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Simple Software Solutions (SSS)

SSS statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    158
Inactive:    2
Total:    160
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 146.69% / 249 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,567.4000

Last masternode reward: 1.7000 SSS for SfaBgkq4afTkNRi9HPHwhgT8JWwVzbnn8m

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 251,420
6m 51s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 922
24 Hrs block time: 1m 33s
24 Hrs block time variance: +12.9933 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 47s
Genesis block: Jan 26 2020 00:37:55

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2010000
Protocol version:  77918
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 133 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SfaBgkq4afTkNRi9HPHwhgT8JWwVzbnn8mENABLED7791815m 51s ago
SkTdbHiFVggb6Qv6zQBqZsHLfCoSyUnRoJENABLED7791816m 6s ago
SSAGBTuAu26Vu8HxhaUUqHw86We6Xjvs3gENABLED7791817m 36s ago
SMuwPvYs1iBfQdDwUHEQwGYsQsCEvpPFYRENABLED7791820m 51s ago
SNE4Vhxs4m76ZcU56yrwjUGhRwozaSqpvvENABLED7791821m 6s ago
SSnhbaaSURgL4wp8sxNySR4HZFfzrGFNNnENABLED7791822m 51s ago
SaSRduG96WzzKFhEN5ZGdPTNwnX5mZUATZENABLED7791824m 6s ago
SeVYzgA9zSfwtvHM1cZLs3JK2EGYmvty8fENABLED7791824m 21s ago
SatYAHmSeGVCLihzDYkVretd1UKAcvK8q3ENABLED7791825m 51s ago
SiB9ftojJEbNiuSHoGZwxC5DkJjd1fpLtjENABLED7791828m 36s ago
SYFyRBXaTa1KuaaXNeGTfAC9crB4FT1modENABLED7791829m 6s ago
SeynrHugNSk4Fy33t4GPD3ejo86bxypB3YENABLED7791833m 6s ago
ShkNefV5HBFyayjYkt3imfk4AvtKTC68cQENABLED7791833m 21s ago
SdjBexv5maCBZKmDKT7CMvEnmBmLLMLYKyENABLED7791833m 36s ago
SYCcXDHBXRG41XKQ2ycZmTZk5XDf4EZni6ENABLED7791835m 6s ago
SSvKjBrCXsd3mCqzMzLXX1K3k6rPAd9jHqENABLED7791837m 36s ago
SPhmhsf4BuwBTq8RyabCGLS38hTviqQUGAENABLED7791837m 51s ago
ScQjf1Xii7oHaortMzs6Zq9XWryuErgVC6ENABLED7791838m 21s ago
SS9Wq2t3jm4rvDs455uiNWYoSc5TbHp8qCENABLED7791838m 36s ago
SizxTei3XRkbCCcWx7N95zYg7nzYKmzeWtEXPIRED7791845m 21s ago
SWZA5YXRfecPBN3swiXHhz3bcioWJVSgiTEXPIRED7791850m 6s ago
SMRowmWGVxseqv2KgtMQok4x2MFLmixBDBENABLED7791851m 6s ago
SSs9KT1vEj76F88msCYcQGowi9Xfn6LrBGENABLED7791853m 21s ago
SQ7rtsawPVWZ5YHcjueij6kV5971mL5cRqENABLED7791853m 51s ago
SNecUccRjzDLACwmAjtpJrnnfuNiKsRd5vENABLED7791856m 51s ago
SWdHX1zQwRws6HEARA4VPiqv2PnaQM6h3FENABLED7791858m 51s ago
SUpVX4d7JXvg4on9oyASZPoizdtV437qzSENABLED779181h 6s ago
Se5w7YE96jqMa6KDEwQydBXh6fBCKB5rD5ENABLED779181h 21s ago
SbNk2dnfrRFV4RkRxbe2wBGHNoDB6KgJLdENABLED779181h 1m 36s ago
SSRwJ86P6RLz7B2ZW5v2mB4rXzg5BysRbuENABLED779181h 2m 6s ago
SjJ2rxjrx7vBpYFRM8y4zSRGB9VTPJpHkuENABLED779181h 2m 36s ago
SNKMit84n2JHDs8bUgXxftGGPUPhpn979zENABLED779181h 6m 36s ago
SNnaWkkRKP2w4qmHiBRRFUe5iNa5vEKomeENABLED779181h 7m 21s ago
SWaashKkZrC6h4ho4yVVBi4tTKFdhvKXMNENABLED779181h 9m 51s ago
SPjJcsmHWNZ9HSYavsNNP5SQQRBQt1BPnoENABLED779181h 11m 6s ago
SbpMd9yFqmQ9ry7vh5heMGRhupwitvZjyjENABLED779181h 12m 51s ago
SdqX6z3GMkpjvJW3BuoD3zM4bc2c8a8khKENABLED779181h 14m 21s ago
SWZZBpRJ21U3bovDZU15HnXv5bN9B2rC6FENABLED779181h 14m 36s ago
SZqqxBk4hQsj92JMcNrpQVpL8gnK24MpCLENABLED779181h 15m 36s ago
SikYYwBShBCTgbs72vpEY5W9gZNdYRGMZPENABLED779181h 18m 6s ago
Sjp9aMy1XrUWaw8pYDi9TRgsFzN4Ykf8J4ENABLED779181h 18m 36s ago
Sb5hiShrrWzr2jitiFWTJFX9ogPTCXhPATENABLED779181h 19m 36s ago
SNJWKXjbNhzJ3nnvKFegJK2PrFiyVBKZMnENABLED779181h 22m 51s ago
SYT6SNBEPxrNU1Mc9wiwSeVkEwQ68sGg5sENABLED779181h 23m 36s ago
SQtjEbALjaUC1S4R79s8KEmE1ZutPDdWoEENABLED779181h 25m 21s ago
SRAyF8DcEWHvXSisR3wJ17FpdPchzKLihhENABLED779181h 27m 21s ago
SVESMHN9jLnx1X7ZHD716ba2UF445QCBBiENABLED779181h 28m 36s ago
SjLxCXS8nKwqJ6JVnEMrJ23fg5mrVpXqpwENABLED779181h 29m 6s ago
SND397cnT6ZLXcqiBTae8sTKpgF6FVsWwoENABLED779181h 29m 36s ago
Savericpo6ywhFAdKs9jGx2fbSFHmUJF7JENABLED779181h 30m 21s ago

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