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Masternode statistics

Active:    513
Inactive:    1
Total:    514
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 16.83% / 2169 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,192.7500

Last masternode reward: 2.2500 SEND for SfCLs8iqWbuxxpchem5aqZ7ynDMWMQnpsU

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,039,788
2m 34s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,419
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.0032 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Nov 17 2017 17:39:50

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020105
Protocol version:  70821
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Si9hxZ6orPXh5grRu2z1PdmMuG3iHht1iyENABLED708203h 58m 50s ago
SRyCegm4cjLLqm3mPTpv5nrYCMKhApemhkENABLED708213h 58m 52s ago
SaM38aA55tcudBkj6GFQgZiYCBtYUbDakHENABLED708204h 1m 41s ago
SeD5Q9oN3oSKKES7fGLcE9sDHZT96S8dMqENABLED708204h 2m 9s ago
SgiAX3o9HJch8x9p6urxD3pDjUZ1U6ZQfkENABLED708204h 2m 21s ago
ShRLYSbRfUHuynML6anL5X3oKjCaRiwhbtENABLED708204h 3m 32s ago
SXbkGffg7Ycv7h4ddrne2m7mddCMEQjyucENABLED708204h 3m 32s ago
Scm8B4x51qvyVWgVZu55icNiU8NhJkh2yXENABLED708204h 5m 29s ago
Sk8tsnRA837UAzBH4S5GaAMME5QWkmBE5nENABLED708204h 5m 54s ago
SaanTSW3Wf9jvyKKMEbHxtek3xYeVX6t1HENABLED708204h 6m 13s ago
SjFHCjD5VAqmW777FRtJDbzZhCCohCDx6qENABLED708204h 7m 4s ago
SgVMUG3shTQqDxQr1G5ncArrfxQwaR9XpfENABLED708204h 9m 23s ago
SaGvjt1RjwhyBwWK47T3FGMoQQCYwJqnGJENABLED708204h 10m 51s ago
SeZMwPRgrtmXSWQ3xGDsY51xoUyJHj9ZCTENABLED708204h 11m 37s ago
SVp2kWJUBqnvuD9moR7bpMknJxttb17nUKENABLED708204h 13m 10s ago
SgGvvD3FC9ijfLLeTWuyjbZxxVhs1VjbukENABLED708204h 14m 8s ago
SZRKHcjGCvV6t8Xx4yoYoy2bsVKdUs15thENABLED708204h 17m 2s ago
SdZ36rEfdh49g15GtdhPFSsCujwtLdthNzENABLED708204h 18m 6s ago
SN9GNeM1wRnY3rznBSoZPprFJZwkaxg1o9ENABLED708204h 18m 10s ago
SZh2dj4GPaHV98WpUG5uTeYpF6Pzafh8MMENABLED708204h 19m 50s ago
SYRH9nGrRRsx8HpUvkp4jLLMBGbMYDXB1MENABLED708204h 19m 50s ago
ScUrNo1xGS8WtmLHPmEoVrbvtwE59fWEr9ENABLED708214h 21m 40s ago
SMYhU8xosxR3guySBAFBtDCirX5DfaPP4ZENABLED708204h 22m 23s ago
SN57QeaiNKjdCi5zDxVVsuBChUEs2NwwjtENABLED708204h 25m 13s ago
SZP6Hy4B3CPZoxxCqukLbm8uQSCn7nT4rNENABLED708204h 25m 16s ago
SdU9Qwtb1aL8NYQ3LCQx7DygT13QJSVn3tENABLED708214h 25m 36s ago
SQNA75S5fDBw5dmCMaBKNcmMeqnPENCbbQENABLED708204h 26m 53s ago
SNiGxw61NDZRYo8H7wJhWBtFboeoQ2QmZFENABLED708204h 27m 27s ago
SYQjafaadfakKSczqWZHFQXTskpSgbwe3yENABLED708204h 27m 43s ago
SXReASr6XQzWPWgHfo3pnWgYeyRUWFNPsZENABLED708214h 28m 43s ago
ST7axWaYbFp5p1YJrgwHoPnCQpxz7s1LEJENABLED708204h 32m 2s ago
SVTFCJZcUKiSgqCFhn81tXZwAo9nsznxy4ENABLED708204h 32m 23s ago
SgPiaW1AUGSUt98ExFgNBEBPt32rzhyKZ6ENABLED708204h 32m 39s ago
Sc59PTYBotGWX6L9uABHsjVnRUahsuT9sxENABLED708204h 33m 1s ago
SVGVXPZsk7iTAQyup1E7snMDcZ7hHzGcZ9ENABLED708204h 35m 17s ago
SZc1Gf9mKo2cvTRLHDJ7Y6CDMJLQ6WB72DENABLED708204h 35m 39s ago
SXp3Z8Nv5bWabooTcSZ6z1dAjPi9nUvraVENABLED708204h 35m 51s ago
SYkMnYKeJhtpmkLseUzw8Pz6Rm5eL1Put6ENABLED708214h 36m 20s ago
ScPXL2PkTp1dTtdGrLGGwgA7ng7YvG8eETENABLED708204h 37m 42s ago
SdKm7TMLz22e8LYq9uAeJyr5i45o2ZxFDiENABLED708204h 39m 24s ago
Sgfx9D9S1icJj6UYqYwy4Ygtfft8ffiKYuENABLED708204h 39m 41s ago
SfWWX29oDgVehRhfoMEbDi2h62n83kJBbCENABLED708204h 40m 31s ago
SWJBhyYoZBAfTtGRGMpRtwnj5cYUHbCdEZENABLED708204h 40m 57s ago
SV7AhNCLR4a9bvYBU3FFeEjSrsZbfNgz6kENABLED708204h 41m 10s ago
SZACW8eKGYx1o8xzaETbmNwx7gmc1QQXwJENABLED708204h 42m 43s ago
Sd8sdL3ypYK82nDPf52LRg6VdmN9DL9idEENABLED708205h 4m 2s ago
SPysLwruuS2FCwd9rHJjpb9JUsy1Y1R1wjENABLED708205h 4m 22s ago
Scyuq7vTPpaNxVpAdPM5iQ8XpXANEznKC3ENABLED708215h 5m 52s ago
Sg22nTwwaaAcE6EcXsN7Yuh9WX7UqPrUfeENABLED708215h 6m 6s ago
SjWUXZGMuRuZm3Q1DfEYMydapMPtmZU3DnENABLED708205h 8m 1s ago

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