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Stronghands Masternode (SHMN)

SHMN statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    832
Inactive:    0
Total:    832
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 70.03% / 521 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,613.5000

Last masternode reward: 3.5000 SHMN for MAfYLj9PK1x3qdEt8PD7XdSeipJZo5q9Bn

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 347,662
10m 39s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 461
24 Hrs block time: 3m 7s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.0621 % (faster)

AVG block time: 3m 9s
Genesis block: Jun 15 2018 07:50:54

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2040000
Protocol version:  70812
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 131 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
MQzVfkQqwKRjAo4PfYweW5sr5wxsHViPGnENABLED7081220h 18m ago
MTNWLc7VKmRXLLhqt61DAdNV3dciRGCwuvENABLED7081220h 19m 10s ago
MFHaNsyCCvGA8xA8G8Bx6eMwhGz8tP22GGENABLED7081220h 20m 51s ago
MKXBUzVE6pauJ8RX7AbwNbqXbS5fGXhSxEENABLED7081220h 20m 58s ago
M8Lv32RthMSqre3Tyfqcsg4pjzQqgSCCkhENABLED7081220h 30m 18s ago
MFcNJVt3kT49KzBb7oX8YgocNkUM1G6HNMENABLED7081220h 37m 49s ago
M83taEwpeCLBxtDfVc4oH9qeWpzkusvFeaENABLED7081220h 39m 14s ago
MPL48TS7gaSQP39sDQF5FN29gpcdh8YEx2ENABLED7081220h 47m 46s ago
MRCyfUrMbs1A1oAZjbahDEjroGwA5YfVndENABLED7081220h 51m 9s ago
MLPhjWVrPrfRfF61wTcaWq5FZS7SZowikiENABLED7081220h 52m 20s ago
MJ2HMdteWoYUiWsdN39DJvWiG1Up9yzoxuENABLED7081220h 52m 40s ago
MQcuThCDBHvMEfcv7iY3tNZkWwRkoyiqGfENABLED7081220h 54m 23s ago
ME9zsTEE352DZTuRqGTphEJtsQdngR8dmRENABLED7081220h 57m 11s ago
MK2oMopTj5wBcCBjEYXfdoAnD8kqjbPGaUENABLED7081221h 29m 46s ago
M9pp4yxq9KAS4W3Tzea42AeKvD6rRCwMKtENABLED7081221h 29m 47s ago
MTX1jnA8LcQ4CMwUJjQUiV2Aw3yWmMk1nfENABLED7081221h 43m 15s ago
MC6spojnEB6NB6iDkhtgnZhMmSezBPRQ4fENABLED7081221h 44m 57s ago
MLNBob7yBoq527PqT83CxWbmDH9JnaHmREENABLED7081221h 50m 13s ago
MGqPgWyNUzPWnnGyA3xNaBxJtD2R6Rdti4ENABLED7081221h 54m ago
MW1yo1qeDu81ktZ8T2b5RRHB9ZAqVppcq1ENABLED7081222h 6m 15s ago
MVvVm4hpctBumk3xvtfTp9MnUuYALLrbQzENABLED7081222h 6m 18s ago
M9KqUmaBsYsXdHi94iWrPUyJhhinvRqDeKENABLED7081222h 10m 23s ago
MUnsX3s9QAhVbUA5PyvgXTsS9LApypitR6ENABLED7081222h 15m 55s ago
MSnZhwCJLyQuzv76fGePH4EMVUSpJzujA5ENABLED7081222h 20m 14s ago
M9dcDvTrs7pypjdbSsVen7drEfjAvDqEDdENABLED7081222h 22m 22s ago
MUTrcMrkRzCHE6FNY3Z3GhiDuaJ72JWC71ENABLED7081222h 24m 24s ago
MDPJr6Hhht6VvCR2wB7SUr8g5vaPC8sowKENABLED7081222h 24m 41s ago
M8MBJtNEc2BPToi5QTjc6XCcqHK51kWv6zENABLED7081222h 26m 35s ago
M8sYzVuJDG9Pj3gzcjaxUgRBiyqjvjSjPxENABLED7081222h 26m 44s ago
MTiqCPssBdMCxUHYSVQ3afccM2m9bS6qUbENABLED7081222h 28m 28s ago
MHeATT15VzYZ8ja27cCbkmCoSid4W5KdM2ENABLED7081222h 35m 8s ago
MQWjhrs23bYZ4GW4paNeCm9AKWQPHLco14ENABLED7081222h 35m 13s ago
MWq3KT2BA29rdhLmTuojWXeu2KKfKFEpSuENABLED7081222h 38m 56s ago
MVuEnCNfWJEdoJfW3ChVaMnfrVSpEPzDbSENABLED7081222h 39m 55s ago
MHG41th6YRhsRXD7KiEiYAHqWWVweJHvSgENABLED7081222h 43m 26s ago
MMfVT18YBkE3UusRzvDGSiGKo1MvCs244XENABLED7081222h 45m 46s ago
MQh8nfbFEAQSeMUmjHFMAkRXPN7KRVwaLbENABLED7081222h 47m 27s ago
MRtiUqG27DKSREA6LSkpt5doCJfH642vgcENABLED7081222h 49m 53s ago
MJmTK21ieDKK5QPDF1dPtqpmiYytvzty4kENABLED7081222h 50m 42s ago
MNuAuLpkuxZ6wg8GWXe5mG4ZdZeu72fXJ8ENABLED7081222h 54m 28s ago
M8Pb7pu56jsdpfBPv3M41y9QB9MtrTyve1ENABLED7081223h 59s ago
MASNH9myFDRAzqWUaiGi8K2DoPvzn1NrJjENABLED7081223h 10m 47s ago
MJMCRRbCSZHnGNXJ4fuonUHHXTy23AujTeENABLED7081223h 14m 8s ago
M9xqRCuPdxrfVsvKdc7vagMaUJ3iMLDTdnENABLED7081223h 16m 39s ago
MSnabFWvDpxNLqVbLCSVHCxtmF95AEPaagENABLED7081223h 16m 41s ago
MTmtWx7uFRMSirPxMgi4Ghz6PBjXNqxWUxENABLED7081223h 31m 1s ago
MJUXyxuebnbfFrRvB6DD35HrQa2F7UVuJmENABLED7081223h 31m 55s ago
MU3AUpy9zENaZ4tdXDvjRUPJXVnP1tpatMENABLED7081223h 35m 18s ago
MHzJ3N4tB97wsi6k9Jgfd6Xb1rv91ha7JJENABLED7081223h 36m 3s ago
MWacjHmjXNAZt59kx3Shu51BDoAx2wGnUsENABLED7081223h 37m 22s ago

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