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Simple Software Solutions (SSS)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    253
Inactive:    0
Total:    253
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 43.26% / 844 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 749.7000

Last masternode reward: 1.7000 SSS for ShVi4bpnrxgrorJoPncgRxADRKxYddrQFi

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 133,586
5m 54s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 441
24 Hrs block time: 3m 15s
24 Hrs block time variance: -44.4246 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 48s
Genesis block: Jan 26 2020 00:37:55

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1010902
Protocol version:  77916
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 62 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ShVi4bpnrxgrorJoPncgRxADRKxYddrQFiENABLED7791611m 54s ago
SMP7bBZjxcAzwo2aG8azDtjpqU4Qmk1RYUENABLED7791612m 39s ago
SgVJLJefpT1gKTAoTa4SvH4TVsMgaNzfsJENABLED7791616m 9s ago
SaWfrwFrxba9ARBtFQgRWydiu8PjExDWRKENABLED7791619m 9s ago
SQE4qHNzLjeSCvdUkCoPbHPkHmRQrCNZZAENABLED7791620m 9s ago
SZ2UVMCmF2ksxgg2gEiEUMsvsyTC65R8WcENABLED7791620m 24s ago
SMgmLRwvK34BRndmjjodrdpG4BL7F2Aes6ENABLED7791624m 39s ago
SbvUSKEyytTkaVs9t3VGPAimQDvc3zSNrhENABLED7791625m 24s ago
SU8og1kvGWzK6p86CwPJ3SPSCHgn1p2uipENABLED7791629m 39s ago
SVm6knTMjCU44HLqhSfi5gv9yPynWb2mY5ENABLED7791630m 9s ago
SRRnW9S5Ldv7oR59PsiJdjpYqWjKu1hBxdENABLED7791633m 24s ago
SfsnavLa336ENPcWRZfNvWeqon22PHEM9yENABLED7791638m 9s ago
SitPWseUcbkW8v42QCWb6aFHT2MTUj6zEVENABLED7791638m 39s ago
SQEacnnhxngL8bEE2WBn24HEq6pKq9MkUyENABLED7791640m 54s ago
SaeTaR821JSzBCKsJh9gzRdVXFZnidAeuVENABLED7791641m 39s ago
SggdZr73R7mYixNsQiuyhJLnZqnfL6n1fyENABLED7791647m 24s ago
Sae6yoNHneV68KcdFZ79ngyEUMbQfGGCfMENABLED7791647m 54s ago
SPXe6RMEb2V3FfuHYXkbFvbQBZS5DYxjepENABLED779161h 2m 24s ago
SQcWw1yYYWWW2GfHbwJsGQae1znxr2BZGMENABLED779161h 2m 39s ago
SYGUzuGNkUvCdyZLTdzpXPaU9yWzJPuWz9ENABLED779161h 31m 24s ago
SS1VzJUFCCDuZYAtvshXML9jsq27xJrSaiENABLED779161h 31m 54s ago
SanvBsnBo6C7LRonWAZ5WSBWrdmHDzCGy5ENABLED779161h 32m 39s ago
SYT6SNBEPxrNU1Mc9wiwSeVkEwQ68sGg5sENABLED779161h 33m 39s ago
Se7LLE8YpJuGUTj7uQknWU4R8kPTJKEeRTENABLED779161h 35m 9s ago
SNkiqNNtPMMMSzPei3fnYzQpT4o4RHd7wGENABLED779161h 35m 39s ago
SS5axYRTuQLpocSuiZkujMQF2MeZLBgPPpENABLED779161h 44m 54s ago
SciSCqbe5E3vZiR5Lzdr7Rm19B2FnEHFCaENABLED779161h 47m 54s ago
SWSUYAn9JYcTcVZ7iCFXSbMZNT41aEZmKJENABLED779161h 48m 39s ago
SkE3oBm7e6y5VjSAKD2SQAch7bZRp4tZW5ENABLED779161h 50m 9s ago
SfQFTXuEETn67KW6w96PUUCxpTHjkRGoJwENABLED779161h 51m 9s ago
SiBDyh7CmknmnPz1rnpgFGam8jHgVEjCD6ENABLED779161h 51m 54s ago
SMudgYPqEm9yvv3RpAKHLW1d2XZWeGXt1EENABLED779161h 55m 9s ago
SV7oCTPnH4ZyKwXdz86e5zbjUbcb6y2AWLENABLED779161h 57m 24s ago
SVSJtp28As8bPvEj3NFxmufm1L92UeW9hGENABLED779162h 24s ago
SWWAF6eRZXCppsUSYPRye51TGrshLx9ykzENABLED779162h 1m 39s ago
SUUv48NL3gdGGhb7BBstp9bRry4bMzxBMgENABLED779162h 2m 39s ago
SfZuWv8hsMPmTo5Kg2ou3EnGPLZwR3ZoAHENABLED779162h 5m 54s ago
SNzYcHWD1iH2TYr91XP1LZuQHf8i2xtgoRENABLED779162h 6m 9s ago
SeRjJguoYUdSZQyLMFGJwTPUeTUytpnR8EENABLED779162h 26m 9s ago
ScsCefhpvc1EQNAZeWgdhV1xHyJirBTFQnENABLED779162h 26m 24s ago
SRsVXSP194ZBUzRnYdWAikJrUZ5GVxUWzgENABLED779162h 29m 39s ago
ScCSQhDW6YYEnLGPATi3piG4wA1pYBsqQvENABLED779162h 30m 39s ago
SNjtJz7RVx5ebjnjeS6ZHBTnXJtK6aXkahENABLED779162h 31m 9s ago
SPgNwZEEYG7Sx3mYeNkNBuC5g9kYAUhWDTENABLED779162h 33m 24s ago
SRWuFNG2TgCnh4LwYEnid7nXdvZgreDW9zENABLED779162h 38m 9s ago
SjLLg91YNRdgL73iHrAdpFnqo8o44Zajo5ENABLED779162h 38m 39s ago
SP98PKxgPWerzZgApVukDVaZDpCtZApkUpENABLED779162h 48m 9s ago
SMdMHVBNeB7cpCAcJa7DMJmfEA1VXaDQQrENABLED779162h 50m 54s ago
ShFwfzDcviHvkJucmhmaLXkGFtwVyNkZ1TENABLED779162h 52m 24s ago
SeGpbZFTxJPbrsMfNYgFMDdPiv5axEG5cXENABLED779162h 54m 39s ago

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