Simple Software Solutions (SSS)

SSS statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    343
Inactive:    1
Total:    344
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 66.60% / 548 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,569.1000

Last masternode reward: 1.7000 SSS for SiRweD4SzEj93eBRaHiTprWe6ewypg3Bmd

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 583,404
19s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 924
24 Hrs block time: 1m 33s
24 Hrs block time variance: +6.2662 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 39s
Genesis block: Jan 26 2020 00:37:55

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2010100
Protocol version:  77919
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SedQvnVdLRYG42yx6fKMgXNeRxK81m7km2ENABLED779194h 47m 4s ago
SYCcXDHBXRG41XKQ2ycZmTZk5XDf4EZni6ENABLED779194h 48m 34s ago
SUxHH9PqGG2LoGnnfKkcwK3RZDmocuRXQSENABLED779194h 48m 49s ago
SjLLg91YNRdgL73iHrAdpFnqo8o44Zajo5ENABLED779194h 49m 34s ago
Sdi7dPhrNoCCov7dNdPnQ1fdEourG5hTw6ENABLED779194h 50m 4s ago
SYT6SNBEPxrNU1Mc9wiwSeVkEwQ68sGg5sENABLED779194h 53m 4s ago
SMf2ZWz9vEYAehu1SsQYWmM75V25u22fhuENABLED779194h 54m 34s ago
SNhNNF2RiNGo4bUgAdUL5xuX8QtZCMgs5vENABLED779194h 54m 49s ago
Sh2FpmtK1H5sC9HFu354guwYkaZeHCh5zFENABLED779194h 55m 4s ago
SVHwFNNamPBGB3SNcMLFnCm6ksR6MNbMVeENABLED779194h 56m 34s ago
SNH1anabhoYgNq66gH5mNyp3rFMLZ8pNKFENABLED779194h 57m 34s ago
SigASkjYsvHBGZJgjrUCxsCfZM552DKopxENABLED779195h 1m 49s ago
SXxmpGo5UVJuLiYrxSJTpnk8q7XaRTRLzeENABLED779195h 3m 34s ago
STPUxvYcgcABvgh2emwvdzcLBdD9b7zknSENABLED779195h 7m 19s ago
Shcjc8m9nPkWESRHfcHi1X3f71ci3VjhqMENABLED779195h 11m 34s ago
Sber3R69jR1QUCBHeWwxoEawREFZVnVa5oENABLED779195h 11m 49s ago
SZKoTUvc82VcziG4TPiwGhzp6z48VfwTS4ENABLED779195h 13m 4s ago
SUn36xg5FA5dFPQitsaHzvhZz4SPfZWqBBENABLED779195h 13m 49s ago
SRKQ7Q9TfWkDTxYZ63VPQ2yn1nNYofHttVENABLED779195h 14m 4s ago
SRLoHGDxuLcpAkmZbWLizoS9nmRNWV3HyeENABLED779195h 14m 34s ago
SSr5uNiQALJQgV8WKpZewPPQJ3CVf8AzXQENABLED779195h 17m 4s ago
SPjJcsmHWNZ9HSYavsNNP5SQQRBQt1BPnoENABLED779195h 19m 4s ago
Sh2HpLWYSENWhfHFtzLuaAw8pgv9BGdjTNENABLED779195h 19m 34s ago
SayGd28gKHe5mGn8bDoNUAmYHLgKirp6mGENABLED779195h 20m 19s ago
ScbQXYAaixyXs3oLfe9gUxXDwPSgpEeoBZENABLED779205h 20m 34s ago
SgYDTNdZdVdnWwCvvRsDgxUgMU3FmoRme3ENABLED779195h 21m 4s ago
Sd6y57HKKJGy4orjhfTj9CapFJXnifioJUENABLED779195h 34m 34s ago
SaRfcbsXhg3Jt1ahFVaMf7XsKJaTUnfr7dENABLED779195h 35m 4s ago
SUAZN1k6riazdW5pcDSHwe9LUQjjPc6MDBENABLED779195h 36m 19s ago
SNzGecnymnMcuPYHzc5DpHkyWYU849MAWzENABLED779195h 39m 34s ago
SZdTD9324QhDdDBx8towirjsRzADFD6JtWENABLED779195h 39m 49s ago
Sf4zyNYeVrfKQkDmwE9GriJSxcpCSLFrxhENABLED779195h 40m 34s ago
SVdWhB1x4nhh5EgfofAN25pwzmswRVwws7ENABLED779195h 41m 19s ago
SUBT4zy7iGpPg89MEscp22kM3xrUSjxV6wENABLED779195h 42m 34s ago
SQEacnnhxngL8bEE2WBn24HEq6pKq9MkUyENABLED779195h 43m 19s ago
Sbn6NG37ABn8wEjVi7HenAkQMVBGenarD8ENABLED779195h 43m 34s ago
SVVMRp5BfQJsxDChDr8wk4E7zvrQNKVttgENABLED779195h 43m 34s ago
SkHEyRjcN2HqshT1hCiGvJEGthdhMFHuXCENABLED779195h 43m 49s ago
Sc9Z1Mk5NxhKxh7ae8wdLn5WSoeJtKbibDENABLED779195h 44m 4s ago
SSyKw9jUxve4m9KCzNtqSaX2HgMRmuGPdhENABLED779195h 44m 34s ago
Sh1spwRDT79wE1boQcnr8kW7WYAjAv3R3EENABLED779195h 45m 34s ago
SSr2wEEUaNgTajPMVq9Feo8XUY3ViCcvGzENABLED779195h 45m 34s ago
SNqU4ZGuiBbUZg3qtXv8xgVntFo9if2AFZENABLED779195h 46m 4s ago
SiaYUXLE4GcDjCHBgm95EjttpHEAQYH5xCENABLED779195h 46m 19s ago
SZ4TjkW9YKVUCy1STYf87nFYgJcbvzDs4rENABLED779195h 47m 19s ago
Sk2DYc6PcrWRJepQBnG3qkAwAdxWHeVL7QENABLED779195h 48m 4s ago
SRZdM8nMPyfavYbmS6QWGWLXuyHUQL7YyeENABLED779195h 49m 4s ago
Sda1iq2qhaz8jctCKcqJZheJjxUeqTM4Q2ENABLED779195h 51m 49s ago
Sk5ynhKC1Dmax4uLSPuop2McLeKx6h7kJeENABLED779195h 57m 4s ago
SML6HqeofjjmY3DjXUsMBDmApCrg9ikHM6ENABLED779195h 57m 19s ago

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