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Masternode statistics

Active:    228
Inactive:    2
Total:    230
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 20.26% / 1802 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,898.1048

Last masternode reward: 5.7000 STAK for SjjVQsQTZ7T64KURKedfQakmTf6HQWPYiA

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 948,680
1h 9m 49s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 333
24 Hrs block time: 4m 19s
24 Hrs block time variance: -69.6210 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 18s
Genesis block: Nov 16 2017 01:37:56

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1140705
Protocol version:  70104
Version:  130000

Wallet is connected to 62 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SjjVQsQTZ7T64KURKedfQakmTf6HQWPYiAENABLED701041h 9m 49s ago
SUS2U59VBtaajYx8k7VUA9Rf7onLm6bC17ENABLED701041h 10m 33s ago
Sh9JZ5eN1zd6hiMTQjZeBuzJAdJvsbN4UNENABLED701041h 11m 16s ago
SSM6KdMNDWpL2Eubtp9CUKd9wEQTnmzeopENABLED701041h 12m 43s ago
SedrZxLi8w6R13dHG8XmyJzghuK4QgPukdENABLED701041h 13m 4s ago
SMkdA5qPa5tn8AUcE1bCLmSkyMsAkFDpyGENABLED701041h 13m 48s ago
SgaPxHdeUhZu1BKUCGsj1j2vP85YSTg4AeENABLED701041h 14m 33s ago
SVCbRyNAKGDn5ugEbf3e6bmwRiz972aSJxENABLED701041h 14m 55s ago
SUnqxSJdhJyRzZWBBxxuqMZrJwCV8NHkXgENABLED701041h 16m 24s ago
SeaVSSzsADZ39ifZq9Q3X9wtMK2QDy9q7KENABLED701041h 16m 27s ago
SdSAdJpNGXScw47TgmL1WVAuaH75uynrkkENABLED701041h 16m 30s ago
SUHbMSKK95HHuVSDKffPTNmtK9yWw87CG6ENABLED701041h 16m 32s ago
ScUKTZ9cJ5S6hBFq8A9Rdo4rhMtVFx4ZFnENABLED701041h 16m 34s ago
SZQ2wuai8GiHCnLSGC47NEcb3DTQoGvtpaENABLED701041h 16m 36s ago
Sh7UJeKHBiPLHfpguJUizAicJXG4e6Rp1cENABLED701041h 16m 38s ago 16m 44s ago
STh4oqmK9Se62xxYo7ytgSfkKpyDFzukPiENABLED701041h 16m 46s ago
SRfUfC1FSLDrCyYs58n8C7CDnwpimzLQC1ENABLED701041h 16m 49s ago 16m 52s ago
Sh4wsH9EKYqMwHT75emviDZbukSpF5fKEnENABLED701041h 17m 26s ago 33m 13s ago 19m 9s ago
SSEvnCUak2xumbL64k1Ayn4xQZRMkoh6qMENABLED701042h 21m 33s ago
SeS3zpsvoFduC7AUZmWAohBsTnw2P5KgjsENABLED701042h 23m 39s ago
Sffa2j8NYq2HPi54h5marqp4FeoqBcPDuPENABLED701042h 25m 42s ago 25m 51s ago
SSXMZkubxUWt8pZmVfoySpxjaXTEXiGHffENABLED701042h 25m 52s ago
SRWiF5gqNCq61yCzGoafS68qswzddzmPMAENABLED701042h 25m 55s ago
SbVHrcb6LmcjC1tGiuJaXWD6JNhqpYunKfENABLED701042h 25m 56s ago
ST7ZBdBZ6xTXYX6jpptLnK74YaBvUx7RVZENABLED701042h 25m 58s ago
SesC8yNBBbc4ZpbwQ69gkv3Q5U7S4rFzAVENABLED701042h 26m ago 26m 2s ago
SMpV5bCFNwuWQevgr9m9hLyRwyxiKG5FU8ENABLED701042h 26m 5s ago 26m 8s ago
Sim4uZmFfbNExFgEEJios13tW53MJzbMkLENABLED701042h 26m 14s ago
Sgxbtw29huyA3oJ9NwZDaRVP437XMVgPqoENABLED701042h 26m 18s ago
SjzTrXA6A3ZBG18Wc7CGT2BS9qYoU34vPhENABLED701042h 26m 19s ago
SaQEQqeppfckfP6D6XhGKGWoAgtfV5R2VxENABLED701042h 26m 22s ago
Si7DLVAAdbzVYXccmbeYzHUeZhxSrbr7MxENABLED701042h 26m 45s ago
Se5tZrvTMJ5Tovq1R6GmcygeVGdZDuVwRpENABLED701042h 39m 27s ago
SQMxSXdt8Kn2v5guwMxtKsYvur6poMhHj9ENABLED701042h 53m 32s ago
SZp7QxWkqD7wzDsu64RPxptuqeUqvQHSrLENABLED701042h 53m 34s ago 53m 54s ago
SQ4BnMV4He5jd2ZGkVsEGcdjjjYzwes6btENABLED701042h 54m 14s ago
SRpvSkqMV62hTYnKRTmzfd6EZrcohGZU6fENABLED701042h 55m 21s ago
SVD7fK1f5t2rrEtXEtJkZUa1h8JSaVdL7tENABLED701042h 55m 37s ago
SWSgZZFkp2YmhbNdfr7KAc213PUHoSsSJLENABLED701042h 55m 48s ago
SYnYB4XP8S8AAKCsqQ2bwJHafeuSBVL87NENABLED701042h 55m 50s ago
SPE4Q5HCKcUVqwxycwzPovFxNcovDsV4tAENABLED701042h 55m 51s ago
SWPpmWLgud85unNetgm4rfUWWwY9R5YbQ4ENABLED701042h 55m 54s ago

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