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Stronghands Masternode (SHMN)

SHMN statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    832
Inactive:    0
Total:    832
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 69.72% / 524 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,617.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.5000 SHMN for MA9rBMQ937AuepJNvjDvsqGkNS4wsdnWdw

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 347,681
4m 44s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 462
24 Hrs block time: 3m 7s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.2767 % (faster)

AVG block time: 3m 9s
Genesis block: Jun 15 2018 07:50:54

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2040000
Protocol version:  70812
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 132 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
MWwQGrw5LMkgTb9mse2rywZSda2MY9kkLnENABLED708122h 44m 8s ago
MA9o5gf5WRyC4kzLNJGsxM3GxNLAaL8v6KENABLED708122h 50m 1s ago
MHdvQq7PVeVMW2hvC9yFYe7VwjMbKrBt25ENABLED708122h 54m 27s ago
MUCT5sbhAhBMx9cp6fVgmNEkMNvsKruZEPENABLED708122h 55m 29s ago
MCCMWy8KNaR8AE8mgik8oXEqjKTJpDqU8UENABLED708123h 1m 7s ago
MGWELwwrhV3gH5vwrwyCoyA3nQkiaPTR5NENABLED708123h 4m 49s ago
MBD6AGP591Xt7D1raewSTGdcN7bQmQgnDTENABLED708123h 9m 1s ago
MS26oTKFfRiUJXbSNNEmurTCCYLQqu9UZcENABLED708123h 10m 8s ago
MU46Q3g3U7TZXcdh5R7t2ptfarvvVP2cAcENABLED708123h 11m 12s ago
MJSY9gMBHDMfrsjMK7sEKXu5nCfpMb6ss1ENABLED708123h 16m 40s ago
MCLL3e7Mt1xwf7WLFjmfGMHyto2kaQqarJENABLED708123h 23m 12s ago
MCk2RfCz6Wy4uksgK2MwJFW9yEA6G9dDpvENABLED708123h 23m 33s ago
MBtSjwjFxaFXEdBqWt3fZKBuWKyxDyqprWENABLED708123h 27m 5s ago
MDogSvypkhypP8EJ2V5qhwrEtQ1aB5ZbC9ENABLED708123h 28m 26s ago
MEcyq2Avm23T73DS5w5Zfx3zuseAdH67RUENABLED708123h 36m 10s ago
MM1ZkJhma7FfhxdgbC6FJoZZhsUEdjYuy4ENABLED708123h 38m 34s ago
MPBGuvUKA4eUJPg2KAzLExDH4DEB5isAPbENABLED708123h 39m 12s ago
MH8nD2WKz2wEuvUceC4ED4hm3tHxy1Qi3GENABLED708123h 40m 4s ago
MA2APtFjPFAE4QKFfaDWUxPfAD9aMfNSeAENABLED708123h 46m 27s ago
MRt2hhWMutsmkswFkczUFdxpPKzKYVuhX8ENABLED708123h 49m 9s ago
MV2BtZh2wBDkoBz9dfm8YmVZReYn5akh4EENABLED708123h 50m 53s ago
ME3bqywBjwii7VZWvquThh52S3nL1JJhiWENABLED708123h 53m 27s ago
M8EuSULjwu2kEb8Zc9BPH8Rhu2etA3UTxhENABLED708123h 54m 2s ago
MGJFpxe4UyGcpWZTkQEJCVNdxQvm3gadpGENABLED708123h 56m 46s ago
MFSZEjkakc9sBiGVZdH3sPe4AnYHdCCT2TENABLED708123h 57m 24s ago
MA3eUyC8gZprxjjfXpuQs6HTKL857HbYUrENABLED708124h 1m 25s ago
M8YM1dxV4kGNPbMWjV38JYmNscwiL4MF1iENABLED708124h 8m 23s ago
MWiAsAcwws44pPgcTyHsmf3bwMESe4yc85ENABLED708124h 8m 57s ago
MQNLzMaPKgopeZkFJVk6eUwX1ypWJWZyymENABLED708124h 26m 4s ago
M8sMG2AUJZp6RU1iYARJ1RLfwKpNN37kSCENABLED708124h 28m 10s ago
M9YsfcELxdor1pUX5wPobmWHb5fkiw8cFPENABLED708124h 29m 55s ago
MVbX4S8vRzJjzHCaiNvtS5YAczAGM21PAAENABLED708124h 30m 25s ago
MCUE2r9oCYLwRSR7FDttzS7asJcuKShnvtENABLED708124h 37m 15s ago
MNuTUgTF3jQk6xKW9dhnKPypQWCUyzC1V5ENABLED708124h 37m 22s ago
MM3ZDbYsEuLTtFhxpVpTG1vqYRjHrUZkVhENABLED708124h 38m 5s ago
M7uQUAgR4tUtXcBJE7q9ZYzFZJ92MhjDWRENABLED708124h 38m 43s ago
MBbTTAXprJA2mN625yu1ZQv9vKGDRBf34kENABLED708124h 41m 1s ago
MJSAmskuPYp9qVeyqHgfmwDDe1nVfyfdGpENABLED708124h 43m 35s ago
MGCE6hC2cGqagwmCuui2dV4UL5sTJVkWnqENABLED708124h 49m 53s ago
MMev6MzA9zhWsUnJz3jZ6rKnnvft4wEDSGENABLED708124h 50m 27s ago
MRWuW9Gq7ddKX9RdmqAc5xVPbuoVewZvm2ENABLED708124h 51m 46s ago
MFPgkcVncm9pQdW8mz7d9ct4rnDpeLa6STENABLED708124h 54m 53s ago
M8esmhUgaN2CoMEQzbioDXgTnCWt8PPVTPENABLED708124h 58m 36s ago
MNrGBLodAnPMGLcLFoSCipz1iFqfb6sypJENABLED708124h 59m ago
MSzDZtpuJDms2ruo7oZHDUif3dDpAB59HsENABLED708125h 15m 57s ago
MEF4ZDrwoCu7s8Li7aPws7Nh5pa1u5Wp6sENABLED708125h 16m 21s ago
MP3MYx56WTUm2TxXvzSSXR9Uihgdk3TMnVENABLED708125h 17m 20s ago
MRLUSJPWoq4KW1JwyjKarCuCW3AH4FUJfMENABLED708125h 18m 4s ago
MVDujx8WynpcmL2pxQYpwfYFYLmXj1cCt8ENABLED708125h 18m 55s ago
MLGg6aT4fKvYhF3tdHCGgkVtKsKKUF1ZC7ENABLED708125h 24m 52s ago

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