeSQs3wcGtENABLED709151h 11m 14s ago
RMCb2wYMh7MEeJZnQBBQPZyQBtL3qpmDkqENABLED709151h 12m 45s ago
RSpr8iS72JAdgogtG3ZtNpJjXajTEXGdshENABLED709151h 13m 52s ago
RQR3PpLahuExAkGPGkxjggexFThaFq8H9XENABLED709151h 15m 34s ago
REnbaX34A8aJjBv5UXzKTWUQFkzBEhN9i5ENABLED709151h 16m 28s ago
RFM1G7vaKundjn46hZwrXwkwcnU4C6Ynx3ENABLED709151h 17m 12s ago
RDtVFjbwLviQh36DP7aPU6EYaffRorpWkZENABLED709151h 19m 17s ago
RFG5YCxu6fFia1gTVvBXsD9Ry9T3cA4ch7ENABLED709151h 20m 24s ago
RRpgsBkmfkaThK1dToVaUnAD2ZJfigqBR4ENABLED709151h 21m 31s ago
RWSWTTA8Xwsmp5sMVR11mtffPuk8eoWwNaENABLED709151h 22m 25s ago
RJtFwEHJ38Rwrg9TLQBbfj3N8uTcPaibzmENABLED709151h 24m 1s ago
RShPKma7jxSM2k7VUQGuyx6QY5996kgYkqENABLED709151h 25m 22s ago
RXT3ogpvTzXcm1UJq8hCyvRbAR2K1o86jtENABLED709151h 26m 23s ago
RTUt6HXiLF6uXDSsJCs8UrR4xjnzYMW6RrENABLED709151h 26m 31s ago
RCkrPPyevKB7fHRH6xpbQSE1VTaf7Q99yHENABLED709151h 27m 14s ago
RDmRGuddNq9TvyF1MTxaQxsyXfBSxHHaMfENABLED709151h 28m 52s ago
RCFjPt3ccg9iYYYzJykX6QKX4P6uGM6TF8ENABLED709151h 29m 49s ago
R9JdVoX9iN7xuehMovUmEBPTZ1qpy9z2G1ENABLED709151h 30m 40s ago
RDzXWtKXrsJc5PzNRY2pAZ6hcJjKy9UkURENABLED709151h 31m 23s ago
RMkQwv7JVdN82qYQ52iHZXXADLRD6DioXrENABLED709151h 32m 12s ago
RExLeSXCcSUrPEtduPLN9KWNAJU5hBcUWHENABLED709151h 33m 22s ago
RQFbfRFgKYecmoGuJXqkZotR163aGENPYGENABLED709151h 36m 42s ago
RT3UqcZpV4yqwrPbzMt6PMsEbRHwMpjYFkENABLED709151h 38m 13s ago
RVDPDz39ok2BPnuMRYt33PopWKZPnMYsXjENABLED709151h 38m 33s ago
REBzsoSgv6YXKNXWBq3iDnaRE2naUbCF7HENABLED709151h 39m 9s ago
RM4wss2q4dVJPewEfcBuCfYHrFx6G8QFSMENABLED709151h 40m 20s ago
RB2k9UhP5rEWoLg3PcTEAZWhdo6FGuDeQLENABLED709151h 40m 29s ago
RAHpi1A8nvhZfMs7LT4qse1RWCzfPGzexSENABLED709151h 41m 42s ago
RXRn7KauqwPqFaNT6Jv7LCKpjExeXHxVkHENABLED709151h 41m 45s ago
RLdw6XVWmFjrwcKPfcKQsjuzipoTsjoCd6ENABLED709151h 41m 58s ago
RYYCxAzWjyWbBaSbmgy2d59RKbrT3AGkcRENABLED709151h 43m 48s ago
RW3H92UCtx88i6XjsaSL7CsFVx7Ny9HNK1ENABLED709151h 44m 45s ago
RA16mB7uHniuuBpDsmXnC8qtF4BSvsfMnxENABLED709151h 47m 21s ago
RSgTR8EbUxEUGHL4DdarHTg9Tn2hFCZbuZENABLED709151h 47m 25s ago
RTNnVFpXDM4E4SQqQL2DnDsZj1Mr4ZeBciENABLED709151h 48m 54s ago
RV1AQcz5PSCkcHns3haxm1SZBs2kK8Z5jpENABLED709151h 49m 26s ago
RC5tDxaMXSc3i4rbLtjsHeyhbH6XV8mgoMENABLED709151h 49m 51s ago
RYPMjYpJww4RznqdrLAUeEN3zmzN8H9jiwENABLED709151h 51m 21s ago
RBDdMsHaDYA4akzNygPA2XxiPgHsbKWv7QENABLED709151h 52m 10s ago
RQXZfQWyEvb5J4UV8s18Dw1dVGi8MM7J6MENABLED709151h 58m 5s ago
RLXJC28kXNpt5udcYUv4Yan4D8cNw5PtGTENABLED709152h 3m 28s ago
RWtXLnFzvyuaBfvdjNZkA8g3Ked7WJmHrWENABLED709152h 12m 52s ago
RJPTDNZP6KbDoAR9tBKFRCZcg1VTBpvAeDENABLED709152h 14m 14s ago
R9nL64UorPiivoiBAM3HkRXwFuHVMLR7QNENABLED709152h 15m 43s ago
RUtKTEQUTwpVbChCrYfyZzHNwNGd4Ym85aENABLED709152h 18m 9s ago
RWUNFd7GWxun4NfXyS9f2BQ9HNUoEMunNZENABLED709152h 19m 24s ago
RFkLvfWkNDjuPGQJ2AskmeHJH8K6EY2zF4ENABLED709152h 20m 39s ago
RFm72K2cDEVtuuUrik6NpQWE5nSdJqnHwEENABLED709152h 45m 15s ago

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